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  1. Hi Stu, Thank you for your feedback. Our development team is working on additional information on the dealing ticket to provide more information on the dealing ticket. We recently added this section : Provides you with the following info : We are working on more specific information. All the best - Arvin
  2. Hi @MattKlis, 30-15 mins before opening your order should go through, make sure that you place a Good 'till cancelled expiry , as a Day expiry won't go through. More details on pre-market trading here. If you need assistance placing the order please call us or use our live chat feature on the IG website. All the best - Arvin
  3. Hi Dani, Could you please send an email to helpdesk.uk@ig.com or use the live chat with your account details and the market you are after? The helpdesk will be able to check on the market and the order rejection. All the best - Arvin
  4. Hi @JediTrading, The platform shutdown for IT backup purposes, You can find more information on Pre/Post market and Weekend trading here. All the best - Arvin
  5. Hi @Rustyledge, Your request was submitted. All the best - Arvin
  6. McDonald’s Q3 earnings look likely to show further sales growth, although rising commodity prices and Covid cases bring questions for investors. Source: Bloomberg Shares McDonald's COVID-19 pandemic Pandemic Food Technical analysis When will McDonald’s report their latest earnings? McDonald’s report their earnings for the third quarter (Q3) pre-market on Wednesday 27 October 2021. McDonald’s provides barometer for restaurant industry McDonald’s has fared relatively well over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, driven in large part by their heavy reliance upon drive-through services which lessened the need to implement social distancing measures. While many had been focusing on the need to offer a healthier range pre-pandemic, it was their convenience that set the company apart since the pandemic hit. Nonetheless, the decision to offer Beyond Meat burgers does highlight a willingness to increase their vegetarian and vegan offering. However, with that roll out taking longer than expected, some have speculated that demand for the Beyond Meat burger has been somewhat weaker than expected. With Covid-19 restrictions largely behind us, investors will be keen to understand just where they stand as the fast food and restaurant business returns to normal. Customer traffic isn’t where it was pre-pandemic, with investors likely to keep a keen eye out for exactly when that threshold will be breached. While things are certainly improving, the fears of possible future restrictions as Covid-19 cases rise do provide a concern for investors. Meanwhile, it makes sense to keep a keen eye out for any hunts on just how commodity price inflation is impacting the firm. While most of the gains have come in industrial materials and energy, we are seeing growing concerns around rising food prices. After all, the past quarter has seen the price of oats (+46%), wheat (+8%), sugar (+8%), and coffee (+6%) all gain significant ground. This has the potential to come at the detriment of margins. McDonald’s earnings – what to expect Markets expect to see another quarter of higher revenues, with sales of $6.1 billion predicted. That would be an 11% improvement after the impressive quarter two (Q2) jump of 58% that took revenues to $5.9 billion. For reference, pre-pandemic, quarter four (Q4) 2019 sales came in at $5.3 billion. Pre-tax profits are expected to gain ground as a result of those improved revenues, with forecasts of $2.4 billion representing a 14% improvement from the $2.3 billion figure in Q2. Earnings per share (EPS) estimates point towards an 11% rise from $2.37 to $2.46. McDonald’s earnings – valuation and broker ratings Analysts are overwhelmingly positive for McDonald’s, with the reliability of this stock clearly bringing confidence of future growth. Out of 40 analysts, there are 30 ‘strong buy’ or ‘buy’ recommendations, 10 ‘hold’ recommendations, and no ‘sell’ recommendations. Source: Eikon McDonald’s shares – technical analysis McDonald’s shares have been on the back foot of late, with the price falling back below trendline support to engage with the latest swing-low of $237.92. It is worthwhile noting the remarkably consistent uptrend seen over the past 20 years. With a very clear uptrend in play, any near-term pullback would simply be deemed a retracement and bullish entry opportunity. For now, we would need to see a break below $237.92 to bring about a wider retracement phase into play. Until then, this latest pullback looks to set us up for another move higher. Source: ProRealTime Joshua Mahony | Senior Market Analyst, London 23 October 2021
