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  1. Thanks Arvin, finally found a gentleman to help me, he has offered a solution and fixed the account. Im just waiting on confirmation that the difference between 2 trades will be compensated due to IG error. Thank you. That was all it needed, someone to take my call and explain what was going on rather than give me answers that seemed at times to be plucked from mid air. It seems bad that the cs reps had no managers all day to pass this complaint to ? hope its sorted now, just working out the finer detail, thank you
  2. I've had an error on my account since Friday not being able to sell, buy or use limits. Told initially was a mifid issue, however my account has been open and trading 10 mnths. So not that! Which was later confirmed. Now told its a level 2 set up issue? No response, no solution and no answers or call backs from Kieran weal (not sure spelling sorry) as promised multiple times. As a disabled trader coping with pain issue this lack of customer support is pitiful. If its a technical issue sort it? Don't leave a customer without access to their account or investments! As a disabled user I'm disgusted. Loss so far £1060 due to not being able to set a sell and trade a stock. And that's just one day's loss.
  3. Been using IG with the red background for 6 mnths and it promoted me to update the app. Wish I hadn't. I have sensory issues, white alone is too bright and dark is chaos for my eyes. Does anyone know how to change it back to red please. Thanks
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