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  1. Very little demand for this product??

    Well we dont get stimulus checks to buy options for here in Europe but i think we are also interested in options

    "tastytrade Trading has been very strong, with the tastyworks brokerage business accelerating its rate of active account growth in 2021 and reporting a 100% increase in the number of active trading accounts during the month of February 2021 versus the prior year period. The strong performance in brokerage is mirrored in the tastytrade education and content business, with registrants growing by over 100,000 in the two months to the end of February to nearly 1 million. This performance reinforces the strategic and financial rationale of the tastytrade acquisition, creating a strong foundation for the business to deliver future growth"

    "Our planned US acquisition of tastytrade is progressing well and the outstanding client growth delivered in the period underlines the further, significant growth potential of this business"


  2. 19 hours ago, PythonTrade86 said:

    To my knowledge, there are only long term options for a few instruments such as the S&P 500 index and other liquid indexes. 

    BTW, how do you managed to have access to share options? Under my options account, I can only trade indexes, commodities and forex vanilla options, but no way to trade share vanilla options... 

    You find some of them in the old UK platform (if you have access to the old puredeal?) but mostly short term options (jan 2022 longest?)

    If you call them, ask when they are planning to add them to the options platform


  3. The BOA bull and bear indicator must be close to 8 (or 10)?


    "As Goldman Sachs’ positioning indicators show, over the past few months, investors were positioned more and more aggressively, which leaves no margin for error, while put-call ratios are at historically low levels and have no protection left."

    "This aligns with Bank of America’s Bull & Bear Indicator, which has now reached 7.7, putting it in code red territory."



  4. I wonder if the DAX acting like a rocket has something to do with that chinese guy went belly up?'

    some kind of risk off and unwinding (leverage) shorts?

    " the Archegos incident was a “wake-up call” for Credit Suisse and should lead to sweeping changes to its culture and oversight practices."





  5. Well, its not rocket science

    If a punter with negative balance protection buy a stock on margin and IG buy the stock to hedge the bet, what happens if the stock go down to zero?

    And if IG takes the other side (not hedging) and the stock goes up 200%?

    Add then whats happens when the market "crash" (flash crash) and everybody tries to sell the same stock at the same time

    Its all about risk

    "“Retail investors are such an important part of the financial markets, but until now have largely been ignored because they tended to buy and sell in isolation,” he warned. “Now they are gathering together and realising how much power they have as a collective. GameStop will not be the last share traded in this way. Interesting times ahead.”"


  6. "The number of OTC leveraged active clients increased by 49% on the first half of FY20."

    "Our stock trading product performed exceptionally well, with revenue increasing over 250%. This was driven by an 88% increase in the number of clients trading,"

    "We've significantly increased capacity across our platforms since the summer, which enabled us to maintain 100% platform uptime while handling the substantially higher trading volumes we've seen in the first half. We've also increased our operations headcount, which includes client service and account opening, by 35. This is partially in response to the step-change in the size of the client base. However, some of this was also to help drive a number of operational projects to ensure we can meet the growing demands of our increasingly diverse and global client base"

    as a sidenote, 

    "The average age of tastytrade clients is 42 years old, the same as IG"



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  7. 3 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

    Robinhood might be bust.


    Robinhood’s “position-closing only” list for tomorrow.



    Robinhood Is Said to Draw on Bank Credit Lines Amid Tumult - BBG



    Stephanie Ruhle  @SRuhle

    . @RobinhoodApp CEO on @CNN It’s pretty clear, THEY DID NOT HAVE THE CAP TO MEET THE HIGHER CAP REQUIREMENTS WHEN FLOWS BLEW UP. They could not comply with the requirements. The pressure is ON, but I don’t know how they can open up these stocks tomorrow & avoid this again

    "12 billions a few months ago"  🤔


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