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    TA is less about blindly adhering to some textbook chart formations and more about seeking context. Trading Composure @TradingComposure Charts do NOT predict prices. No form of TA predicts prices. Charts suggest the path of least resistance Charts provide a means to determine the risk of a trade Charts offer help in timing Charts offer POSSIBILITIES, not probabilities and certainly not certainties Peter Brandt @PeterLBrandt Finding and combing indicators to give entry signals with a positive expectancy for your preferred market and time frame takes experimentation and testing. The Trading Rush videos showed backtests of basic trading plans, below is more about building your own. https://nononsensetrader.com/how-to-backtest/
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is how I view Risk - If my account value is £x then the max per trade I'm prepared to lose is 2% of the £x - lets say the £x = £2,000 The the most I'm risking is £40 per trade I take (The £ value of this 2% changes as my account goes up or down) Then on the market I'm trading for ease, say Entry = 100p and I ascertain that my stop needs to be at 90p = 10p range of risk Then the £ per point is simply = £40 / 10p = £4 per point Read Dr Van Tharps - Trade your way to Financial Freedom - it explains the laws of probability and probabilistic returns - these laws CONTOL things when you trade, they cannot be avoided You need to build into your mind a mechanical emotionless setting everytime you trade - it should not matter whether you win or lose, the way I do this is I take the trade happy to take a loss Depends on your method too IF (and most traders don't know this) you know the exact stats of your method over many many trades then you could just trade a fixed £ risk amount and know that at some point it'll come good if you take a series of losses one after the other
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    I did. It led to catastrophe. Read my 2nd post on this site. If I could start again, I'd NEVER increase size as a reaction to a loss.
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    Help desk has responded and they are investigating why this issue has occurred.
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    👍 Peeps should only really be risking real money near the end of the process not right from the start, it doesn't matter then if the process takes years to complete as it will do for many.
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    Hi @CharlotteIG what has happened to the ability to download share trading history via CSV file. Without this it makes things extremely difficult to journal and keep records of trading activity.
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    Hi all, Do you set your stops/limits on trades and then let them play out? My only real issue with this is that i don't know if my stops/limits are in sensible places in the first place so there is a tendency to monitor it. What about waiting for a series of signals from tech indicators to close instead, again you've got to be disciplined and do it when said signals arise. Thanks,
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    I've already spoken at length about demo, the point being is it's not live, nothing really matters. Once you've tested your strategy and it's working on demo then the progression is to see if it will work live (are the rules sound and can you stick to them). The progression is part of the learning process, there is no point in spending years and years in the 5th grade repeating the same lessons over and over. 20 trades back test 20 trades demo 20 trades live on min position size .... does it (and you) still work? if not work out why, make alterations and go back to the start and try again.
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    I've already fended off the temptation to go straight back into live a couple of times, which is a big improvement. At least six months I would say. I'd like to see if I can grow the £5000 demo account to £10,000 first. I still have no idea what I'm doing, switching views, time frames, moving averages all the time. Not nearly ready for live yet
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    It was merely a question.... But thank you for painting a picture of the kind of person you are. So I will thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me time..... the kind of time that shouldn't be wasted on people like you.... Kiss Kiss
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    Hi, just wanted to pop in and say hello. Im going to lurk for a few days and find my way around, but hope to get posting soon. Bye for now
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    Dax bounce up off S2 now looking to do the same off S1. H1 chart;
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    EWP does NOT work - They've been calling for a top and decline to near 0 since 1986!!!!! Certain things in EWP do work though and can be used to profit from the markets Again there's a massive myth about Fib Rets and Ext's - sometimes they work, often they don't, that in itself tells you something is amiss - but again they can be used to profit from the markets I would look at the 50% ret level which is not a fib level, its a gann level - Hence why the market came to a smack bang stop around that level in the 1960's, 70's, 2003 and 2009 If all you ever did was trade Elliott Wave 2's which are in fact Gann's Secondary reactions (gann wrote about them 1st) you do rather well
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    As our very old friend WD Gann said "4th Time at a level and it often goes through" Same with the FTSE100 Index yesterday - bingo
