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  1. Hi @POMTOM, You will need to make sure that you are not sharing any personal information and account details. I will ask the compliance team if that would be possible and come back to you when I have a reply. All the best - Arvin
  2. Hi @DavidDPJ, If you go to My IG > Live accounts > History > Transactions > Date > 3 days. Do you have these transactions showing up? If not please contact our support at helpdesk.uk@ig.com for further assistance. All the best - Arvin
  3. Hi Pritesh, If you right click on the chart on the platform you will see the price option. You can then adjust what price you would like to display, by default the Mid price is displaying. I hope that it helps ! All the best - Arvin
  4. Hi @akaBruce, There is no marker or indicator on the chart or platform showing that there was a split. You can find this information on the news or online. Otherwise for Corporate action such as Right issues, the Corporate Action team will send you an email with all the details and your options. All the best - Arvin
  5. Find out what to expect from Uber’s earnings results, how they will affect Uber share price, and how to trade Uber’s earnings. Source: Bloomberg Shares Uber Price Share price Ridesharing company Relative strength index When is Uber’s results date? With the FAANG+MT (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft and Tesla) earnings results out of the way, attention will be turning to smaller (though still significant) tech companies like Uber, which will be releasing its figures on Wednesday, 4 August. Uber share price: forecasts from Q2 results But unlike the FAANG stocks, profitability has always been an issue when it comes to the ridesharing companies, even if Uber is aiming to achieve profitability by year end, on an adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) basis. Its optimism regarding achieving that goal might have to wait a bit longer, testing investors who had they purchased its shares at the start of the year would be in loss. Expectations last time around in Q1 were for an earnings per share (EPS) reading of -$0.54 (source: finance.yahoo.com), and the clear beat of -$0.06 last time around was noted while revenue was a miss. The issue was that the much smaller Q1 loss of $108 million instead of the near billion dollar loss in Q4 2020 was due to the $1.6 billion gain from the sale of its self-driving unit for $1.6 billion, something it can’t repeat this time around. And when it comes to Q2, estimates are pointing to another quarter of losses with an EPS of -$0.51. Analysts are mostly holding a buy rating with a handful in the hold and a tiny minority in the sell category, for a clear majority long bias that’s been tested on the latest share price moves. Their average Uber share price target is also higher than where its share price currently resides, and above the lower end of the target. It’s a somewhat familiar story for its competitor Lyft, but where more have a hold recommendation and with an average price target (of over $69) similar to Uber, only with a higher current Lyft share price means there’s less upside potential towards reaching that target. There have been a few factors to consider for future earnings and/or its share price: Reports according to Consumer news and business channel (CNBC) that SoftBank plans to sell one-third of its Uber shares to cover losses in ride-hailing DiDi sending share prices lower Uber’s trucking division to purchase Transplace in a $2.25 billion deal using $750 million worth of common stock of Uber, and the remainder in cash September’s expected end to enhanced unemployment benefits crucial to see how it’ll change the return of workers who might otherwise be disincentivised with demand currently for drivers above supply translating into longer wait times and higher prices There’s also car prices and semiconductor shortages making any conversion to ridesharing pricier than pre-Covid-19 costs. Trading Uber’s Q2 results: technical overview and trading strategies The technicals haven’t been too kind when it comes to Uber’s share price, spending much of it within the $40 to $54 ranges over the past few months or so in what would be described as a consolidatory technical overview, its price beneath most of its key long-term weekly moving averages (MA), a non-trending average directional movement index (ADX), directional movement index (DMI) crosses that have failed to offer much follow-through, and prices at the lower end of the Bollinger Bands that thus far has largely held. Prices that are close to key technical indicators who in turn are close to each other usually means plenty of false signals, and we’ve been getting plenty of that here. A similar picture is seen on the daily chart, where more negative technical bias is present, a negative DMI cross occurring last week and its relative strength index (RSI) crossing into oversold territory. Conformist strategies befitting its consolidatory technical