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  1. Lets see what happens next week when the options expiry is over I think the DAX grinding sideways turns in to trending again? I would "guess" 70% chance for down and 30% for up https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/what-to-expect-from-quadruple-witching-for-september-2020/ar-BB199m77
  2. Kodiak


    Be careful with bottom fishing Could be a third wave down?
  3. Kodiak


    Nasdaq monthly 10 year trend channel Aggresive call buyers made it go "thru the roof" Will the parabolic move continue or is it back in the channel again? I would say back in the channel, but with all the stimulus and manipulation going on who knows? As long as the upper trendline holds (support) i suppose buy the dip continue?
  4. They say that stocks take the staircase up and elevator down Lets see how fast the elevator can go when the time is right? I guess puts are going to be expensive? https://sentimentrader.com/blog/massive-surge-in-speculative-trading-again/
  5. Is it possible to close a open options position using the api? (i doubt it) at x % loss or profit What's available? Trade a range of popular asset classes: Indices Forex Commodities Binaries Options" https://labs.ig.com/
  6. I have the DOW system still running on demo (closed Dax in July) So far only 27 trades in 4 months and still lag buy and hold Buy and hold 4 000 points and system 3 300 (but with a 219 points trailing stop and max DD 810 points) Its hard to beat buy and hold when its trendig like this, lets see what happens when we get a correction of 10-20%?
  7. 100 trades on demo (or more) should get som insight
  8. Why use tradingview when you can use prorealtime? https://backtest-rookies.com/2017/11/29/tradingview-indicator-repainting/
  9. Had some problems months ago when i tried to move a stop I then deleted the stop and attached a new one and problem solved
  10. Kodiak


    and 4-hours Resistance 9,22
  11. Kodiak


    Daily potential double bottom?
  12. Kodiak


    Well getting tired looking at DAX drying paint i used this new indicator in Prorealtime and had a look at stocks in DAX30 This is Lufthansa monthly https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/prt-bands-the-prorealtime-trend-following-indicator/
  13. Sell it to Jim Simons for a million or two🤑 https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/jim-simons-renaissance-technologies-rentech-apple-amazon-tesla-stock-2020-8-1029504458#