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    TA is less about blindly adhering to some textbook chart formations and more about seeking context. Trading Composure @TradingComposure Charts do NOT predict prices. No form of TA predicts prices. Charts suggest the path of least resistance Charts provide a means to determine the risk of a trade Charts offer help in timing Charts offer POSSIBILITIES, not probabilities and certainly not certainties Peter Brandt @PeterLBrandt Finding and combing indicators to give entry signals with a positive expectancy for your preferred market and time frame takes experimentation and testing. The Trading Rush videos showed backtests of basic trading plans, below is more about building your own. https://nononsensetrader.com/how-to-backtest/
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is how I view Risk - If my account value is £x then the max per trade I'm prepared to lose is 2% of the £x - lets say the £x = £2,000 The the most I'm risking is £40 per trade I take (The £ value of this 2% changes as my account goes up or down) Then on the market I'm trading for ease, say Entry = 100p and I ascertain that my stop needs to be at 90p = 10p range of risk Then the £ per point is simply = £40 / 10p = £4 per point Read Dr Van Tharps - Trade your way to Financial Freedom - it explains the laws of probability and probabilistic returns - these laws CONTOL things when you trade, they cannot be avoided You need to build into your mind a mechanical emotionless setting everytime you trade - it should not matter whether you win or lose, the way I do this is I take the trade happy to take a loss Depends on your method too IF (and most traders don't know this) you know the exact stats of your method over many many trades then you could just trade a fixed £ risk amount and know that at some point it'll come good if you take a series of losses one after the other
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    I did. It led to catastrophe. Read my 2nd post on this site. If I could start again, I'd NEVER increase size as a reaction to a loss.
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    Help desk has responded and they are investigating why this issue has occurred.
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    👍 Peeps should only really be risking real money near the end of the process not right from the start, it doesn't matter then if the process takes years to complete as it will do for many.
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    Hi @CharlotteIG what has happened to the ability to download share trading history via CSV file. Without this it makes things extremely difficult to journal and keep records of trading activity.
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    I've already spoken at length about demo, the point being is it's not live, nothing really matters. Once you've tested your strategy and it's working on demo then the progression is to see if it will work live (are the rules sound and can you stick to them). The progression is part of the learning process, there is no point in spending years and years in the 5th grade repeating the same lessons over and over. 20 trades back test 20 trades demo 20 trades live on min position size .... does it (and you) still work? if not work out why, make alterations and go back to the start and try again.
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    I've already fended off the temptation to go straight back into live a couple of times, which is a big improvement. At least six months I would say. I'd like to see if I can grow the £5000 demo account to £10,000 first. I still have no idea what I'm doing, switching views, time frames, moving averages all the time. Not nearly ready for live yet
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    It was merely a question.... But thank you for painting a picture of the kind of person you are. So I will thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me time..... the kind of time that shouldn't be wasted on people like you.... Kiss Kiss
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    Hi, just wanted to pop in and say hello. Im going to lurk for a few days and find my way around, but hope to get posting soon. Bye for now
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    Dax bounce up off S2 now looking to do the same off S1. H1 chart;
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    EWP does NOT work - They've been calling for a top and decline to near 0 since 1986!!!!! Certain things in EWP do work though and can be used to profit from the markets Again there's a massive myth about Fib Rets and Ext's - sometimes they work, often they don't, that in itself tells you something is amiss - but again they can be used to profit from the markets I would look at the 50% ret level which is not a fib level, its a gann level - Hence why the market came to a smack bang stop around that level in the 1960's, 70's, 2003 and 2009 If all you ever did was trade Elliott Wave 2's which are in fact Gann's Secondary reactions (gann wrote about them 1st) you do rather well
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    As our very old friend WD Gann said "4th Time at a level and it often goes through" Same with the FTSE100 Index yesterday - bingo
