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  1. Be careful with short positions Have a feeling that this could pop to the upside? Maybe some Trump twitter or something else?
  2. Still waiting for someone with experience to start a thread on optionstrading 😉 Could be interesting and educationally Remember a oilguy? in ythe past that did some trades but he? stopped for some reason? And i think Caseynotes did som trades also?
  3. A bought option (call or put) can only go down to zero (never negative) If you have 1000 free margin and buy a call for 100 you have 900 free margin left until you sell or the option expire If you sell the option (before it expire) at 200 you have 1200 and if you sell for 50 you have 950 When the option expire (you should look it up in info) two things can happen, either it expire worthless at zero or with some kind of value that IG credits the account Best thing to do is using demo to learn how it works before risking any money
  4. If you want alert when price crosses over a level from below you should use "crosses over" "Greater than" check that the price is greater than a level 2000 is > than 1000 and 5000 is also > than 1000
  5. "Our Fed rate monitor calculator is based on CME Group 30-Day Fed Fund futures prices, which tend to signal the markets’ expectations regarding the possibility of changes to US interest rates based on Fed monetary policy. The tool allows users to calculate the likelihood of an upcoming Fed rate hike or cut." https://www.investing.com/central-banks/fed-rate-monitor
  6. DAX 60 min (HS?) DOW Daily, over bought FED really need to deliver some rocket fuel to make this rally continue
  7. "Christine Lagarde Pledges to Review ECB’s Negative Rates" "The comments indicate that Ms. Lagarde is eager to address worries in Germany and other northern European economies over years of aggressive central-bank stimulus, which have prompted a series of lawsuits and political attacks on the Frankfurt-based ECB." https://www.wsj.com/articles/christine-lagarde-pledges-to-review-ecbs-negative-rates-11567603619 Talk is cheap?
  8. "'Count Draghila is sucking our accounts dry', says German daily Bild" https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-ecb-policy-germany/count-draghila-is-sucking-our-accounts-dry-says-german-daily-bild-idUKKCN1VY0MG
  9. Would it be possible (in the future?) to trade Barriers with Prorealtime? If i try open Prorealtime from the options platform i get "error code 1003"
  10. Do you use price "crosses over" or "greather than"?
  11. No guessing this time😁 Only play the levels! Corrections often go in 3 waves (a zig zag) and the 3 wave (or c or whatever) is missing as i see it so waiting for the third wave down but no guarantee.. Maybe ECB and Draghi can be" the straw that break the camels back"?
  12. "that the price will drift up to 11 830 - 11 850 before the (USA) close"
  13. My guess is that todays "sell off" was only a move to stop out some longs before the break up from the formation that the price will drift up to 11 830 - 11 850 before the close and open with a gap up on monday so that the chase start for the buyers and the shorters get stopped out Maybe something from the hole in jackson or a Trump tweet to give us a gap up? Only guessing😁
  14. The low 6 Aug was out of hours when cash was closed for the day and there is also dividend to adjust for if comparing future and cash Personally i prefer the future for the TA then i also get some action in Asia and Europe, its all part of the same market more or less (money never sleeps) https://www.barchart.com/futures/quotes/YMU19/interactive-chart