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  1. Nasdaq SP500 realtive strength daily Nadaq close to ATH and 10 000 anyone brave enough to try to stop the steamroller and go short Nasdaq and Long SP500 😎
  2. Dow daily New trading range 25K to 27K? (bull) or a false buy /breakout and then sell signal? (bear) i would "guess" 65% chance for the bull scenario and 35 for the bear
  3. Max should be if you change to 100 000 (x) units? Could be less on a few markets?
  4. Why long only? its better to have two system 1 long and 1 short instead of long and short in the same system
  5. DOW 60 min long only High drawdown and few trades But seems to handle small downturns well? but what about big ones?
  6. DAX 5 min Long only Needs a filter to take care of the drawdown in down trend
  7. Its real easy to "code" a trading system in prorealtime using simplified creation (profitable thats another story😎) https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/create-trading-systems I did a system a couple of weeks ago (took me 1 minute😉) and put in on demo forward test using this indicator https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-indicators/leo-moving-average-supportresistance/
  8. You can backtest some strategies? 🤓 https://www.prorealcode.com/programming-with-prorealtime/ Or read 😉 I think they got this part wrong, i would say this is more of a sign that we are in the end of the bullmarket when the millenials throw in the money in the stockmarket? "analysts worry the dynamic is delaying the type of retail-investor washout that many consider necessary to end a serious bear market." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-22/options-are-now-all-the-rage-for-bored-day-traders-locked-inside
  9. Nasdaq ATH (10 000)? and then what? keep rising in the channel and reach 13 000 in August? (and Buffet go long FANG?) or what else?
  10. Bitcoin or some stock? Look in the order display maybe you can see if any orders are rejected and why?
  11. "Millennials are piling into stock trading to beat the market. Here’s what you need to know! https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/28/investing-advice-millennials-are-stock-trading-to-beat-the-downturn.html 🥳
  12. "Today, Medallion uses dozens of "strategies" that run together as one system. The code powering the fund includes several million lines," "Brown continued: "The point is that, if there were signals that made a lot of sense that were very strong, they would have long ago been traded out. ... What we do is look for lots and lots, and we have, I don't know, like 90 Ph.D.s in math and physics, who just sit there looking for these signals all day long. We have 10,000 processors in there that are constantly grinding away looking for signals.""" https://www.afr.com/technology/inside-the-medallion-fund-a-74-billion-moneymaking-machine-like-no-other-20161122-gsuohh
  13. You should also look at other things than crossovers 1) Crossovers 2) Price cross averages 3) Slope 4) Spread between averages Use a pair that are common and watch them over time and learn how to use them, they tell you a lot if you know how to read them
  14. Its like an insurance If you buy a put you buy an insurance that you can sell something at the strike on expiry The insurance will cost more you longer time you own it
  15. Take another look😉
  16. Yes you need to know when to hold them and when to fold them😉
  17. Dow 240 min Could go either way😎
  18. Or have both a standard stop that can be moved an a extra guaranteed stop that cant be moved
  19. "Maybe they (IG) have changed it so the guranteed stop becomes a standard stop when the system tries to move it?" If so, maybe some kind of warning that pops up when try to start a system in proorder that this system using code not compatible with a guaranteed stop (or something)
  20. I dont use guaranteed stops in proorder so i dont know how it works now, but i did try it in the beginning and the system did stop when ever the system tried to move the stop because a guaranteed stop cant be moved If you have a condition to "sell at stop" the standard stop moves to that level and if its a guaranteed stop the system would stop (thats how it worked in the beginning) Maybe they (IG) have changed it so the guranteed stop becomes a standard stop when the system tries to move it? If so they should have informed us about that (i have missed it)? If using "sell at market" instead of "sell at stop" in the code the guaranteed stop should work? (and no coded trailing stop that tries to move the stoplevel)
  21. As always there are 2 scenarios😎 (left chart and right chart) And we may see the drop next year to a new low? At the moment i favor the left scenario (DAX 1998 asia-crises) and try to find some cheap calls during the summer when volatility goes down to more normal levels? ( maybe NDX?)
  22. Nasdaq 100 same level as back in year end 2019 When this "flue" is over we will build a mother of all bubble with all the stimulus the centralbanksters are throwing at the stockmarket And we will travel and consume like never before