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  1. wrote: There are a number of ways you can submit feedback to IG. There is a section in the new web trading platform, comments and suggestions on IG Community, tweets, emails, in phone conversations with our trading services reps, and a number of other methods such as feedback forms, one-on-one sessions, webinars and seminars etc... A feature which has been requested a number of times over the last few months is the ability to hone in on a specific date on a chart. With that said, I am very happy to inform you that the charts team just released a new “Go to” feature on the new web trading platform. What does it do? This feature will allow users to search for a specific date (and time) on a chart in a few simple clicks. The charts will then automatically centre on the searched date/time requested by the user. This feature can be found on the platform by clicking on the calendar icon shown in the top level menu and then by selecting “Go to” where a date can be specified. A date and time can be searched for if you are using a time interval smaller than a day (e.g. 1 hr). Chart visual Any feedback, suggestions, or other comments on this - just shout. yes