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    Looks like a double top may-june ? maybe next 11 800 ish?
  2. Yes email and a push notice to the mobile app when systems stops would be an improvement and if it was possible to open up/access proorder in the mobile app and using this to start and stop systems (and check performance and stopped systems) it would be even better
  3. EU in a nutshell!
  4. "The CySEC note to licensed CIF brokers indicates very clearly that the new rules will apply not just to clients which brokers take from within the EU, but also very much applies to clients from outside the EU who deposit and trade with the EU-licensed broker." https://www.leaprate.com/forex/regulations/cysec-esma-cfd-leverage-restrictions-non-eu-clients/ Switzerland on the other hand seems to ignore EU/ESMA?
  5. Kodiak

    Welcome ex UKX members

    I dont know if its that i am getting old but when something changes nowadays on web or other applications its almost always to the worse as an example i bought a new android phone but the previous version of android was better and the same for windows versions maybe its a age thing?
  6. Kodiak

    MT4 Chart errors

    Probably not the problem but if having both a CFD and a SB account and switch between these on mt4 then you have to update the symbollist each time because its different quotes
  7. Kodiak


    You can do a lot with proscreener in prorealtime https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-market-screeners/donchian-bias-screener/
  8. Maybe IG should open up a new thread to answer questions about the new rules? i suppose for example that open up a hedge needs double initial margin? and what happens after, still double? say you do automated trading with metatrader or prorealtime and have multiple strategies that are long and short at the same time in the same market
  9. about this margin thing i found the "source" https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/adding-a-stop-loss-to-a-buy-sell-order/ I dont know what happens when the new margins starts later if its possible to lower the initial margin by add a stop when opening a position?
  10. If you trading CFD make sure that you use the right contract DAX for example have 1,5 and 25 euro size and if you use high leverage i read somewhere that you cant lower the initial margin by attach a stop when opening a position in prorealtime because it first open a position and then attach the stop, but regarding this it would be best to hear what IG have to say?
  11. https://www.prorealcode.com/blog/prorealtime-help/launch-prorealtime-complete-guide/ and You dont need java on the computer when using the launcher
  12. any news about the changes? i saw ETX will start with the margin close out rule by the end of may
  13. "Do you know of any other reasons why robots fail?" I think its either that the ones that pays your profit stop doing so because they ran out of money or they change the way they trade before that?
  14. Kodiak

    New User - Trailing Stops

    Using "deal" (at market) you can use either normal stop or trailing stop by click on the blue triangle when using order to open only normal stop (no trailing) is available (and also guaranteed stop) as i understand it?
  15. and then you have this " The MCO rule does not prescribe which positions must be closed out, or in what order. Some investors currently instruct their provider to close out positions in a specified order. In other cases of existing market practice, MCO is implemented on a position-by-position basis, i.e. any single CFD is closed out if the margin allocated to it falls below a certain level. These different ways of implementing MCO will still be possible, but importantly, the threshold of total margin in an account at which MCO is triggered will be standardized at 50%. " https://www.esma.europa.eu/sites/default/files/library/esma71-98-125_faq_esmas_product_intervention_measures.pdf i think i read somewhere that by the end of this month there will be some more information available ?