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  1. I dont see why dealing should be affected? But what about deposits and withdrawals?
  2. Last week was a inside bar and yesterday was a inside bar
  3. Prorealtime https://www.prorealtime.com/en/videos_tutorial/155_spreads
  4. Strange! Well probably something IG can fix? For me its no problem i have a small size (0,2) running live on DOW and all trades are working
  5. Another thing The min size can be different in demo If min size is 2 and you have 1 in order then nothing will happen
  6. If you look in prorealtimes order list do you have any rejected orders?
  7. If it was me i would considering hedge using weekend FTSE But if it was me i had probably used a guaranteed stop over the weekend with this Mexican thing going on Worst case scenario? a gap up when futures reopen and then down to close the gap? http://thepatternsite.com/Blog.html
  8. Trump back from Japan? 😏
  9. Well i did buy a small size lottery ticket in Litecoin back in January, should have sized up😉 Thats the problem with analyze and draw lines and guess how things work out Trading/investing and TA are two different things
  10. Another picture of DAX and the Head & Shoulder on DOW (daily),( any trump tweets that can send this one down the neckline😏)
  11. DAX seems to be a "sell in June" Last 5 years are all winners (sell last May and close last june) 20 years only 65% winners Remember this is only 1 month short in a bullmarket most of the time
  12. Its not as "good" as Italy It depends on the performance before May
  13. If you use a simple logic like outside the band and then close inside the band its easy to backtest But dont quit your day job before the backtest😁 https://quivofx.com/expert-advisor/bollinger-bands-ea/
  14. Weekly candlevolume "Low" volume so far (only Thursday)