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    I am Not able to see open positions. The customer hotline is also not working. What is the issue. Rectify ASAP.
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    It really is unacceptable. I’ve been trading with IG for 4-5 years and experienced various outages and frustrations with the stability of the platform, typically at the most inconvenient of times. However, these outages in the last 24 hours are serious. Calling to deal doesn’t help when market volatile.
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    Trading app is very unstable. Could not see my open position. Can't close my position. Same thing happen 12 hrs ago. Please rectify it asap. I need to close some position.....this is terrible. Will you bear if there are losses.
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    This is the second outrage in 24 hrs. I live in Singapore and I can’t see my opened position. The first outrage occurred on Thur (21 May) at around 10.30pm local time whereby I can’t adjust my stop loss. Where is the recourse for the losses? I am switching to CMC MARKET after this incident.
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    If you've found a good reliable setup that suits your preferred time frame then why not concentrate on that, doesn't matter if it's infrequent because it going to be repeatable and there are dozens of charts to look through to find it. I know of a couple of traders who look for just one set up and scan the same hundred charts every day looking for it, a 1 second glimpse is all it needs to say yes or no and they usually find 5 to 10 a week.
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    I am looking for a reputable FX broker I can work with.
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    Consolidating before the next push? Dax and Dow M15 charts;
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    This is basically John Carters Propulsion trade set-up that he published in his book "Master the Trade" in the 2000's - Although the original method enters at the 8EMA with a 4% stop and 8% target for stocks and 1% stop and 2% target for Index/forex The money management is a little skewed in the video - It would make just as much sense getting out in full at T1, rather than selling 50% at T1 and the rest @ T2 as it's much easier to hit T1 than it is T2 for the same return If it was me (and I DO trade this Propulsion set-up) I would trade in 2 units - sell 1 unit @ T1 and then trailing the remaining unit at a 2 or 3 trailing bar low as mentioned as it doesn't make sense selling at the 2 target levels he mentions as T2 is not always hit
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    Its real easy to "code" a trading system in prorealtime using simplified creation (profitable thats another story😎) https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/create-trading-systems I did a system a couple of weeks ago (took me 1 minute😉) and put in on demo forward test using this indicator https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-indicators/leo-moving-average-supportresistance/
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    Did a promotion for Prorealtime here😉
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    Hi, presume you're talking about the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), just to save you some time no regulator will look at any compliant if there has been no attempt to seek redress from the broker involved first. So you need to seek a quick informal resolution via email, if not satisfied with the response you can then make a formal complaint to the broker which must be investigated in depth and if you are still not satisfied with the result you can then take your case to the regulator. Hope this helps.
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    Call them don't answer, Diu We need complain to MAS
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    Hi, first email the helpdesk explaining your circumstances eg day, time, positions affected, actions taken or unable to take etc. If you are not satisfied with IG's response you are then entitled to fill out a formal compliant to IG (see the Contact Us, linked at the bottom of all IG's web pages, for details). If you are still not satisfied you can escalate the complaint to the FCA (contact details linked on the Contact Us page)
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    We need compensation. It's definitely not our error or fault.
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    To add on, I have tried to call the Singapore helpdesk but line got cut off. Greatly appreciate if anyone can offer some help on this matter. Thank you
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    I concur, there was a plaform issue in open markets last night in the northern hemisphere. Today, Mar22 Sydney 1500hrs - my platform shows no open positions, all else on the platform seems to be working as it should though. Very strange, please fix ASAP Ig
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    Same thing happening now. Can't see my position. This is terrible. IG had better sort this out asap.
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    Wow!! i'm going to do a 181 here. I have just spoken to a very nice chap called Thomas, who has explained in detail and has been very clear. The gent had time for me and my questions where all the other people i have spoken to have either been frustrated or not as knowledgeable about the IG platform. There are some great people there!
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    tick volume measures number of orders filled but not the size of the orders so registers more like volatility and the speed of the market rather than actual size. For normal volume and the time it takes to collate the data the moving average is a better indication of falling or rising volume over time unless there is a sudden spike.
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    What happens on market open? Overnight orders are processed, many are profit taking, plus new orders are entered onto the system hence there is always a period of whipsawing before real direction is revealed so it pays to wait for to dust to settle before deciding.
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    Dax daily chart, low volume;
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    are not you all completely fed up with this total nonsense yet? "It makes no sense that I can soon meet my family in a car showroom or a garden centre, but us sitting apart in the garden is banned. That has no scientific or logical basis. The Government are pleading with us to show some common sense - it needs to work both ways." Professor Karol Sikora And Norway joins the growing list of countries who have woken up to the fact the lockdown was never necessary in the first place. https://www.thelocal.no/20200522/norway-could-have-controlled-infection-without-lockdown-health-chief
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    Thanks for the reference, I don't think I've heard of John Carter before, will have to look him up.
