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    correct, welding the doors shut of apartment buildings to prevent people getting out was a real game changer for lockdown efficacy.
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    this is your free trial for communism 🥳 - shops empty or closed. - no wages. - no right of travel or free movement. - police stopping people on the street. - gatherings banned. - govt barking orders at you everyday. This is how half of Europe lived just 40 years ago, careful what you wish for 🤓
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    IG client sentiment latest;
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    Why, what new news hasn't already been priced in? everything that can be shut down is, and not expecting ww3 just yet. A retest of the low is always possible but would need something extra to push it lower.
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    Why are you using the cash market at all? For holding trades open longer than a week you should be using the cfd futures market instead, no overnight interest charges just a slightly higher spread repaid every 3 months on rollover if keeping the position open for the very long term.
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    Hi there, I currently trading only shares, but i cannot find the trailing stop loss, it is normal or am I missing something? Thank you so much
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    I've been trying to set a trailing stop on some shares however the online help shows options that aren't appearing on my order ticket. Namely drop down options to set different types of stop. Are guaranteed and trailing stops only available on CFD accounts or am I missing something??
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    Hi, I am currently on a limited risk account and would like to change to a standard account. i have tried doing it via MyIG, however it instructs me to call IG. I have been trying to call them for the past week, but have been put on hold for more than 30 minutes at a time. Please help.
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    The West's economy is very fragile in that case ... China is in a far more enviable position, even Russia.
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    Link to a news piece I really hope we haven't destroyed our economy to "save" a lot of really old people who will then all die or other causes within a few years.