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    The Story of the Trolls. I joined this forum early 2016 and have contributed throughout the working day everyday whilst trading and was trading contentiously for years before that so I've seen a lot of trolls go through on this and other forums and I've noticed they all follow a similar pathway. It all starts with a cry for help, they're losing and can't turn it around. People try to help and show them that learning to trade is a process, both their development as a trader and the development of a successful trading plan. But that's no good, that means work and takes time, they didn't start gambling to do work, there must be an off/on switch somewhere, why won't anyone tell them where it is, why is everyone holding out on them, it's so unfair. So they spend some time pretending to work but make a game of it, just playing around really waiting for someone to take pity and tell where the switch is. No ones biting, getting angry now, new approach, start goading and insulting, force people to defend themselves and reveal where the switch is. Still not working. Make fake claims with no intention of providing any evidence but instead demand others provide evidence the claims are not true, also demand others provide evidence for claims they never made in the first place. Who can forget good ol' Oilfxpro who ended up demanding everyone produce a broker statement signed by an attorney. And poor ol' dmedin, been losing a grand a month for the last 15 months, not long to go now. But you will notice even after all that he's still not one for listening, he has a filter that just labels everything he doesn't like the sound of as just **** to be ignored. You'll also notice he's never short on giving others advice on trading, seriously. Gamblers don't survive gambling or trading, their only hope is to learn to discern the difference between the two.
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    Hi, presuming you were hoping for a reversal at the prior high around 8019 (blue line) so your sell at 8010 then your idea was invalidated when the blue candle closed above 8019 (red cross), that was your exit for a small loss. The bounce up off the daily pivot (red arrow) was bullish confirmation so if you are still in it's a case of scrambling out for as little damage as possible, might see a retest of the pivot but if it heads for R1 you just need to get out.
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    This is the key for me. It doesn't matter if you have more losers than winners, what really matters is how you manage your risk.
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    So i guess the answer is no you don't adjust bet size to account for losers. Good to know thanks. Quite astonishing that anyone makes any money out of this game, hats off to you.
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    Martingalers at it again, what could go wrong? Listen to HMB and THT, their words are coming from experience.
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    Isn't this the old roulette "strategy" where you bet on red or black. Bet $1, lose $1. Bet $2, lose $2. Total Loss: $3 Bet $4, lose $4. Total Loss: $7 .... Bet $256, Lose $256. Total Loss: $511 Bet $512. Win $512. Total Win: $1 Works 100%, except when it doesn't and red comes out 50 times in a row, whilst you are on black
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    I just noticed this too. Please keep us updated. Thanks.
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    I think you assume we all sit watching this thread 24/7 - I certainly don't and that we've been with IG for years I joined IG in April 2020 - my main accounts are elsewhere with various other providers mainly in SIPP/ISA accounts I know EXACTLY where you're coming from, 95% of retail traders fail, 95% of all traders fail, the 5% that make it are no longer retail traders they become professional traders in their own right and I don't mean the monkeys that work for the banks - I mean people living and trading off their own funds Right let's do it - lets make it 20% a year What market(s) are we trading? Aim is 20% Rules are - As soon as we're UP 20% on the account we stop trading, if this happens before 31st Dec then we just STOP until 1st Jan the following year and then restart again until we make 20% then we stop, restart, stop etc What account account size? are we using to determine risk etc and how much are we risking per trade? - I would recommend 2% I'll determine the rest of the rules - We'll be trading off DAILY charts to make it even more harder to achieve and rather than flood the thread with "Trade setting up here - then it fails to trigger" I'll post the chart once the trade is OPEN/LIVE and on that chart we'll have all the rules applicable to that "live" position - This will also mean that people don't blindly follow Now for the rest of this week I'm heading to the Lake District, so I won't be constantly monitoring this thread, nor will I be trading. As we are nearing end of Oct and 10 full months of the trading year have expired, should we say that from now until 31st Dec 2021 we need to return 23.32%?
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    On Friday Aussie Broadband was listed on the ASX under ASX: ABB. I was part of the customer offer but I wanted to invest more than the 2,000 shares the customer offer was limited too. I'm not able to find it listed in IG and was curious as to why, maybe I'm just missing something about how IG works or I just need to be more patient. It did open a week earlier than expected so maybe that has coursed some confusion?
