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  1. Yes looks like 1 contract = 10 usd? (on CFD demo) If you can (depends on location) i suggest you add a options/Barrier account using MYIG Live looks like this Still waiting for the vanilla options on stocks to show up🤔
  2. NDX Should turn here and now or its probably 11K next? Somehow i think its to early for the big one?
  3. Well, its not rocket science If a punter with negative balance protection buy a stock on margin and IG buy the stock to hedge the bet, what happens if the stock go down to zero? And if IG takes the other side (not hedging) and the stock goes up 200%? Add then whats happens when the market "crash" (flash crash) and everybody tries to sell the same stock at the same time Its all about risk "“Retail investors are such an important part of the financial markets, but until now have largely been ignored because they tended to buy and sell in isolation,” he warned. “Now they
  4. Works for me Maybe some maintenance during weekend?
  5. Strange, should be there under settings? Try (if you can) open up old platform and click on tools
  6. " It's long past time for the SEC and other financial regulators to wake up and do their jobs - and with a new administration and Democrats running Congress, I intend to make sure they do."" Warren I hope this gambling with meme stocks doesent make life harder for the rest of us traders
  7. "The number of OTC leveraged active clients increased by 49% on the first half of FY20." "Our stock trading product performed exceptionally well, with revenue increasing over 250%. This was driven by an 88% increase in the number of clients trading," "We've significantly increased capacity across our platforms since the summer, which enabled us to maintain 100% platform uptime while handling the substantially higher trading volumes we've seen in the first half. We've also increased our operations headcount, which includes client service and account opening, by 35. This is partially i
  8. If you are retail Then you have also this ESMA 50% close out rule, Search the forum
  9. "12 billions a few months ago" 🤔
  10. Is it possible to go long by selling (short) a leveraged (bear) ETP?
  11. Follow Elon Musk https://finance.yahoo.com/news/signal-stock-confusion-did-elon-163155076.html
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