overview involves reversal strategies off of its key support and resistance levels, waiting for levels to breach first to avoid getting stopped out on the initial move, especially if volatility should pick up. Those expecting the fundamentals to push prices to a new zone and a shift in its current technical overview can consider breakout strategies, opting to buy at the 1st resistance or sell on a break of the 1st support level for a move towards 2nd levels or beyond. Source: IG Uber weekly chart with ADX, DMI, RSI and MA Source: IG charts IG client sentiment* and short interest for Uber shares When it comes to retail sentiment, like with nearly all the main tech stocks, it has been a consistent extreme buy bias, and for Uber shares unchanged since the start of last week at 91%. Clear beneficiaries on gains in its share price above where it was at the start of the pandemic, but fresh buys stuck on the pullback from the $65 level witnessed in the first quarter. As for short interest data (according to shortsqueeze.com), 4.6% of floated shares are shorted, for a total of about 70 million, down 6% from a previous 74.6 million shares shorted. It has risen since the last quarter when we did the Uber and Lyft earnings preview, as it was 65 million for the former putting short interest at a lower 4%. A similar story for its competitor Lyft, short interest rising from nearly 10% at the start of May to nearly 11%. Source: IG *The percentage of IG client accounts with positions in this market that are currently long or short. Calculated to the nearest 1%, as of today morning 8am for the outer circle. Inner circle is from the previous trading day. Monte Safieddine | Market analyst, Dubai 30 July 2021
  6. Hi @shopvegn, I have requested for these stocks to be added, they are now live on the platform. All the best - Arvin
  7. We highlight five things that investors and traders need to know on Wednesday, 28 July. Source: Bloomberg Forex Indices Shares China Federal Reserve Apple Inc. Wall Street stocks end win streak on China tech jitters Wall Street snapped a five-day win streak overnight, after yesterday’s volatility drove a drop in big-tech stocks. US listed Chinese companies plunged, dragging with them the broader tech-space, as the regulatory crackdown from Chinese authorities on its private sector forced portfolio managers to liquidate tech exposure in their portfolios. The US Tech 100 ended the night’s trade 1.21% lower, though the index did finish off the day’s lows, with investors “buying the dip” at its 20-day moving average. Source: TradingView Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet post mixed results The negativity towards US tech stocks continued after the closing bell, after Apple Inc, Microsoft Corp (All Sessions) and Alphabet Inc - C (All Sessions) delivered its quarterly results. Though all three beat earnings and revenue estimates, only Alphabet shares rallied in post market trade. Apple shares dropped after the company refrained from giving guidance and warned of slowing growth and further supply constraints. While Microsoft shares fell after the company flagged a slowdown in its Azure cloud services business. Australian CPI data Quarterly CPI dropped in Australian today, and showed a very strong result. Prices were shown to have expanded by 3.8% on annualised basis, exceeding the 3.5% consensus estimate. The reaction in markets was muted however, with the AUD/USD dropping following the data, with market participants seeing the high inflation as mostly due to temporary factors. The stronger inflation pulse is also considered unlikely to influence the Reserve Bank of Australia policy, given the major hit to future growth from the recent lockdowns in New South Wales. Source: ABS ASX200 Nervousness in broader financial markets has put Australian investors on the back foot today, as Wall Street’ weak lead overnight, caused by concerns regarding China’s crackdown on its tech sector, keep investors on their toes. The Australia 200 has pulled back from record highs, in a day’s trade that has seen every sector trade into negative territory, with the IT sector unsurprisingly the market’s biggest underperformer. Markets turn attention to US Federal Reserve meeting Focus turns in markets now to tomorrow morning’s US Federal Reserve meeting, at which the central bank is tipped to keep policy unchanged. With the policy outcome all but certain, the interest in this meeting is in what the Fed says about its policy settings going forward. After last month’s so called “hawkish pivot”, market participants are looking for clues about the timing of QE-tapering and rate hikes, especially as some concern has developed in recent weeks that the US economy’s expansion could be slowing down. Do you have a view on the markets? Whatever you think, you can use CFDs to trade stocks and other assets, through IG’s world-class trading platform. For example, to buy (long) or sell (short) a variety of local and international stocks using CFDs, follow these easy steps: Create an IG Trading Account or log in to your existing account Enter <Company name> in the search bar and select it Choose your position size Click on ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ in the deal ticket Confirm the trade For investors not looking to trade stocks, you can invest in shares directly through our share trading service. Kyle Rodda | Market Analyst, Australia 28 July 2021