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    I would says so, unless you are dealing with short time frames and large sums of money and you are able to be glued to the screen 100% of the time and give it your full attention.
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    If there is a change that invalidates the signal, its probably a good idea to close the trade. i.e. emergency rate cut, jet plane shot down, elections/polling noise...... etc etc But if you find yourself closing trades early, i.e. closing at a loss, before the trade would have gone your way. Then you need to sit back and leave that trade alone! As for setting the stop. Check out the ATR, if you are not a multiple of that, you will get stopped out by market noise. You can also monitor drawdown when you are backtesting. Closing a trade based on a technical indicator, is very valid. You can set alerts on the platform for most of them.
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    This is a somewhat funny story. About a year ago I saw a review of an automated trading system which I downloaded from a Russian website which has hundreds of pirated systems. The trading system was simply optimized moving averages with a buy the dip strategy and retailed at over $1,000 when it was launched. Anyway the reviewer would scan a number of instruments assessing the market structure and then select those instruments where the automated system would “work”. He gave the system a four star rating because it had a 80% win rate. But the “success” of the system was entirely through the expertise of the reviewer in assessing the market structure of the instruments.
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    at this stage, no I would not (more below). for reasons given above (and others) I do however think this is simply the market segment where the action is for now, in both directions, and hence my current focus yes, reading it the same. there are a few major issues pending: antitrust suit, election... which may be holding NDX down for now. Valuations are ginormous, correction risk is massive at any point IMHO. https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/NDAQ/nasdaq/price-sales Nevertheless, I still think expectations of further changing consumer behavior and growth acceleration in some segments due to technology convergence constitute a strong fundamental trend that may cause any significant pullback to be bought quickly as discussed earlier: ...also, as long as US large cap tech/tech-enabled consumer/communication products/services companies keep investing in respective inventions (and buying up inventors early...), long NDX "hedges" you against missing out on profiting from innovation (if you share that "concern")... counter-arguments could be that technology progress and other major trends lead also to significant growth potential in other areas, where valuations are not that high... e.g. Jeremy Rifkin points to the potentially changing business model of utilities (think he mentioned explicitly Germany) in his vision of the "sharing economy" - think I posted this 2018 link earlier...: ...sorry, probably a bit digressing here... in summary, I'd say the banks and others will need volatility in the current flat curve environment... at times it may seem relatively attractive for them to silently collude and cause a bit of a NDX panic for a while (till M&A/IPO profits seem in danger...), but I don't argue for reverting of valuations to any kind of a historical or broader cross-sectional mean anymore... however I'm probably also biased after having lost big and consistently with US large cap shorts since 2016... as @Kodiak pointed out in the thread linked to vabove - election shouldn't be forgotten... ..what I'm also still trying to make up my mind with if the role of money in this world has permanently changed in a way that also makes traditional valuation ratios to be looked at differently... any veiws on that? sorry digressing again from your question... best summary I can come up with...: I HAVE NO IDEA, ...still would rather look for shorts elsewhere - of course I've been repeatedly an incredibly reliable counter-indicator, though..
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    Six more months Tom, are you looking forward to it 😘
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    IG offered me a sipp via IG. it has taken weeks to set up. i transferred the funds friday. no ig say they wont allow the account they set up to be used. can anyone help. i contacted the FCA this morning
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    thanks for the background info, interesting stuff, not used etoro myself. What was the paid for indicator? may be based on a mt4 indy. Bill Williams fractals are interesting but they are back painted 2 or 3 bars, so accurate but printed after the event as conformation, fine so long as you know. I think a request to add them has already been made to IG tech. The basic trading formula is to look to trade off obvious levels and that should make the stop loss position clear if you are wrong, to hang on and hope makes it all a coin toss, while the target is the next obvious level. Good luck.