  7. Hi @CloudStock, The statements will be ready by the 31st of October, we estimate that they might be out by early next week. All the best - Arvin
  8. Hi @twu1234, Once you add your positions to the workspace you can select the P/L to be in your base currency : If you still facing an issue you , please reach out helpdesk.uk@ig.com with your account details and your query. All the best - Arvin
  9. As the Bank of England prepare to raise rates, UK banking stocks look primed to finally break higher from the post-2009 downtrend. Source: Bloomberg Bank Price Inflation Consumer price index Bank of England United Kingdom Weekend commentary from Bank of England (BoE) Governor Andrew Bailey served to highlight just how close we could be to a rate hike at Threadneedle Street. With markets now pricing in a 82% chance of a 25 basis point (bp) rate rise in November, markets are increasingly steadfast in their view that the BoE will move next month. The impact of Bailey’s appearance can be seen below, with implied bp jumping spiking over the weekend. Source: Eikon However, perhaps more importantly, we are looking at a potential series of hikes rather than simply a one-off move in November. Instead, markets are expecting rates to get back above 1% by June 2022. That means the potential for five or six 25 bp hikes within the next six meetings. Quite whether that comes to fruition remains to be seen. However, it does provide an intriguing proposition for banks, with margins expected to improve markedly over the year ahead. UK banks have typically underperformed their US counterparts over the years, yet a push towards higher rates from the BoE certainly does provide speculation over whether there is better value form UK financials. Source: Eikon Inflation will be a critical factor for the interest rate outlook, with the latest UK consumer price index (CPI) figure bringing a welcome decline for both headline and core CPI. The prospect of a protracted push higher in rates will be driven by continued above-target inflation, and thus any sign that CPI has topped out could weaken the case for multiple hikes. Nonetheless, with the prices being driven by a host of factors such as hiring difficulties, supply-chain struggles, and soaring input prices, there is a good chance we could see further price gains as Christmas and the winter period exacerbate these already troubling issues. The outlook for banks will also rely on the perspective for economic growth, with some speculating that the recent rise in inflation and supply chain issues could hinder economic growth. Nonetheless, much of that economic difficulty will likely take the form of businesses failing to fully seize the opportunity provided by rising consumer demand. Looking at UK 10-year treasury yields, we can see that rising confidence in higher rates and economic stability has pushed yields higher despite market volatility. The chart also highlights how UK-focused banks typically move in tandem with yields. Source: TradingView This wider perspective also shows how the downward trajectory in yields has brought a similar inability to break higher for banking stocks, with the prices creating lower highs as yields do the same. The risk here is that we could yet see yields roll over to create another lower high before long, bringing banking stocks down with it. However, with inflation soaring, there is a question over whether yields could overcome their 2018 peak if the BoE raise rates above 0.75% (13-year highs). Such a move could help lift banking stocks out of their long-term downtrend. Source:Tradingeconomics Barclays Q3 Earnings - 21 October Barclays are the leader of the pack, with the bank breaking up through the 2019 swing high of £1.78 back in March. We have subsequently seen the price push up into a fresh four-year high today, with the price pushing back towards the crucial 2017 peak of £2.08. We are certainly building a story that tells us of the potential for this stock to finally reverse its 14-year downtrend. Source: ProRealTime NatWest Group Q3 earnings – 29 October NatWest have struggled since the 2008 selloff, with the price trending lower after a somewhat lackluster 2009 rebound. The continued creation of lower highs comes into question as we close in on the £2.53 level. A break up through that 2018 high ends the downtrend, signalling the potential for another bout of gains in the years ahead. Source: ProRealTime Lloyds Banking Group Q3 IMS – 28 October Lloyds also remains below its Covid-19 pre-pandemic levels, with the price yet to take on the 76.4% Fibonacci resistance level at 53p. However, we ultimately require a break up through 63p resistance to end this wider downtrend that has been play over the course of the past eight years. With the price taking on the 2021 high 50p coming back into play this week, a break up through that level should push us towards the next leg higher for this stock. Source: ProRealTime Joshua Mahony | Senior Market Analyst, London 21 October 2021