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    The Story of the Trolls. I joined this forum early 2016 and have contributed throughout the working day everyday whilst trading and was trading contentiously for years before that so I've seen a lot of trolls go through on this and other forums and I've noticed they all follow a similar pathway. It all starts with a cry for help, they're losing and can't turn it around. People try to help and show them that learning to trade is a process, both their development as a trader and the development of a successful trading plan. But that's no good, that means work and takes time, they didn't start gambling to do work, there must be an off/on switch somewhere, why won't anyone tell them where it is, why is everyone holding out on them, it's so unfair. So they spend some time pretending to work but make a game of it, just playing around really waiting for someone to take pity and tell where the switch is. No ones biting, getting angry now, new approach, start goading and insulting, force people to defend themselves and reveal where the switch is. Still not working. Make fake claims with no intention of providing any evidence but instead demand others provide evidence the claims are not true, also demand others provide evidence for claims they never made in the first place. Who can forget good ol' Oilfxpro who ended up demanding everyone produce a broker statement signed by an attorney. And poor ol' dmedin, been losing a grand a month for the last 15 months, not long to go now. But you will notice even after all that he's still not one for listening, he has a filter that just labels everything he doesn't like the sound of as just **** to be ignored. You'll also notice he's never short on giving others advice on trading, seriously. Gamblers don't survive gambling or trading, their only hope is to learn to discern the difference between the two.
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    Hi, presuming you were hoping for a reversal at the prior high around 8019 (blue line) so your sell at 8010 then your idea was invalidated when the blue candle closed above 8019 (red cross), that was your exit for a small loss. The bounce up off the daily pivot (red arrow) was bullish confirmation so if you are still in it's a case of scrambling out for as little damage as possible, might see a retest of the pivot but if it heads for R1 you just need to get out.
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    This is the key for me. It doesn't matter if you have more losers than winners, what really matters is how you manage your risk.
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    So i guess the answer is no you don't adjust bet size to account for losers. Good to know thanks. Quite astonishing that anyone makes any money out of this game, hats off to you.
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    Martingalers at it again, what could go wrong? Listen to HMB and THT, their words are coming from experience.
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    Isn't this the old roulette "strategy" where you bet on red or black. Bet $1, lose $1. Bet $2, lose $2. Total Loss: $3 Bet $4, lose $4. Total Loss: $7 .... Bet $256, Lose $256. Total Loss: $511 Bet $512. Win $512. Total Win: $1 Works 100%, except when it doesn't and red comes out 50 times in a row, whilst you are on black
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    I just noticed this too. Please keep us updated. Thanks.
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    I think you assume we all sit watching this thread 24/7 - I certainly don't and that we've been with IG for years I joined IG in April 2020 - my main accounts are elsewhere with various other providers mainly in SIPP/ISA accounts I know EXACTLY where you're coming from, 95% of retail traders fail, 95% of all traders fail, the 5% that make it are no longer retail traders they become professional traders in their own right and I don't mean the monkeys that work for the banks - I mean people living and trading off their own funds Right let's do it - lets make it 20% a year What market(s) are we trading? Aim is 20% Rules are - As soon as we're UP 20% on the account we stop trading, if this happens before 31st Dec then we just STOP until 1st Jan the following year and then restart again until we make 20% then we stop, restart, stop etc What account account size? are we using to determine risk etc and how much are we risking per trade? - I would recommend 2% I'll determine the rest of the rules - We'll be trading off DAILY charts to make it even more harder to achieve and rather than flood the thread with "Trade setting up here - then it fails to trigger" I'll post the chart once the trade is OPEN/LIVE and on that chart we'll have all the rules applicable to that "live" position - This will also mean that people don't blindly follow Now for the rest of this week I'm heading to the Lake District, so I won't be constantly monitoring this thread, nor will I be trading. As we are nearing end of Oct and 10 full months of the trading year have expired, should we say that from now until 31st Dec 2021 we need to return 23.32%?