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    GBP PRICE, BREXIT NEWS AND ANALYSIS: UK public sector borrowing in the first half of the current financial year was more than six times the figure a year earlier due to the economic cost of the coronavirus pandemic. Official data also showed that public-sector debt rose further above the £2 trillion level and reached its highest as a percentage of GDP since 1960. UK inflation in September rose to 0.5% from 0.2%. Nonetheless, GBP/USD held its ground as “risk-on” assets benefited from rising hopes that a US fiscal stimulus package can be agreed. The FTSE 100 index, though, is falling back. https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/market_alert/2020/10/21/British-Pound-GBP-Latest-GBPUSD-Shrugs-Off-Dire-UK-Borrowing-Data-MSE.html
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    The forum has an option to ignore users but unfortunately it doesn't remove them from the grid. It just blanks their content creating a weird state where you still see the user but you can't see what they are posting. I created a small script that you can add to your browser with the TamperMonkey extension. This extension is very famous among IT fellows in order to remove users from their feeds. It is widely used on Facebook. Attention seekers are completely ignored after installing it. Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo?hl=en Opera extension: https://addons.opera.com/en-gb/extensions/details/tampermonkey-beta/ After the installation within the settings page you can install the script that will do the job. The script is at https://github.com/oneangrytrader/TamperMonkeyScripts/blob/master/IgRemoveToxicUser.js Save the content of that script to a local file and add it to the extension. Within the script there is a variable called users that you can edit to add the user you would like to remove. The result is below with a couple of pictures: All Users Filtered users
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    Yes, I noticed this today and normally download history at end of each trading day. IG is no good to me without this feature.
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    As you know I posted some trades in recent months as well (both real and demo), and I appreciate your doing so. However, I also understand everyone who doesn't, and am undecided about how to handle this in the future myself - mainly because I think once you make your trades public, you encounter additional issues that can distract you from the target: making money for your own account. Some of these issues are: you might suddenly feel responsible for people who may have acted on your post. Then you might realize you haven't posted the full story, because you had (maybe subconsciously) a back-up plan for when the trade doesn't work, which you didn't share. Also, the market environment may just change to a (not with any likelihood anticipated) point that it makes sense to close the trade early, or keeping it open but adding an additional position in your portfolio which hedges that trade partially. The initial stop may suddenly seem too close to an important level that got established in the meantime and you move it just a bit. etc. In summary, unless your approach implies doing absolutely nothing with the trade until it reaches its a priori defined fixed exit level (or stop) and considering it always in isolation, you'd end up posting frequent updates of your full (dynamically changing) portfolio strategy and follow-up posting on existing trades. in the extreme you become like those guys...:
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    https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-china-rich-billionaire/stock-market-boom-new-listings-mint-china-billionaires-at-record-pace-idUSKBN2750GN It's pretty clear who benefits from 'free' markets. China has shown us that you can have wild wealth inequality (which is what the bourgeoisie in the West want above all else) and political and social authoritarianism at the same time. The West has no choice but to follow suit.
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    Well I started off with the Boo Hoo and now I am laughing. So thank you.
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    So if this happens on a prod/live account you can fix it yourself but if it happens on a demo account you get locked out until IG gets around to it, this makes sense how? Quite frankly it doesn't make much sense to me, and it cuts into peoples productivity needlessly. The demo gateway should be a place where you have more control, not less control, and it's a place where your likely to be developing, intentionally testing and running into bad payloads or code that might cause unexpected auth errors, of course there is the fact that even new users unfamiliar with authentication, or people like myself who haven't used IG api for quite a while and are resurrecting old scripts run into a few bad auth attempts, and are then forced to stop development and lose precious time, just because IG.com still thinks this is perfectly fine, that is to say to suspend without remediation demo accounts which should be for testing, but if its a prod account, it's all fine and well, and this makes sense how? Am I the only person that thinks this is completely bizarre. Surely this is not right. Please fix this IG. How about at least increasing the limit for demo login attempts if your going to be this oppressive? I am sure none of us who run into this issue enjoy the productivity wasted, anymore than IG enjoy the constant inflow of similarly affected users, whom, quite frankly as users of a demo API shouldn't be having to contact IG for such trivial things anyway. It's not like this is an issue in prod, so why of all places is it an issue in demo api gateway, of all places, where it should be easier, not more difficult to do the setup and testing of new auth sets, what a madness gents. Just my opinion I guess. Best, A
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    I think we all have better things to do if threads that have had a lot of work put into them are systematically trashed by someone literally just ranting about faece s.
