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  1. "The Fed is going to buy ETFs. What does it mean?" ". Among other steps, the Fed said it would buy exchange-traded funds that track the corporate bond market, a first for the U.S. central bank." "“All of this is to make sure that people who want to sell have a buyer,” explained Steve Blitz, chief U.S. economist for TS Lombard. “The Fed is taking both sides of the market so people who need to raise cash can do so.”" "The Fed created this monster so it has to be on the other side of it now.”" "As a second step, Rosenbluth and others think the Fed’s tiptoe may help calm parts of the ETF ecosphere, which has been rattled by record outflows, not just the bond market. " https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-fed-is-going-to-buy-etfs-what-does-it-mean-2020-03-23
  2. " Pershing Square's Ackman told Bloomberg News he's taken off hedges put in place through shorts in the credit market to offset the effects of the coronavirus. His hedge fund used the proceeds to reinvest over the past two weeks in Berkshire Hathaway stock, Lowe's stock, Hilton stock and Starbucks stock. "That's about the most bullish thing we've done," he said. "We are all long. No shorts, you know, betting on the country."" https://www.investors.com/news/coronavirus-stock-market-crash-top-hedge-funds-buy-amazon-starbucks-alibaba/ Any man who is bearish on the United States will go broke. J P Morgan Don’t sell American short. J P Morgan Never sell a bear on the United States. J P Morgan 😉
  3. Got caught in the "lockdown"🥶 Any reason why we cant move a limitorder on IG when this happens? Well i hope i get positive slippage if reopen with a gap up?
  4. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/orders--stops-and-limits/how-do-i-partially-close-a-position
  5. Whats up with Dow? From limit down to limit high?
  6. But lets hope that all the stimulus and free money from the centralbanks can stop the bloodbath and play out like 1987 on dow and 1998 on Dax? I remember back in 1998 when DAX had a ugly fall, 40% in twelve weeks and some stocks 60-70% (had som stocks back then) But then it all went straight up and reach a new ATH So lets hope for the best and be prepared for the worst😊
  7. No one knows thats for sure But probably two scenarios? (1987 or 1929?) Big bear, then we are in the first wave down and are in for a pullback (bear market rally) thinking the worst is behind us Then the third wave start and would probably chrash the market for a long time (years?)
  8. Smaller bet size and wider stops At least 100 point on Dax and 200 on Dow
  9. Indicators > Price line I use bid-ask color band
  10. Nice to see that IG have the shop open up today😉
  11. I am surprised that Trump doesent yell for a ban on shortselling? "Any man who is bearish on the United States will go broke. J P Morgan Don’t sell American short. J P Morgan Never sell a bear on the United States. J P Morgan http://www.quoteswise.com/j-p-morgan-quotes.html DOW are at the same level as 2016 election
  12. "LONDON (Reuters) - The European Union's markets watchdog tightened rules for short-sellers on Monday in an attempt to calm stock indexes that sank again over fears that the coronavirus epidemic will tip economies into recession." https://www.investing.com/news/stock-market-news/eu-watchdog-tightens-shortselling-rules-as-coronavirus-hits-shares-2111301
  13. Took a contrarian small punt in weekend FTSE 😉