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  1. Kodiak


    About DAX This could go either way (as usual?) We should get a sell off when the neckline breaks in the big head and shoulder formation But will it be a false sell with a fast drop and a fast recovery (v-bottom) and then up to new all time highs or is this the real thing with a long term top and a bearmarket? Time will tell? The target for the HS formation is 9 600 ish (2 000 neck to top)
  2. Kodiak

    minimum stops on CHF pairs

    EURCHF 10 points stop at the moment guaranteed stop 5%
  3. Kodiak

    Italian Banks

    About DAX The big head and shoulder formation is still alive And October may not be that bull month (almost) everybody expect? https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/technical/home/analysis/ger30/2018/07/03/DAX-Technical-Analysis-Stepping-Closer-and-Closer-to-the-Edge-PRtech.html
  4. Kodiak

    New: Knock-outs

    I suppose FCA and ESMA thinks its better for us in the 80% "club" to lose 625 instead of 135?
  5. Kodiak

    New: Knock-outs

    I dont use metatrader much but i think its possible to run a EA on FTSE dfb and place the trades on something else? and if we could do that (run ea on ftse dfb) and place the trades on FTSE KO then it open up new ways to trade KO?
  6. Kodiak

    New: Knock-outs

    I suppose it has something to do with ESMA and that the KO is some kind of option and that makes things more complicated? But as i said before if we could trade KO using prorealtime/proorder and maybe metatrader then we could use the program to open and close the trade if certain condition is met i dont see why ESMA would have any problem with that? so lets wait and see whats happens
  7. Kodiak

    Swing vs Scalp

    They should both have the same result? Bob 6 a point and 150 = 900 Rick 30 a point and 30 = 900 But it depends of what they trade, if its FTSE or forex then Rick should be filled the same day but Bob maybe have to wait to the next day (or longer) to be filled and maybe have to pay for the position to stay open??
  8. Kodiak

    New: Knock-outs

    Meanwhile if we could use prorealtime/proorder to trade KO it would open up new functions like "associate orders to alert" not on server but works if the program is running (proorder is on server)
  9. Kodiak

    New: Knock-outs

    Its only for SB so thats limits the interest? and as said above adj stops would be great and if we could trade it in prorealtime/proorder it would be even better
  10. Kodiak

    Global Market Valuations

    Interesting that Denmark is up that high in the space maybe this is the reason? " After almost six years of negative interest rates, Copenhageners are enjoying a property boom that’s making them richer than ever before." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-07/copenhagen-s-hot-property-market-girds-for-perfect-storm-risk
  11. Kodiak


    You still have the FCA to deal with https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-fca-cfds/fca-issues-warning-on-alternative-cfds-idUKKBN1KM3WH
  12. Yes, and when using proorder/prorealtime you can trade multiple systems at the same time long and short and this new esma thing have done this a lot harder Min size cfd Hong kong needs almost 3 K margin and if you have one long and one short system running you need 6 K only for that
  13. Kodiak


    More on this (it will probably affect dax also) "According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, August ranks as one of the weakest months of the year for major indexes, with steeper losses in midterm years, as the current one is." https://www.marketwatch.com/story/after-a-strong-july-august-looks-ominous-for-stocks-2018-07-30
  14. Kodiak


    No i dont use it i did find it on google (maybe remove the link?) and yes august is often a negative month for dax, but maybe this time is different ☺️