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  1. I think IG reducing the amount per point would go some way to alleviating the pain of the massive increased margin. Example being FTSE index allowing for £0.25 per point rather than the current £1. What I end up doing is opening a position against the £1 minimum stake and then selling / buying £0.75 to get the position down to a manageable margin against other spread betting positions. No doubt getting rich quick has taken a back seat but also the getting poor even quicker may also not happen as often either albeit the high margins have had a massive impact on my use of Spread Betting and the criteria for 'Professional' traders is just not a practical approach to deciding who does know what they are doing including risks and who does not.
  2. Hi Dan, I have been using IG Spread Betting for a few years now but just opened an ISA account and while I do like and appreciate the similarity between IG's SB and ISA applications there were a couple of things that I didn't like so I wondered if it was just me or whether these niggles have been raised before. - End of Day prices against the ISA Portfolio are set to the same values but for accuracy of portfolio valuation at end of day they should be set to the 'end of day' Sell Price, not clear what the price is but may well be a mid market price. - Book Cost Defaults to cost of purchase of shares only, the commission / other charges are not shown in the book cost which is not the correct way to handle book costs, they should reflect the full Debit Amount applied to the ISA Account(in my view). The edit option does allow me to create the correct book cost inclusive of commission and charges but it an unnecessary extra step, better to default to the book cost to including the commission / charges and then allow those users that don't want commission / charges included to adjust accordingly. I am assuming that IG do not allow / support the dealing costs / charges to be applied to an account that isn't the ISA account, if they do then I would fully understand the approach to book costs?