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  1. Problem solved i updated the app to 2.92 and now it works think i am getting to old for this😉
  2. I opened a options account to trade these new barrier or knock-outs options And i have two mobiles with android and IG app The strange thing is that with the old one i can see my live cfd and metatrader and options account But with the new one i can only see live cfd and metatrader and no options? Why is that? i dont see any settings to change? I suppose i can try to reinstall the app but i dont see why
  3. Kodiak

    US 500 - Potential Shorting Opportunity

    US 500 240 min
  4. Kodiak

    US 500 - Potential Shorting Opportunity

    5 waves up since christmas Should at least be a correction?
  5. I saw something about Wall street regarding CFD Euro contracts about overnight charges to be usd rate instead of euro?
  6. Kodiak

    Trading Central

    Yes i did find the search box and DAX😊 Is this Recognia any good? https://www.tradingcentral.com/recognia/
  7. Could we expect some increasing volatility? Dates? "Queen would be 'evacuated from London in event of no-deal Brexit riots'" https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/queen-no-deal-brexit-riots-evacuate-royal-family-buckingham-palace-a8760586.html
  8. Kodiak

    Trading Central

    And DAX is missing? Maybe would be better to show some signals in IGs signal centre? Many new users of the new platform may never heard of trading central?
  9. Kodiak


    DAX daily Lot of resistance around 11 700 ish
  10. If yo talking about proorder you need to add or subtract more then half the spread Example If you want to buy if price (midprice) exceed the 5 bar high and the spread 1 point you need to add 0.6 like this donh = HIGHEST[5](HIGH)+0.6* pipsize IF NOT LongOnMarket AND c1 THEN BUY 1 Contracts AT donh STOP ENDIF
  11. Kodiak


    DAX Daily Maybe something like this?
  12. Kodiak


    DAX 240 min Tight trading range should break soon? Hopefully to the upside?
  13. Kodiak


    DAX daily For some reason i feel bullish (short term) 😰 I really dont know why😎
  14. Kodiak

    Margin requirements

    If long and short the same time (perfectly hedged) With IG you need double margin? why? and with FXCM only for one position I suppose it have something to do with ESMA but why? they are both under the same rules and i am not a pro
  15. Kodiak

    Is spread betting for fools?

    Its really strange how difficult it is When starting out you think you should have 50% chance of make a profit buy or sell and if you buy in an uptrend it should be over 50% but somehow its ends with stopping out with a loss