  10. Hi @Henry00, Unfortunately, the Dealing desk has advised that we are unable to offer ETF that are Crypto related at the moment. All the best - Arvin
  11. Hi @coalimp, You can try to place a Guranteed stop : Guaranteed stops work in the same way as basic stops, except that they will always be filled at the level you set, even if prices move rapidly or gapping occurs. More details here. All the best - Arvin
  12. Hi @Citygirl, We take our clients query very seriously our customer representatives are sales trader. Sometimes it takes time to identify where the issue is from and it requires need to collaboration of few teams such has the helpdesk, dealing desk, IT team or corporate actions. I am glad to hear that they found a solution for your problem. All the best - Arvin
  13. The Australian mining giant’s latest less-than-stellar production update brought the stock's recent rally to an abrupt halt. Source: Bloomberg BHP (ASX: BHP) share price fell to A$38.39 on Tuesday (19 October) The mining play reported lower copper and iron ore production volumes for the September-ending quarter Analysts are largely optimistic about the stock, which is up 2.3% in the last one month Keen to take advantage of BHP’s rising share price? Open an account with us to long the stock now. BHP stock price: what’s the latest? BHP shares closed 2% lower on Tuesday, after it reported a year-on-year decline in copper and iron ore production for its latest financial quarter. Copper production dropped 9% in the September-ending quarter against the same period a year ago, while iron ore production fell 4% from September 2020. The group said lower copper volumes were experienced at the Olympic Dam, due to the commencement of a planned smelter maintenance campaign, which led to a one-month delay on top of Covid-19 related border restrictions. Iron ore production figures were also due to planned major maintenance, including car dumper one and the impacts of temporary rail labour shortages caused by pandemic-related border restrictions. Nevertheless, BHP guided that copper production for the full 2022 financial year remains unchanged at between 1,590 kilo tonne (kt) and 1,760 kt. Iron ore guidance for the year also remains unchanged at between 249 mega tonne (mt) and 259 mt. Read more: Beginner’s guide to day trading How do analysts currently view BHP? The stock is up 2.3% in the last one month, but down 11% year to date. Shares have been rising of late, thanks to rallying iron ore prices. Eight analysts recommended ‘buy’ on the Australia-listed counter as of mid-October 2021, with five rating it ‘hold’, and none giving ‘sell’ calls. Their average price target was A$47.89, Bloomberg data showed. On Monday (11 October), Bernstein and Macquarie both gave ‘outperform’ ratings, alongside targets of A$45 and A$56 respectively. Deutsche Bank suggested BHP was a ‘buy’ in the short term, as the counter had ‘materially lagged’ its peers since mid-August. ‘We’ve been surprised by the underperformance given the powerful rally in energy and coking coal prices in recent weeks,’ the analysts wrote. However, they pointed out that near-term downside risks included declining commodity prices and a strong US dollar. Feeling bullish or bearish about BHP shares? Take your position on BHP and over 13,000 Australian and international shares via CFDs or share trading – and trade it all seamlessly from one platform. Learn more about share CFDs or share trading with us, or open an account to get started today. Kelvin Ong | Financial writer, Singapore 19 October 2021
  14. Hi @GRINSA @joejones1905, Unfortunately this function is not available in the share dealing accounts. You can access your daily statement to see at what price level you bought or sold shares. I will forward your feedback to the relevant department. Thank you - Arvin
  15. Hi @Doggie52, For API support, you can send your query to webapisupport@ig.com. I hope that it helps ! All the best - Arvin
  16. Hi @Citygirl, Thank you for you post. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with IG. Please reach out to helpdesk.uk@ig.com. Our team will investigate the order error. If effectively the error comes from IG, I am sure that our team will find a reasonable solution to make it up any inconvenience caused. If an error is detected it is instantly raised to the IT department to work on a fix ASAP. All the best - Arvin
