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Post in Gold & Silver in a LT rally
What are your thoughts on precious metals? "I am currently anticipating a retrace further down prior to a strong rally phase for both Gold and Silver.  This could happen if one of 2 scenarios as follows..."
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Relative Rotational Graphs
Relative Rotation Graphs or RRGs, as they are commonly called, are a unique visualization tool for relative strength analysis. Get involved with IG Community discussions and learn a new method for market analysis.
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Dividend adjustment 22 Oct - 29 Oct
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 22 Oct 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section.
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Chinese Markets Rebound on Government Support - EMEA Brief 22 Oct
Chinese stock have rallied with the Shanghai Composite Index gaining more than 4% as officials attempt to support the market as GDP figures last week fell short of the 6.6% growth target by 0.1%
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US-China empire building, Eurozone stability, Brexit - DFX Key Themes
Three key topics to keep an eye on this week: The Euro’s Fundamental Path is Growing More Complicated. Brexit Risk Jumps after EU Summit, Rumor of Border Breakthrough, Protests and New Credit Ratings. The United States and China Jostling for Economic Supremacy.
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Market sentiment - APAC brief 22 Oct
Markets put in a mixed day on Friday. The results for global equities were generally poor, but absent were any violent swings in market activity. Individual regions traded -off apparently their own idiosyncratic drivers, characteristic of the diverse web of risks plaguing investors.
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China Growth Falls Below Expectations - EMEA Brief 19 Oct
China recorded its slowest growth in a quarter for almost a decade. GDP growth year-on-year came in at 6.5% down from estimates of 6.6%, largely down to the continued trade war with the U.S. and high debt levels.
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Legalisation results in Cannabis Stock Slip - EMEA Brief 18 Oct
Cannabis stocks slipped after Canada’s legalisation. Aurora Cannabis Inc posting a 15% slide shortly after market opened yesterday. Popular ETFs ETFMG Alternative Harvest and Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences also saw decreases
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Brexit EU Summit - EMEA Brief 17 Oct
The UK is back in focus today, with inflation data likely to build upon yesterday’s jobs numbers to build a picture of the pressures on the BoE. With average earnings on the rise, the predicted fall in inflation could actually provide a positive differential between wages and the cost of living, thus raising real wages. UK wages grow at their quickest pace in nearly 10 years. The level of pay rose by 3.1% from the three months prior to August and a fall of 47,000 to 1.36million in unemployment levels.The EU summit will shift the market mindset back to Brexit, with the EU having allowed Theresa May the opportunity to find a solution to break the deadlock.
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Signs of life - APAC brief 17 Oct
It's still early days, but investors appear to have regained their nerve overnight. The Asian session was tepid, to be sure, however a rally in European and US equities reveal a market that has found its appetite for equities again.

As the existing narrative would imply, much of this was underpinned by a fresh appetite for rate-sensitive US big tech stocks, which according to the NASDAQ, rallied almost 3 per cent overnight, leading both the Dow Jones and S&P in the realms of 2 per cent higher.

Implied volatility fell, but remains relatively high at around 18, so of course it would be foolish to claim the recent sell-off is authoritatively through.
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Hurricane season in the US - Where to look for trading opportunities
Hurricane Michael is already regarded as one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit US. The worst hit areas of Florida’s northwest coast saw significant damage to residential property, along with President Trump authorizing FEMA to step in and coordinate disaster efforts. 