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    Their bullish/bearish recommendations are all over the place though. They were advocating going short EUR/USD just two or three days ago despite most clients being short, and now look at what's happened to it.
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    Totally agree. Provision of sentiment data is purely a marketing tool. Brokers make money through activity, so anything which encourages placing of bets / trades is good from their perspective.
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    Hi, yes IG uses a variable spread system rather than a fixed spread so if there is higher than normal volatility the spread can fluctuate even in the very short term and especially on a spike.
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    Faith, Peregrin Took - why quibble o'er pennies? Just gaze with longing admiration at that big huge erection - MMMM!
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    Indices, Gold and Oil up. Bonds down. JPY down.
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    Hi, you will need to go through the helpdesk which is best done by email at the moment.
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    Hello, I have been watching this post with some curiosity. I too have just looked at my total deposits vs total withdrawals. i probably have a similar pattern The good thing is that I had estimated my losses quite well LOL.
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    Hi All - no need to reply. Can see how to do this now.
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    You can backtest some strategies? 🤓 https://www.prorealcode.com/programming-with-prorealtime/ Or read 😉 I think they got this part wrong, i would say this is more of a sign that we are in the end of the bullmarket when the millenials throw in the money in the stockmarket? "analysts worry the dynamic is delaying the type of retail-investor washout that many consider necessary to end a serious bear market." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-22/options-are-now-all-the-rage-for-bored-day-traders-locked-inside
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    It's no problem and thank you. I want to try and get through to as many people as possible. I think the community is a great place but potentially we need more IG employees on here helping? I get it which is why I am going to hand your details over to TS to reach out because it is errors that are impacting your trading experience and it's not fair. All the best
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    still not clear as to why apart from just hanging around at resistance without a break for too long so a trip down to find more support.
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    'We are aware of an intermittent issue' How about becoming aware of how sh!t your platform is and fixing it?
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    Why are we having this issue? Yesterday the platform was having issues on displaying everything. Today we can't view our open positions, let alone edit it...
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    can not see my open positions
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    Hello, What happened to my open positions, there are nothing. But I do not close them & the platform has shown that I have running profits. May I know what is going on? Thank you
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    How can we rely on such a platform where we can't reach out to customer support? Our money seems to be in risk.
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    here, been trying to close my position, but cnt see my open trades.
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    Time to file lawsuits for the loss
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    I agree when will they have version 11. Cheap bastards
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    Hi, I wish to buy a call option in a couple of blue chip UK stocks. According to the IG Academy this is a normal and sensible part of an investment strategy and is possible on the IG platform. I may well be being very short sighted but for all my looking, I can’t see how to do this, either on my iPad app, or on the web interface. If I go into the section called ‘Options’, I only see Indices, Commodities & Forex. Am I looking in the wrong place or is this not possible on the IG platform? Any help appreciated, thanks. DeeYoo
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    Something that has been spoken about a little less but the impact of Brexit on Sterling This is a piece by Jeremy Naylor an DailyFX, Justin McQueen about what's coming next and the impact it's having on sterling Let me know what you think of the piece and where you think sterling is heading
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    I only signed up to PRT 5 days ago (7th May 2020). I'll let you know at the end of the month if I get a charge. Although it is active for my Live account I haven't even launched the platform. I've only launched it for Demo. Worst case I'll get a £30 charge but we'll see.
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    Excellent 15 min video testing a simple PSAR with moving average filters strategy. Also links to other strategy tests from the Youtube channel. Reiterates the theme of this thread which is the importance of having statistical backup to your strategy which is what differentiates Trading from Gambling. Uses the same methods as in this thread of taking the cumulative win/loss ratio to plot against the cumulative risk reward ratio to ascertain whether the strategy is valid or not.
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    Just experienced this today, **** mobile app is dangerous & encourages impromptu trades. Focus, breathe deep & be patient. Oh & as you say don't try to undo your losing trades by thinking you can make it all back on the same day. Human psychology is a ****.
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    I wonder if there can be any class action due to the inconvenience caused by the outage (financial loss or reduced profits), especially at the critical time. The online chat guy mentioned that apparently the IT team will review what was going on around that time before making any decisions to compensate anyone. There are so many variables on what could have happened to contain any losses or take profits. Lets see where we go from here. The outcome will tell how serious IG is about this issue.