  17. Hi Ravikumar, It is likely that you have a Limited Risk account : "A limited risk account ensures that you will not lose more than the initial deposit required to open your trades by requiring you to attach a guaranteed stop to all your positions. Guaranteed stops provide you with protection against slippage, but you may still be exposed to currency risk if you trade in a currency other than your base currency. You will not be able to use other types of stops, like trailing stops". Once you gain some experience on the platform you will be able to change to a standard account that does not require any guaranteed stops to be attached to your orders. Please reach out to helpdesk.uk@ig.com or use our live chat feature on the IG website for further information. All the best - Arvin
  18. Hi Dan, IG do offer the integration of L2, MT4 and ProRealTime. We also have our own trading platform which is the one you are using as a Demo. The Live Platform will be similar as the demo account. You can just logging and use the IG platform to trade on a desktop, tablet or mobile devices. I hope that it helps ! All the best - Arvin
  19. The buy now, pay later (BNPL) operator saw a dip in its share price despite posting stellar first quarter results. Source: Bloomberg Zip (ASX: Z1P) share price inched down to close at A$6.75 on Monday (18 October) The group saw sales almost double to A$136.8 million for the first quarter of fiscal 2022 Citi analysts recently downgraded the stock to ‘neutral’ from ‘buy’ Keen to take advantage of Zip’s falling share price? Open an account with us to short the stock now. Zip stock price: what’s the latest? Zip shares closed 1.5% lower to kick start the week, following the release of its latest quarterly result. The group posted a ‘record’ revenue of A$136.8 million in the quarter ending 30 September 2021, an 89% year-on-year increase. Quarterly transaction volume also more than doubled from the same period a year ago to A$1.9 billion on the back of all-time high transaction numbers of 14.7 million (up 177% year-on-year). Customer numbers also jumped up 82% to 8 million, while merchants on the platform increased to 55,200, based on the latest set of unaudited figures. ‘The continued growth of the business across all key metrics in the face of significant external challenges, yet again proves the resilience of the Zip business, and demonstrates the significant size, and early stage of the global BNPL opportunity,’ said Zip Managing Director and Global CEO, Larry Diamond. During the quarter, the BNPL firm also successfully completed a global rebrand in six countries from Quadpay to Zip, as well as entered into an agreement with Microsoft to integrate Zip’s instalment payment technology natively into the shopping experience within the Microsoft Edge web browser. What’s next for Z1P? In terms of stock outlook, Citi analysts recently downgraded their rating from ‘buy’ to ‘neutral’ and price target to A$7.40 from A$7.95 a share. ‘Zip’s app downloads were down for the sixth consecutive month in September,’ said the investment firm. ‘We have lowered US customer growth assumptions and forecast 4.957 million customers in the US in 1Q21, which assumes customer net adds of 520k in 1Q22e.’ The new forecast works out to be 14% lower in net customer additions as compared to the figure of 608,000 recorded in the fourth quarter of 2021. The analysts foresee capital risks ahead for Zip, stating that they expect operational expenses to increase. ‘With A$462 million of cash available as of Jun’21, Z1P has ample balance sheet capacity to funds its growth, including the recent US$50 million investment in Indian BNPL operator ZestMoney,’ Citi wrote. ‘However, we do see potential need for an equity raise, especially if Z1P accelerates its international expansion strategy.’ Feeling bearish or bullish about Zip? Take your position on Zip and over 13,000 Australian and international shares via CFDs or share trading – and trade it all seamlessly from one account. Learn more about share CFDs or share trading with us, or open an account to get started today. Kelvin Ong | Financial writer, Singapore 18 October 2021
  20. Find out what to expect from Tesla’s earnings results, how they will affect Tesla share price, and how to trade Tesla’s earnings. Source: Bloomberg Shares Tesla, Inc. Price Market trend Relative strength index Tesla When is Tesla’s results date? Third quarter (Q3) figures for the closely watched electric vehicle company will be released on Wednesday, 20 October 2021 after market close, and from its new headquarters in Texas. Tesla share price: forecasts from Q3 results When it comes to deliveries figures released earlier this month, a total of 241,300 electric cars during the Q3 of this year took analysts by surprise, surpassing expectations of around 220K vehicles, its production during the period around 238K cars, and where a vast majority of them – over 96% – were the more affordable Model 3 and Y, the remaining minority the higher end Model S and X. Last time around 99% of the 201K vehicles