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    On Friday Aussie Broadband was listed on the ASX under ASX: ABB. I was part of the customer offer but I wanted to invest more than the 2,000 shares the customer offer was limited too. I'm not able to find it listed in IG and was curious as to why, maybe I'm just missing something about how IG works or I just need to be more patient. It did open a week earlier than expected so maybe that has coursed some confusion?
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    "Intel move" 100% retraced...
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    "Markets are there to keep us humble." K. Foulathi think what you describe is exactly what he meant... personally, I'm at the stage of drawing funny oval shapes on my charts - maybe this way I'll notice something, some day...:
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    Good paper, the other day I came across this link that is worth sharing as well. https://www.ecb.europa.eu/euro/html/digitaleuro.en.html The digital currency should be real in about two years counting from 2021. Bahamas has just released their digital currency to their citizens and they can now operate with it. China is also testing their digital yuan in Shenzhen so I see it being live in a few months as well. One point that I think is blocked is that I don't see a public bank being created anytime soon. Many European countries have been asking for a public finance sector that could remedy those sanctions coming from economic powers and nothing has been done. I don't hold hope for a public bank in Europe, maybe the digital currency will remedy some of the aspects but that will be it.
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    looks quite directionless to me, and now roughly back at a level around which we've been oscillating for two months: I'd say high rebound probability, the slightly lower low at this stage is not significant enough IMHO
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    This is what my page looks like, no download option.
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    If you would take issue with the concept of "the more certain the trade" then you have answered your own question. When you have had a run of losers then, absent any other evidence, you have less certainty therefore if you had been using a fixed proportion of your bank per trade you would now have reason to reduce that proportion until your winning trades became more numerous. The Kelly formula for a 50-50 bet with equal win/loss amounts tells you to invest a maximum amount of zero in the bet. In other words don't play the game at all if you have no positive expectation. Your suggested solution to a losing streak was to increase your bet-sizing, yet you say you have an issue putting more on one trade than another. That's a contradiction. If you cant judge individual bets you can at least look at your recent results - poor results suggests a smaller edge (or no edge at all), which leads to smaller bets or staying out of the market altogether - this is the complete opposite of the idea put forward in your opening post. Kelly says to bet smaller or not at all until you have a level of certainty on a trade that is greater than 50%, whereas your idea was to increase the bet size when your recent results suggest a level of certainty somewhat less than 50% - one method will preserve your capital until you find trades you are more confident about, whilst the other could lead to you going broke. Your choice.
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    Here's the best advice you can get. Don't bet money you can't afford to lose. At a bare minimum 76% of retail punters lose. Over time, it's closer to 95 - 99% and the number that outperform a simple buy and hold strategy is probably less than 99.9%. And the post above shows the 'benefit of hindsight' which is totally useless when you're actually trading. Best of luck.
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    I know right, it's my Achilles heel, pretty much destroyed my life by indulging in foul-mouthed outbursts.
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    Can't find ABB share anywhere on the platform. Can anyone please update? Thanks
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    Nasdaq is making a downward move just now.
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    I think FTSE 100 is a good candidate for shorting; it's oil and banks heavy....Covid has a direct and rather drastic impact on it. US indices are tec heavy so I won't short them until mortgages default start if any ( very unfortunate though if it happens).
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    Hey everyone new trader here. just started 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to share what we have seen of the virus in the US. I live in Texas but travel frequently across the states. I still have refused to wear a mask (except when on the plane. Dumbest rule ever.) But hospitals are not being over run, there isnt a pandemic. This is one of the largest worldwide political scams in history. I hope everyone across the world fights for the rights and freedoms of the individuals not the systems and corporations that lie and want to regulate us. The saying "BUILD BACK BETTER" is seen almost in every country by certain political parties. That should be a warning to everyone. They have torn down the economies of every country and most if not all small businesses have gone out of business. This is the greatest transfer of wealth from the everyday working civilian to the large corporate machines that destroy everything and everyone in their path since Franklin Roosevelt convinced (forced) americans to give up their gold and silver for paper.... As far as trading im a newbie. I have no advice . Eyes and ears open ready to learn.