  8. Hi @Wiz1, You might need to change your alerts setting on the MT4 Terminal. Please have a look into this link https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/overview/terminal/terminal_alerts. All the best - Arvin
  9. Hi @JonathanRH, I have forwarded your stock request to the relevant team. All the best - Arvin
  10. Hi, Could you please reach out to the account opening team via newaccounts.uk@ig.com ? They will be able to provide you with an update on your application. All the best - Arvin
  11. Hi @Kiejac9, You can add a Share dealing account on you Dashboard by clicking on Add an account : Once added please send us an email on helpdesk.uk@ig.com to delete your Spread betting account, if you wish you can keep your Spread betting account open. All the best - Arvin
  12. Beyond Meat is expected to see increased capex spend and pandemic-induced disruptions weigh on earnings. Source: Bloomberg Shares Beyond Meat Price Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization Refinitiv Technical analysis When is Beyond Meat’s earnings date? Beyond Meat, the food company that offers plant-based meat, is expected to release earnings on 5 August 2021. The scheduled results will cover the group's second-quarter (Q2) and half-year earnings. Beyond Meat results preview: what does the Street expect? While Beyond Meat’s comparative quarter (Q2 2020) benefitted from a surge in sales as pandemic induced fears equated to bulk buying of products, the most recent quarter (Q2 2021) is expected to see supply chain disruptions amidst increased capital investment in product promotions having negatively affected group earnings. In turn, a high base of comparison meets an increased cost-based to keep earnings firmly within a loss-making territory. In terms of the upcoming results, a mean of analyst estimates compiled by Refinitiv data arrive at the following: Revenue: $140.77 million (+24.2% year on year) Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA): -$10.84 million Loss per share: $0.23 (+10.87% year on year) How to trade Beyond Meat results Source: Refinitiv A Refinitiv poll of analyst ratings has a long-term consensus rating of ‘hold’ for Beyond Meat, with a target price of $128.64. The current price trading relatively close to the longer-term analyst target suggests that the company currently trades near to what is deemed fair value. Beyond Meat share price: technical analysis The Beyond Meat share price has been trading in a broad range for the last nine months, with the lower level of support of this range at 102.00 and the upper level of resistance at 158.20. Source: IG charts In the near term, we see the price falling towards the 117.20 level. A close below this level would consider 102.00 the next downside support target from the move. Should the 117.20 level not be broken, and a bullish reversal manifests instead (supported by a sharp move out of oversold territory), 143.00 would become the favoured upside resistance target from the move. Summary Beyond Meat is scheduled to release Q2 2021 results on 5 August 2021 Revenue of $140.77 million is expected for the quarter A loss per share of $0.23 is expected for the quarter The average broker rating for Beyond Meat is ‘hold’ The mean of analyst price targets suggest $128.64 as long-term fair value The share price of Beyond Meat continues to trade within a broad range, between levels 102.00 and 158.2 Shaun Murison | Senior Market Analyst, Johannesburg 29 July 2021
  13. HI SpaceBoi, Thank you for your suggestions it will forwarded to the relevant department to be reviewed. All the best - Arvin
  14. Hi @MoUsm786, Unfortunately we do not offer this feature. I will forward your suggestion to the relevant department to be reviewed. Thank you - Arvin
  15. Hi @garethw, We do not offer the a Daily Loss limit on our accounts. Nevertheless, we do have Margin call policy that is applying on leverage accounts . Margin call is the term for when the equity on your account – the total capital you have deposited plus or minus any profits or losses – drops below your margin requirement. You can find both figures listed at the top of the IG platform. You will get notified when your equity drop beneath 99% and 75% of your margin requirements. At 50% we will automatically close your positions. Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to keep an eye on it, as with high volatility your equity can drop below 50% in a short period of time. Please find more details about margin call on this link here. All the best - Arvin
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