Even though the worst might have already passed, the 2018 North Atlantic hurricane season is likely to have sizable effect for the next seven weeks. The effect on the markets can be notable around this time, with the following sectors likely to see an increase in volatility.
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UK Data to forecast stability going into Brexit talks? - EMEA Brief 16 Oct
U.K. monthly average earnings and monthly unemployment release today at 9:30 BST. Earnings forecast to be stable at 2.6% whilst the unemployment rate is forecast to be 4%. The releases could be an important signal to the current economic health of the UK.
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Does volatility affect IPOs?
The music entertainment arm of Tencent, which has 800 million users across a variety of platforms in China, had originally planned to go public in the United States imminently. The IPO was initially set to launch as soon as this week but has now reportedly been delayed because of the recent global sell-off. It is not the first company to pull out or postpone an IPO in the recent weeks, and whilst Tencent have declined to comment on the decision, it’s likely to be on the back of volatility seen in the equity markets.
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How will the next Brexit talks affect the pound and UK economy?
This week sees Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU come to the forefront once more. IG's own Sara Walker will be joined by Simon French, Chief Economist to UK merchant bank Panmure Gordon, and Nick Cawley from Daily FX to discuss how the meetings outcome could affect the FX market. Get involved with the #IGForexChat and put your questions to Simon and Nick. Submit your questions on Community. 
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Have risk trends turned? Are trade wars improving? Beware European risks - DailyFX Key Themes
Market’s suffered a painful correction this past week. From peak-to-trough, the benchmark I like to refer to as a measure of hold-out enthusiasm, the S&P 500, dropped nearly 8 percent. That is still a ways from the technical ‘bear market’ designation which is a 20 percent correction from peak highs, but that scale of loss from a seemingly indefatigable climber rattles confidence. To be clear, the slump in sentiment was not isolated to the US equity market. That was just among the more remarkable victims of the speculative swoon owing to its typical outperformance. Looking across the other capital markets with a risk bearing, there were meaningful losses registered from foreign shares, carry trade, emerging market assets and more.
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Bitcoin Breakout
Bitcoin is on a rip this morning in an attempt to break up out of the long term triangle pattern.
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Turbulent IMF talks impact Asian Equities - EMEA Brief 15 Oct
IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde commented that U.S. stock valuations have been “extremely high”, possibly implying a correction. On a similar line, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin insisted that the stock sell-off wasn’t “surprising”, while insisting that U.S. fundamentals remain strong. Lagarde also advised to be ready for more market volatility
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Is the sell off over? - APAC brief 15 Oct
Rout over? There are tentative signs that the global equity rout witnessed last week has subsided, at least for now.
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DOW dropped further, banks to report Q3 earnings - EMEA Brief 12 Oct
The Dow Jones continues its tumble, losing more than 1,300 in two days, as worries over interest rates and trade barriers continue. 

Bank Earnings season kicks off today with three big players standing out: JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and Citigroup. Analysts are forecasting that banks will post their highest profits since the financial crisis as they are said to enter a “golden age”, fuelled by rising interest rates.  
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Trend reversals and new lows - APAC brief 12 Oct
What happened? The sell-off continues, and despite a brief pause during Wall Street trade that opened hopes of an end to this rout, it was quickly dashed as investors went back to dumping stocks.
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Tech Sell-off Leads Global Decline - EMEA Brief 11 Oct
US sees largest market fall in 8 months with the Dow Jones losing over 800 points  in the main session.
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Volatility - APAC brief 11 Oct
Volatility is up, and risk appetite has been dulled. The VIX traded towards the 22 figure overnight, while currency safe havens such as the Yen were sought amid a somewhat remarkable sell-off across global equities during the European and North American sessions.
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What will happen if we see 7Rmb on USDCNH - trade war talk
We’ve seen the knee jerk reactions to trade tariffs and war talk rhetoric, in some instances tit for tat plays from both sides to maintain political face, and whilst the initial volatility spikes seemed to be over it looks like we’ve shifted to a new horizon - one where the actual fall out of these tariffs is coming into play.

And what are the main markets to watch which could see some movement going forwards? I’d be interested in a few other people’s thoughts on this. I guess we’d be looking at
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bitcoin long period of consolidation
"What are we saying folks? Are there areas or prices which you're looking at for a move either way after bitcoins recent consolidation period? They say it's a time to accumulate when there is consolidation. Could now be the time to buy bitcoin? I think I'd be adding to my position in physical but would be cautious of anything else."
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Hurricane Michael hits the US - EMEA Brief 10 Oct
Hurricane Michael intensified from category 3 storm to category 4 early Wednesday. As it turns towards Florida, it could shutdown nearly 40% of US Gulf of Mexico crude output as early as Monday. When it comes to soft commodities, orange juice and orange juice futures could be affected. You can find this under the soft commodity section on the IG trading platform.
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