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    Following on from this post I made a few days ago I decided to show one of my options trades yesterday on Wall Street as an option with a daily expiry. I thought we would have a short term swing and see a rally (before plummeting again) so I bought the call. Turns out it didn't go so well but I only lost 80 quid on a CALL on a market which fell 800+ and I was dealing £1 a point which wasn't too bad in my eyes! I also posted a PUT trade a couple of posts down which ended up 820 quid from a £50 risk. Not bad (if you had called the direction right ) so probably worth doing again. Lets look at the US and do another? But risking £100 as it's early on in the day. Or we can look just before US open and see what's occurring. If you think the market will rally you could buy the call at A (103.6) If you think the market will fall you could buy the call at B (101.1) both of these are daily options. as you're buying you cant lose more than that trade size, and given the moves we've seen that's the trade for me right now. DAX down 2% but wall street not seeing it right now only down 0.6%, so I'm going with the PUT today. Waiting for retail to wake up and get scared.
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    It would be great if we could right click on a price level on a chart and have the option to add alert. This would be much quicker than going into the alert panel and typing out the price level for the alert. 🙂
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    yes you could have done this as well your max risk would have been the 80 and the 50 = 130 quid total, and the NET profit would have been the 820 profit on the put, minus the 130, so NET PROFIT of 690 quid on a 130 quid risk. Not bad.
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    Dax, Dow and Ftse all trying to keep in touch with their respective monthly chart (recently beaten) resistance levels (purple). S&P seeking support around 3130.
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    Overnight remains risk off. Indices and Oil down. Gold and Bonds up with Bonds just pulling back. Today not much on the calendar so it's all about the virus.
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    Hey guys, Thought I'd share this piece with you about the stocks being impacted. Coronavirus: What stocks and sectors are impacted Below's a list of the stocks and sectors to watch: Airlines Cruise operators Shipping companies Carmakers Luxury goods makers Banks Apple and Samsung Sony and Nintendo Disney Nike, Adidas and Puma Starbucks and McDonalds Diageo Mastercard AB Foods Let me kow what you think of the piece.
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    Don't worry, we all make mistakes. Everyone here has lost a lot of money on short-term trading.
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    Had an email on the new platform today for share dealing. Looks good and same as the spread betting one so that’s a good start. Good charts and whatever. but I thought it would’ve a good idea to see if we can create a wish list for the new platform for share dealing? ill start.... Automatic dividend reinvestments! DRIP functionality is a must.
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    The zombie apocalypse was averted today 🤠
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    I love Apple what a great company...so well run.....Such a lovely share price. A B C correction in progress.....If it takes out $302 , it ll retest the highs.
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    I ll lend you one of my dogs if you like 🐕
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    Thanks for that explanation, I was thinking more about holding until expiry. I'm building a spreadsheet to visualise how the premiums move throughout the day and in relation to the market...no revelations so far!
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    Thank you for this feedback. All of these comments have been sent to the developers. I will get back to you as soon as I have a response from them.
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    FTSE daily. Bounced hard off an Andrews median line....Theory is that act as strong resistance as do 1/4 and 3/4 lines. Most powerful signal is when an instrument gaps though over night....Its very steep as you see, but not to be underestimated as a support line.
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    Dax back to 12660 as both Dax and Dow continue climb back up towards the high of the day. M15 charts;
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    Enjoying life. Good girl
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    She just wags her tail.....What good is that !
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    The markets need to hold DJ 26600 or so SP 3070 and Dax 12200 . Key Fib levels and original supports..... In my view they are key supports. The action this morning is climactic....Final panic etc. I find myself choice buying DJ Apple and FTSE .....Think they are worth laying down like fine wines for the summer.... worthy of note......TB ca nt get past 1.8% ...and gold has run out of steam......Yen is weakening...and dollar bid again. Buy low and sell high....Question is WHERE is that ???
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    Just looking options on IG for the first time... If you buy the 26680 put at 101 then to make money you need the market to drop 246 points (to the strike at 26680) + 101 to cover your costs, so a net drop of 347 points (to 26579) before you start making a profit?
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    Well this bounce is painful. My fool-proof plan of scaling into a short FTSE trade is....... not fool proof.
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    It's a strategy that some people use. The point is to cut the losses short and make money on the trades that run in the traders favor. We haven't spoken about it much before and I wanted to see who in the community has or was thinking about using this.
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    RSI divergence 😮
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    @dmedin, You make a valid point and it is certainly possible. Current fundamentals for Natural Gas are a glut in supply. This has been the case for many years now. So it certainly is bearish but it has been for many years now. I think looking at the fundamentals for the commodity you are trading can really help you understand the narrative behind the price moves. It can support or not support your trade and you can use it with the technicals to help you make more effective trading decisions. Some the key fundamentals for commodities are 'Demand', 'Supply' and 'Weather Conditions'. Also the US Dollar can play a part too. If you can see a strong narrative behind the price behaviour then it can reinforce the direction of the trade you look to execute.
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    Would like a full Level 2 functionality (albeit a premium paid for service) as there are very few platforms in my opinion that have a decent GUI on UK Level 2 (IG CFD Level 2 is limited to select securities) . And the ability to invest in funds (not just Investment Trusts). This is one of the reasons I donlt have an ISA or SIPP with IG as they don't allow you to buy OIECs
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    The ability to have two separate instances of two different trading platforms in two different tabs of my browser. Right now if I navigate to the new share dealing platform in one tab, my spread betting account in the other tab automatically redirects to the new share dealing platform also. Totally unnecessary.
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    His name is Bankruptcy 😳
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    why you trying to guess the highs and lows? Price has spent the whole day travelling between levels, all these levels (except the new H1 support green 12366) have been on the chart since early this morning (check postings above) 👀
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    I've lost as much as I've made trying to buy lows/sell highs. This is so dumb
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    breakeven would be 26680 - 101 = 26579 however the premium of the option can increase without that happening.