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Trade talks knocked as Trump threatens to quit NAFTA - EMEA brief 03 Sep
Looking ahead, the focus will be upon Europe given the public holidays in the US and Canada. In particular, we are likely to see the pound provide some of the most volatility, with the breakdown of Brexit talks knocking sentiment. We also see the first of the PMI readings, with the manufacturing survey coming into focus. There are a host of other European PMI surveys, yet for the most part they are revisions, unlike the preliminary UK figure.
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Trade negotiations - APAC brief 29 Aug
Global markets ended last week on the back foot, after trade talks between the US and Canada stripped traders of some hope that the global trade-war may be de-escalating. It was figured that following the relatively positive developments in US-Mexico trade negotiations early last week that perhaps a change of tact was emerging from US President Trump’s administration regarding global trade.
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Post in Quick trade ideas
Check out a very popular thread on IG Community - 'Quick Trade Ideas' - to see what other like minded traders are doing. Please make sure you perform your own due diligence, however the following thread may spark a few ideas for both short and long term trades.

Expected Index Dividend Adjustments 03 Sep - 07 Sep
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 03 Sep 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video. 
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Inside the LME - the last of the 'pits'
With 80% of the worlds metal prices set in the London Metal Exchange, the 'ring' or pit, is one of the last venues in the world which has escaped the computerisation and digitalisation of the modern world. LME participants can trade and take or make delivery of aluminium, copper, tin, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminium alloy and NASAAC, as well as steel and scrap contracts, LME silver and LME gold, and other lesser known metals such as cobalt and molybdenum futures.
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Coca-Cola kicks off $5.1 billion Costa deal
Costa Coffee, far and away the biggest coffee chain in the UK, which has 4000 stores in 32 countries is set to be bought by Coca Cola in a deal valued at $5.1 billion from Whitebread. Founded in London, it has a growing presence in China, and strong positions in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The move follows PepsiCo’s purchase of seltzer-machine maker Sodastream for $3.2bn earlier this month. Get involved with the conversation on Community.
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Trump backs tariffs and threatens to quit WTO - EMEA brief 31 Aug
Trump back introduction of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods in ongoing trade dispute with China. The president also threatens to withdraw the United States from the World Trade Organisation "if they don't shape up", claiming unfair treatment. US & Canadian leaders optimistic in reaching revised NAFTA agreement by today's deadline.
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Sentiment shifts - APAC brief 29 Aug
The risks that markets have been vulnerable to all week have popped-up in the last twenty-four hours, wiping some of the shine off what has been an otherwise strong performance from global equities. The elephants in the room throughout the week’s trade has been the US-China trade-war, along with the simmering structural problems affecting emerging markets – developments in which had been conspicuously absent.
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Event Risk Calendar
What are some of the biggest events risks from now through to the second quarter in 2019? Check out this handy chart submitted by one of our Community members, and think about adding specific reminders in your trading calendar as some of these may cause volatility (and a potential trade opportunity).
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Labor Day holiday - 3rd September
It is Labor Day in the US & Canada on Monday 3rd September and we're expecting a change to some of our dealing hours due to changes in the underlying market. The overall summary of changes to market hours can be seen in this post (all hours in UK BST).
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Dollar drops, four-week high for GBP - EMEA brief 30 Aug
Asia stocks pull back as weakness in China outweighs NAFTA trade. U.S.- Canada trade talks are making progress. Dollar drops, whilst the pound is trading at a four-week high.
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Is a no-deal Brexit likely?
Interesting Bloomberg article quoting 'un-named sources' that senior officials on both sides now think a Brexit deal is unlikely. GPBUSD could well test the referendum lows on an official no deal statement and the Euro would not be safe from fallout either.

S&P hits all-time high - EMEA brief 29 Aug
The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both set new records, passing the 2900 and 8000 mark respectively for the first time in their history. Focus shifts on talks between the US and Canada on an updated NAFTA, which could be signed in the coming days. Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland is now in Washington to carry out negotiations.  The previously announced deadline for Brexit talks set for the 18th of October may not be feasible, as rumors spread that it may now be postponed to mid-November. Prices being charged in UK shops rose by 0.1% in August, interrupting a 63 month long deflationary streak.  
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Trader's View - APAC brief 29 Aug
The fortunes of emerging markets are less defined by politics, and more dictated by the structural concerns brought about by rising global interest rates. While geopolitics – particularly as it relates to the numerous trade wars waged by US President Trump’s White House – has catalysed the hysteria witnessed in markets such as Turkey, South Africa, Mexico and Iran, it is the US Federal Reserve’s rate hiking cycle that has established the bed rock for the challenges faced by these economies. Hence, the actions of US President Trump’s administration should be treated as the pin that risks bursting the emerging market balloon, rather than the air itself blowing it up to an uncomfortably stretched size.
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Post in Quick trade ideas
The 'quick trade ideas' thread continues this week with one Community trader looking at Fever Tree: "They've hit something like 85 times earnings. Whilst there isn't much growth potential left in my opinion. Granted they have some nice new drinks out in the darker spirits arena trying to target and diversify - but ultimately tonic water still counts to 75% of their revenue which for me is way to much. Plus I saw Schweppes bring out a better priced but premium product the other day (first time I saw it anyway - with a date on it can't remember what they're calling it). Setting up WO for a sell at 3650."

