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    IG, please can you add the option to remove Saturday and Sunday candles from MA and Pivot Point calculations. This has been asked for for f*king ages. Just recently someone added four hour calculations to the Pivot Points, have no idea who requested this but it's not as important as getting rid of weekend candles f*king up Monday's data.
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    Strangely though, I think the chart pattern is an Elliot Wave airplane chasing an inverted cup and handle. I imagine that everyone will be able to see that and will all follow it's trading expectancy, and thus a continued sideways movement will result.
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    Thanks for your post. I'm not seeing this issue my side. Ii believe this is an isolated issues. I would advise sending this to helpdesk.uk@ig.com and get out technical team to check it out. If anyone else on community is having this issue please update this feed and I will get an incident raised. All the best
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    I guess the next big thing will be the realization that shops, buses, trains etc. actually need a certain volume of paying customers to make a profit and stay in business rather than the slow trickle of an old man's prostrate currently allowed under the distancing measures. I saw someone refused entry to a bus yesterday because it was 'full'. It had four people on it.
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    was reading that in an interview for the Sunday Times Johnson said he never realised that shutting down the economy would cause a recession? is everyone in this country an idiot?
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    S&P remains poised below it's ATH which it has probed all week waiting for some new news to push it up and over but looking increasingly likely a test of support next. Daily charts;
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    Indices up. Gold holds around yesterdays high. Oil remains at resistance. Today EU GDP. US retail sales and indy prod. FX.
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    The pain and suffering could be just starting for millions of people. Although key sectors such as housing have begun to show signs of a rebound, analysts have warned that the mini-boom could go bust once the government’s jobs subsidy programme closes in less than three months’ time and a tax cut expires at the end of March. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-stocks/ex-dividend-trading-trips-ftse-100-national-express-tumbles-idUKKCN2590T8
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    I would like the trading analytics in the share dealing account's to visualise account balance over different time scales with the P/L e.g 1 day, 1 week,1 month, 1 Year. Dividend payment calendar with the payout amount ( show previous payments in another chart). One platform which I have seen which has lots of chart's is M1 Finance. Fractional Share's especially on the larger tech stock's such as NFLX, GOOGL, AMZN. To trade option's on individual stock's. To be able to buy cryptocurrency in a ISA account or cryptocurrency ETF's.
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    Hi, With respect to share dealing, you need to implement a proper stop loss system - so you can put a stop on all shares. Most importantly though, develop a separate system for share dealing, because simply porting across the spreadbetting ethos and programming isn't sufficient. Once you've had a look at these suggestions and decided what you're going to work, produce a timeline by which you're going to roll them out and give regular updates. It's nice that you're asking, but even a cursory look over the forums will show that you've 'recognised it's a function we want' but failed to do anything. I found a post from April 2017 asking about dividend reinvestment and IG have done nothing. So, stop thinking about spreadbetting and share dealing in the same way! The ethos and customer requirements behind both are completely different. At the moment you're a speadbetting company pretending to be a online stockbroker. Sartois p.s. If you're wondering why my message seems a bit grumpy, it's because I've just switched my ISA to you and in hindsight I've just jumped from the frying pan into the fire.
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    Need STOP LIMIT feature For Trade analytics, to show PERCENTAGE RETURN for specific time period, let say monthly basis at very basic.
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    A trade calculator for spread bets allowing you to enter market, trade position size etc into it but also expected likely holding - the calculator then works out if holding a DFB or future contract would be best for you the customer
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    Development needs for Share Dealing and ISA Accounts: - 1. A low-cost Dividend Reinvestment facility is a must - this will have huge benefits for IG as, with your commission structure, I'm confident you would attract more long-term investors by offering a DRIP facility 2. Please include all costs in the positions window (i.e. commission plus stamp duty) so that average price and profit/loss figures are accurate 3. Please improve your help desk and phone availability - responses are extremely slow or with the help desk email sometimes non-existent, which reflects very badly on IG and suggests your investors are much lower priority than higher value margin clients
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    On the deal.ig.com mobile web dealer: please take us to the CHART when we check on the open trade in the POSITION/ORDER tab. It makes no sense that we have to go back 2 steps through the MARKETS and Watchlist/Previously Traded to look at the chart.
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    online option dealing for individual shares and stocks (usa)
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    Sorry to go on. Just wanted to add one more thing. You provide PRT access at a £30 per month value for free if we trade a certain number of times. How much would it cost for you to provide access to TradingView.com (link your APIs and whatever to their platform so we can use it to trade with IG), and if it's a similar price to PRT could I please get TradingView instead? PRT is clunky, old-fashioned, missing many useful features and French.
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    I believe that it's better to get the basics right first, so in order of importance: 1. Fix your charts please (those bizarre spikes up and down not seen at any other broker, as well as those empty spaces on charts for Sat/Sun, see example of your own chart below with 2-bars wide empty spaces between each Friday and Monday) 2. Trailing stop loss on ISA/sharedealing account 3. Volume moving average 4. P/L and P/L %age for the day (currently only showing P/L since the position was opened) 5. Trade analytics tool on ISA/share dealing account - you keep emailing me to check it out but it's still not available on my accounts The below I realise it's unlikely to happen, but it would be amazing to have: 6. Stock screener similar to what Stockopedia offers (realise this is a premium feature so would be happy to pay extra for it) 7. An option similar to 'export chart' but for trade details, i.e. exporting trade data to excel sheet, like entry price, values for MAs and indicators currently on the chart etc. basically all the info visible on the chart but as numbers instead of a picture
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    Other members have mentioned the large minimum stop distance. I have relayed the message to our exposure/ risk teams to see if they can be tightened.
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    It is definitely the only reasonable option for a frequent or intraday trader. Another thing that seems to go against the concept of profitability (in both spreadbets and cfd accounts) is the minimum stop loss distance: in most of the assets it's 2% which is a HUGE gap, and makes it impossible to place a reasonable position. I've seen it explained as a way to avoid slippage risks on volatile markets, but it is literally on basically on 90% of the shares listed, and some that don't have the 2% seem to be some of the most volatile assets. It is incredibly limiting and puts the investment at unnecessary risk. Something should definitely be done about this.
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    If you're from the UK you can trade stocks on a spread betting account. The fee would be the spread x your bet size. You may find this more cost effective for your trading strategy.
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    So you are down at least £20 to start with every time you decide to open a position? That seems like a pretty bad deal. Wasn't there a smaller commission/trade cost if more than a certain amount of trades are placed in a month? It just seems strange. If you're averaging say 4-5 trades a day you get a £100 dent into your profits (supposing you are profitable on all the trades). Seems unreasonable.
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    It is worth looking at the spread betting account option as if you are taking small size positions for shorter time periods, you need a big move to make enough cover the quite high fees and still make a profit. Forex does not have commission on CFD's but stocks and I think Indexes do. Spread betting has a larger spread to overcome but can work out a cheaper way to enter and exit trades if they are small and not held for larger moves.
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    S&P trying to push up off the monthly R1 while Dow tries same off the daily S2.
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    don't speak too soon, EU GDP coming up at 10am expected at minus 15%.