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  1. I wanted to buy EIFY coins from Etherconnect using MIR transferred from Metamask Etherconnect allows the purchae of EIFY using MIR I carried out the transcation (2 days ago) sending MIR from Metamask to the Etherconnect address The MIR have transfered from Metamask but they haven't reached Etherconnect The Etherconnect transaction report shows that the MIR tokens were wrapped for transfer..... but that's it Nothing else, and the tokens have not gone through to Etherconnect I'm lost. I don't know what to do. Can I retrieve these MIR tokens in any way?? Metamask support team say the MIR tokens have succesfuly transfrred Etherconnect has no support team to contact What I can I do to recover the MIR tokens? Appreciate your help Thank you
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