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  1. Hi @JakubIG Thank you very much for your answer. My problem was as you said the DFB in expiry.😄 Have a good day, Nico
  2. Hello, I am trying to use IG API with the python Github (ig-markets-api-python-library). I can connect my DEMO session and have market information but I haven't been able to open a position. This is the code sent to open a position : resp = ig_service.create_open_position( currency_code='USD', direction='BUY', epic='CS.D.LTCUSD.CFD.IP', order_type='MARKET', expiry='DFB', force_open='false', guaranteed_stop='false', size=10, level=None, limit_distance=None, limit_level=None, quote_id=None, stop_level=None, stop_distance=None, trailing_stop=None, trailing_stop_increment=None) resp And this is the respond of IG API : {'affectedDeals': [], 'date': '2021-07-11T19:13:11.505', 'dealId': 'DIAAAAFY3HKNWAP', 'dealReference': 'FY5RRQQHA8TYM9', 'dealStatus': 'REJECTED', 'direction': 'BUY', 'epic': 'CS.D.LTCUSD.CFD.IP', 'expiry': None, 'guaranteedStop': False, 'level': None, 'limitDistance': None, 'limitLevel': None, 'profit': None, 'profitCurrency': None, 'reason': 'REJECT_SPREADBET_ORDER_ON_CFD_ACCOUNT', 'size': None, 'status': None, 'stopDistance': None, 'stopLevel': None, 'trailingStop': False} I do not understand the reason : 'REJECT_SPREADBET_ORDER_ON_CFD_ACCOUNT', Would anyone help me on this? Is there any issue related to my account? Thank you
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