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  1. What puzzled me was that it was not “financially neutral” – my account was debited just under £500 because I was short at the end of the trading day. I think I’ve got my head round it now, where as if you’re short, they will debit your account, and if you’re long, they will credit your account. Now I know. Thanks for your help
  2. Thank you, but you’re incorrect. I was not out of funds, or margined out, or stopped. And yes, I was £50 a point short.
  3. I’m not clear at all, as I had a dividend payment debit to my account for £460 this evening, yet in your explanations, you refer to them being “cash neutral”.... Yes that was debited to my account! Could you explain that to me please?
  4. Can somebody please explain to me why I had £490 deducted from my account this evening when I was short £50 on the Dow? I closed my position at exactly 9 pm and within a minute, had that sum deducted from my account ... thank you. Theo