Trump and Mexico to replace NAFTA - EMEA brief 28 Aug
Trump and Mexico reach trade to key parts of a trade deal to replace the current ‘NAFTA’ agreement. S&P 500 and Nasdaq closing at record highs for the second consecutive session. Dow finished above 26000 for the first time since February.
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Political Risks Increase, Sentiment as a Theme, The Liquidity Dearth - DFX key themes
Political risks increase, sentiment as a theme, and the liquidity dearth. Check out key themes from DFX as presented by John Kicklighter.
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Trader's View - APAC brief 28 Aug
Risk appetite appears to be slowly returning to the bellies of investors, with global equity markets experiencing a synchronized push higher to start the week. Wall Street has led the charge of course, overnight adding to the all-time highs achieved at the end of last week. The S&P500 posted a remarkable gain of 0.72 per cent as that index entered rarefied air, while the Dow Jones added 1 per cent to crack the 26,000-mark once more. Trade wars and emerging market troubles are playing less of a role in market psychology at present, as fundamentals seemingly make their way back to the fore.
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Expected Index Dividend Adjustments 27 Aug - 31 Aug
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 27 Aug 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video. 
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Morrison ousts Turnbull - EMEA brief 24 Aug
Australian equity markets gain after leadership vote ends political uncertainty with the Australian leader Malcolm Turnbull ousted by Scott Morrison. Asian equity markets slips after US-China trade talks end without progress. Saudi Arabia has denied that its $2 trillion Aramco IPO has been cancelled, and that they’re instead waiting for “appropriate circumstances and appropriate time” for the listing. Trade concerns continue to hit gold prices however they do make gains, slowly inching up, whilst oil rises on US sanctions on Iran cloud supply outlook.
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Trader's View - APAC brief 24 Aug
Global equities retreated overnight as investors turned their attention to the several risk factors affecting markets at present. The Dow Jones, S&P500 and NASDAQ are all lower for the day, backing-up the modest losses sustained in European shares. The risk aversion is justifiable and reflects the general confusion of investors in a week bereft of powerful good news stories. The focus instead has been on the several distractions bemusing markets, including the unfolding President Trump legal drama, the fledgling trade negotiations between the US and China, as well as the grave situation in some emerging markets. At this stage, global equities still appear to possess enough steam to power ahead, but an increased wariness suggests that further advances will proceed with caution.
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How to set stop losses on a share dealing account
Setting up take profit 'limit orders', and 'stop loss' orders for risk management when the market moves against you are useful functions to have on a share dealing account. Whilst we don't currently have that functionality built directly into the share dealing deal tickets, you can manually set them. Find out how to do that in this post, and if you have any questions relating to your share dealing account, please just ask below!

China trade war escalates - EMEA brief 23 Aug
China trade war escalates as new tariffs kick in: U.S. economy set to slow from here on, damaged by trade war.

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S&P hits an intraday high - EMEA brief 22 Aug
Despite Tuesday being referred to as the worst day in the Presidency of Donald Trump, the S&P touched an intraday record high and equaled its longest bull run of 3452 days, with the record expected to tumble today, baring a disaster. Dollar steady overnight following yesterday’s dip, with forex markets pretty calm across the board, although we did see a weakening in AUD, which was down 0.2%. Brent rose 0.3%, whilst US crude was up 0.5% following industry group data that signaled a larger than expected decline in US stockpiles. Gold flat 1195.56 an ounce, whilst nickel and aluminum pushed base metals up.

In the UK the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recorded its largest July surplus for 18 years pointing to a robust deficit reduction on the back of low unemployment and good economic growth. The UK’s HMRC have released figures showing the YoY change for July's residential property transactions are down 3.2% adding fuel to fear of a stagnant UK property market.

On the micro level Morgan Stanley have removed their ratings and equity coverage of Tesla yesterday hinting that they’ve possibly joined Goldman Sachs as an advisor on the deal to take the company private.
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