delivered in the second quarter (Q2) were made up of the more reasonably priced low-margin duo, though that didn’t stop Tesla from reporting net income that for the first time surpassed $1 billion, regulatory credits making up less than a third of that amount, and gross margins higher than the four quarters (Q4) that preceded it. Given deliveries are larger this time around (with a record 56K of Chinese-made vehicles according to China Passenger Car Association (CPCA)), and analysts have been scrambling to revise earnings upwards, 26% higher than what average estimates were a few months back. Price increases and supply chain woes are items investors and traders are noting, and aren’t exclusive to Tesla’s earnings which given the increase in production has meant it has managed the semiconductor shortage better than its competitors. Regulatory credits ought to mean even less moving forward with both non-electric vehicle competition entering into the sphere, and electric vehicle startups boosting production. Exposure to cryptocurrencies is considered a plus this time around with bitcoin prices over a third higher than at the start of the Q3. Overall, expectations this time around are for an earnings per share of $1.5, nearly double its reading for the same quarter last year, and slightly above its Q2 reading. Revenue is also expected to rise to over $13 billion from revenue of almost $12 billion in the last quarter. There’s also the question of whether full-year guidance will be revised higher, and by how much. Recommendations amongst analysts continue to vary but are less at the extremes than they were in August and September, the median in the middle and overall averaging to a slight buy rating, though unlike last time its share price is above the average price target (source: finance.yahoo.com). Trading Tesla’s Q3 results: weekly technical overview and trading strategies From a technical standpoint – and it’ll always mean less in the face of a fundamental event where levels will hold less relevance as market makers withdraw their liquidity to avoid getting stuck on a volatile trend move opposite – it’s been far more positive since the last time it released its figures and where key technical indicators were mostly neutral. Prices are above all its main short and long-term moving averages in both daily and weekly time frames, a positive Directional Movement Index (DMI) on the short-term daily with the Plus Directional Indicator (DI+) also above the Minus Directional Indicator (DI-) on the weekly time frame though by a smaller margin. It’s at the upper end of the Bollinger bands in both time frames with relative strength index (RSI) readings just below overbought territory on the weekly, and where the average directional movement index (ADX) isn’t showing a propensity to trend in the longer-term weekly time frame as it is on the daily. Overall, while the technical overview is bullish in both time frames with prices within its bull trend channel, follow-through beyond key levels has been limiting and lacking momentum, and it stands near a significant resistance level, meaning a bull trend overview that’s stalling in the sense that buy-breakout strategies even if net outperforming on the run up to these levels have been tested by consolidatory moves back towards the lower end of the channel. Conformist strategies for those expecting the bull run to offer more upside potential are therefore buys off of key levels, though ideally via reversal if initiating on a drop towards key support levels, while daring contrarians can consider sell strategies as clarified below, though keeping in mind it’s opposite the current technical overview, and where risking a lot for what thus far has been small rewards could backfire should the trend persist. Current technical overview Bull trend - stalling Technical overview conformist strategies Buy 1st support after reversal, buy 1st resistance upon breakout from below Technical overview contrarian strategies Sell 1st resistance at/before price, sell 1st support upon breakout from above S/L for 2nd resistance 922.07 2nd resistance 900.40 S/L for 1st resistance 878.74 1st resistance 857.07 Relative starting point 813.73 1st support 770.39 S/L for 1st support 748.72 2nd support 727.06 S/L for 2nd support 705.39 Source: IG Tesla Weekly Chart with retail sentiment (blue-dotted line) Source: IG IG Client sentiment* and short interest for Tesla shares Retail trader bias was a consistent heavy buy bias prior to the recent bull trend moves, but with consistent price gains and some longs have been enticed into closing out, while some shorts getting tempted into initiating near a long-term resistance level last seen in April, the blue-dotted line in the chart above representing retail trader bias as % long steadily