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    ..seems not exactly what Nicola Duke said ("compete with yourself, cooperate with others")... (https://chatwithtraders.libsyn.com/rss, around min. 38)
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    It is a c# script, the Visual Studio project is at https://github.com/oneangrytrader/backtesting/tree/master/BackTester The "New Moon" strategy tester is at https://github.com/oneangrytrader/backtesting/blob/master/BackTester/Strategy/NewMoonStrategy.cs
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    Let's take AO World for example. IG let's you go short there for now, so that barrier is removed. Fundamentals: - Not profitable - Trading on 18 times book value - Up 240% YTD Fundamentals indicating this is heading downwards rather soon, we just don't know when yet Current Price: 300 Target Price: 150 All time high was when they floated in 2014: 413.5 With a £1000 account you can go short 12 per point. So what would be the trade here now? Option 1 Go short straight away with full size. Stop 425 (above all time high) Target 150 (that's the 200EMA on the daily) Risk Reward: 1:1.4 Option 2 Wait for the first daily candle to make a new low vs the previous day and enter short then. Stop above the high of the current move (not all time high). Let's assume it would already do that on Monday, then the high of the current move would be 308 Stop 315 Target 150 Risk Reward: 1:22.6 But possibility of false break-out and then hitting stop afterwards. Option 3 Go short straight away with 10% of full size, then scale in further either as it goes higher towards that all time high or once it breaks lower (new low on the daily like in Option 2 described) Stop 425 Target 150 Risk Reward depending on how we can scale into this. Somewhere between 1:1.4 and 1:10 So, how would you play this?
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    @DSchenk You mention earlier that TA doesn’t work, how you do you want it to? – what exactly are you looking for? I think defining this will help with your ultimate approach….remember, there is no silver bullet to investing or trading (or anything in life for that matter…), which will make things easier….figure out what will work for you and concentrate on that. RE: Markets: Why is the US market more appealing than the UK market? Volatility, volume, liquidity….more opportunity…? Out of all the markets you have tried, what makes you think a fundamental approach is better? All markets trade on fundamental news, but this can be varied – one thing is for sure, price governs all markets….viewing this visually can be very helpful. Look at Glaxo – they supply products most of us user every day, without evening knowing…defo buy right? Look at their chart and tell me your thoughts….total downtrend and would mean losing capital fast…..but hey, they pay a dividend…(I’m a buyer when they hit £13.00 btw..) Crypto (I’m not a massive believer in this) – how does this work in the real world? When is the last time you paid for something in a crypto ccy? – conceptually great, but will your gran (dad/mom) buy a can of coke for $1.00 one day, and $1.40 BTC the next because of the volatility in BTC? The key premise of TA is (according to Investopedia) – “Technical analysis is a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume.” https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/technicalanalysis.asp (not a fan of Investopedia, but im trying to make a point) I do use fundamentals, but only to the extent of looking for value in stocks which I want to hold for a certain period of time – I’m either looking for capital growth or dividend yield (sometimes both). These stocks are ones I have in my ISA portfolio. Depending on the above, it will depend on what account I trade in. ISA’s are great for when you are making profits (and earning dividends), but not so great when you are not. This is where having losses in your trading account may benefit you (speak to your tax advisor if you are unsure of what I’m referring to..). None of the above is trading or tax advice - please speak to a professional to get this information which is specific t your situation. TFFX
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    17,700 views retard. That's why you jump on everyone else's threads, no one is interested in any of your scatological, infantile drivel 😁 poor little attention seeker 😥
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    Hi JJP The information is currently updated three times a day, at approximately 9:00, 17:00 and 22:00 (UK time) I've shared your comment/query with the team so they can make this clearer within the tool. Do let us know how you get on with the tool, if it helps, and anything you might want from it in the future. Best, Fiona
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    How can I upgrade to version 11 of ProRealTime. Mine seems to be 'stuck' on ver 10.3.
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    I'd rather use lines, but think of my lines like the center of your zones, because it doesn't matter for me if the price doesn't bounce exactly on it. I think zones are great but I want my daily levels on the chart when I trade small timeframes and zones would just paint the M5 screen black when trading within it. For example for the 13000 level we discussed, if I was trading it I would wait to see a reversal signal on H1/M15/M5 timeframes to enter the trade, doesn't matter if the price goes a little lower.
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    Sick and tired of this Brexit rubbish.