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  1. IG, I am looking at transitioning to use MT5 alongside ProRealTime but am less bothered about timescale - PRT has been fine for me so far; do you have a ballpark estimate on when it will be available? I understand things have been hit by covid, but do you expect it to be available by the end of 2022? End of 2023? You say that you have been working on it since early 2020, to not even have a sense of when it might be ready after almost 2 years of work, given that most other brokers seem to have incorporated it fairly swiftly, is simply not believable. Thanks
  2. Hello, I've been trying to activate PRT for my live account for a while, I probably started trying a few weeks ago. Every time I clock on the 'Activate ProRealTime for live accounts' button, I get an error message saying 'An error occurred while activating ProRealTime, please try again later.' - Is this a known issue? Or am I just being a muppet? Cheers
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