dropping. As a result, while it’s still majority long sentiment held amongst IG’s clients (and in turn net beneficiaries of the latest bull run), it has dropped out of heavy buy territory to settle at 61% according to the latest reading, down from 63% at the start of last week. As for short interest, it has dropped further from where it was prior to Q2 earnings at 34,093,281 where it was 4.4% of shares floated, to 29.2 million representing a smaller 3.64%, and far less than the heavier 60 million readings we saw last year (source: shortsqueeze.com). Source: IG *The percentage of IG client accounts with positions in this market that are currently long or short. Calculated to the nearest 1%, as of today morning 8am for the outer circle. Inner circle is from the previous trading day. Monte Safieddine | Market analyst, Dubai 19 October 2021
  21. American Airlines Q3 earnings expected to improve, but the road back to profitability appears to be a slow one. Source: Bloomberg Shares Airline United States American Airlines Technical analysis Revenue When will American Airlines report their latest earnings? American Airlines report their earnings for the third quarter (Q3) pre-market open on Friday 22 October 2021. American Airlines recovery under the microscope American Airlines have been hit hard over the course of the past two years, with global lockdowns serving to ground their entire fleet for the first time in the history of the company. The global Covid-19 pandemic has hit few sectors harder than the travel sector, yet there is optimism that things are on the mend. Unfortunately, American Airlines are one of the hardest-hit US carriers, with few signs that their crucial business class revenue stream is about to rebound swiftly. Nonetheless, the White House decision to allow travel for all fully vaccinated visitors from 8 November does provide hopes that we will soon see the company’s international service resume. The relative reliability of domestic travel has helped their competitors stage a relatively stable recovery, yet international and business travel will need to improve markedly before American Airlines investors can look ahead with confidence. Unfortunately, rising fuel costs will provide another major hurdle to overcome, with investors keeping a close eye out for projections of how much this energy crisis could cost the firm. American Airlines earnings – what to expect Markets expect to see revenues continue their upward trajectory in Q3, with forecasts of $8.9 billion representing the best performance since first quarter (Q1) 2020. Primarily that improvement (from $7.5 billion) comes from rising passenger business as cargo revenues are expected to decline. Despite expectations of higher revenues, the company is still expected to post a loss for the quarter. Coming off the back of a second quarter (Q2) loss of $1.4 billion, we are expecting to see a loss of $890 million. That helps drive expectations of a loss per share of $1.07. However, that does represent an improvement from the $1.69 loss per share seen in the second quarter. American Airlines earnings – valuation and broker ratings The uncertain outlook for American Airlines translates into a mixed set of forecasts from analysts. Out of 21 analysts, there are just five ‘buy’ recommendations, eight ‘holds’ and eight ‘sell’ recommendations. American Airlines shares – technical analysis Shares in American Airlines have been on the back foot over the course of the past fortnight, with the price falling back into the 76.4% Fibonacci support level of $19.48. Given the wider 76.4% Fibonacci retracement into the $18.46 level, there is a good chance we could be on the cusp of a bullish turn from here. A break below the $18.64 level would raise a warning that the price could break lower once again. However, until that happens there is a good chance we see the bulls come back into play in the near future. Source: ProRealTime Joshua Mahony | Senior Market Analyst, London 19 October 2021
  22. Hi @Forrest, I have contacted the relevant department to have an update on the MT5 integration. I will post on the IG Community if there is any update on the progress of the project. Thank you - Arvin
  23. Hi @Henry00, Your request has been submitted. Thank you - Arvin
  24. Hi , Salt Lake Potash is only available on our Share dealing accounts. Please try to place a deal during this period. If you need assistance to place your order please call our helpdesk during trading hours . All the best - Arvin
  25. Hi YuYu, I believe that the KYC checks will be related to the account opening team that needs to verify few things before activating you account. Please reach out to newaccounts.uk@ig.com for further information on your account. All the best - Arvin
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