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    This is the only thing I know without doubt about trading: trying to make up for losses with larger trades is the way to ruin with certainty. Read you own post again and ask what it would imply: if you can't make money with a small risk, you take a larger risk. And what if that goes wrong? Of course - double up. And then it fails again..? Then you're walking to the bank to ask for a consumer loan... Please read that "cold" warning about 76% of traders "encountering losses" again - and try to add some imagination to it. Try to imagine ruin with all its consequences. And then ask yourself how people got to that point.
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    I have passed these messages on to our technical team and the importance of having the demo up and running. All the best
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    totally agree - It should be much more harder to open up an account Re: the SP500 compound calc - enter the dates Jan 1949 - Dec 1966 AND Aug 1982 - Mar 2000 Work out the annualised ret + divs and you should see the same return from Nov 2016 - Mar 2034 - somewhere in that range of % returns Markets work out a cycle of UP/DOWN sequence - to compare the DOWN sequence look at Dec 1966 - Aug 1982 AND Mar 2000 - Nov 2016 and you should see the % annual returns average for the DOWN sections From Nov 2016 we've been in official cycle UP mode and will continue to do so until 2034 - this will allow average Joe Trader to think they are brilliant stock pickers as the market drags them up, then in 2034.........It will start to unravel for them - obviously this period will be excellent for the buy and hold investor
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    hold till... you need the money?
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    It is interesting that the OP describes a playbook that is unfolding in this thread.
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    Okay. now I KNOW why I don't make money. Not because all retail traders are daft idiots who lose money, it's because of the GLOBALISTS. Tom told me so. DOWN WITH THE GLOBALISTS!
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    Would it not make more sense and be much quicker if you backtest this, instead of forward testing? Who wants to wait til June 2021 to see the outcome ha And with backtesting you could easily go back to the 1950s, not just do 1 year I like what @jlz is doing there - what platform/tool you using for backtesting?
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    You should now be open. If you have any issues let me know. All the best
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    Yea i also have this question. it does now show you th time stamp fo when the data was last refreshed, but sometimes it can be 5-6hrs in lag, which isnt great. Would love to have a refresh on load function, or a manual 'click to refresh' option to pull the data through right up to date.
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    Are we getting this anytime soon? Now approaching Mid August... was due to be released beginning of last year... Half of these features don't seem to work... Order Flow, Order Book, Depth of Market, VWAP, VPVR, VPSV etc etc.. are IG considering their customers here? Mods.. please don't delete this.. it needs visibility and it needs an official answer in order to stop people asking every 10 minutes.
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    Not all ETFs can be traded on an ISA due to taxation rules (beyond the control of IG). There are also some ETFs that are available, but IG will only allow 'professional' clients to trade. Safest bet is to use the tool that screens the ETFs available for trading on an ISA wrapper. https://etfscreener.ig.com/?cols=AssetClass,Currency,NetAssets,PrimaryExchange,ReturnM12&filters=GlobalSector,ISA,LeveragedFund,UCITS&map=null&ISA=Yes&page=1&sortCol=NetAssets&sortDir=-1
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    Yeah, it's so bl00dy 'modern' it periodically logs you out without automatically saving your settings first. For reference, autosave was a feature introduced way back in the year 2000 with Microsoft Office 2000 I believe, and has become fairly widespread since then. lololol - PRT is soo modern
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    Surely the big money interests know that there will be many traders looking to buy retracements and will use that knowledge to give fake signals ... that's what I can see when I use Fibonacci to trade. Fibonacci is only ever useful when used in hindsight and you deliberately manipulate it to line up with certain historical price points. 😞
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    The big fat stupid idiot Boris Johnson is planning on using another kind of 'leverage' to 'force' people to accede to England's demands. Rule Britannia and all that b0llocks. https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-trade-usa/uk-to-use-high-tariff-threat-to-raise-pressure-in-trade-negotiations-the-times-idUKKBN1ZO01Y