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  1. Hi TimP Why the change of the orderbox in "associate order to alert" window? In the first beta version there was options for stop/trailing stop and target (the trailing stop didn`t work properly i think?) https://www.prorealtime.com/en/images/features/features_10_3/popup-features-10-3-2_c1476112324c.png but now the stop and target has disappeared and its looks like the 10.2 version when the live version is here i hope we can get the version with stops and target? (and if possibly to choose between stop/ trailing stop/ guaranteed stop) This associate order to alert is a u
  2. Futures wrote: @Caseynotesi asked iG how can they support guaranteed stops wouldnt this means absorbing trader loss. i wanted to make sure that they will honor guaranteed stops no matter the gap couldnt find a suitable answer any ideas fellas If they take the other side of the position the risk should be minimal? and they have open trades i multiple markets in both directions so what can be a catastrophe for a single trader may not hurt them much I hope it will be available in prorder soon as a "max loss stop" and if it can be moved its perfect most trades are closed as ma
  3. The most important thing (for me anyway) is that the premium version of prorealtime has more historical data to backtest on But the complete version works fine to trade with and its free of charge if trading 4 times a month but if we could get the premium version if trading more times a month i would not complaint:smileyhappy: http://www.prorealcode.com/topic/prorealtime-v10-3-now-available-for-prt-cfd-demo-account/ (IG france only?)
  4. I saw that prorealtime had released the "final" version of 10.3 (no more beta?) any chance that we can (at least) try it on demo with IG to learn the new features?
  5. Any progress with the historical sentiment data? Thinking of something like an indicator in prorealtime from -100 to 100? i see others like ETX and FXCM have some new features with sentiment data,
  6. Nice feature About the CFD version, is it possible to choose other contracts on the same index as in puredeal (when using signal centre) DAX seems to be the full size? And would it be possible to copy the value for stops and limits that are suggested by the signal provider instead of typing it in when enter a trade? (i am getting old and lazy :smileywink:)
  7. Would it be possible to use guaranteed stops in proorder? When i trade automatic in proorder i always use a stoploss (DAX maybe 100 points) just in case of some trouble with the trading system but normally the trading system close the trades with market orders But i would like that stoploss to be a guaranteed stop in case of a black swan event so i know max loss on each trade Then if i have a system that make profit i can trade bigger size and keep the position open over the weekend (thats important if it is a trendfollowing system)
  8. And if we dont get 10.3 at the same time as the PRT "offical release" can we at least get it on demo?
  9. a textbook triangle should have 5 waves so it could be down to may,june up to september,october and then the start of the big wave down thru the bottom http://www.forexhit.com/images/triangle-elliott-wave.gif
  10. Weekly line chart When trying to find out where DAX is going i know the EURO is a big piece in the puzzle, if euro going up dax going down and so on In the big picture EURUSD is in a consolidation and the big question is whether it is a halfway pattern in the downtrend and will break down to resume the downtrend or if it is some kind of bottom formation? In the short term i think its going down to the bottom of the triangle (DAX up) in time may. june? and then its going up again (DAX down) in time september, october? If it breaks down through the bottom of the triangle and res
  11. The thing is that it could move up to almost 11 000 and still be in the bear trend and april is historical a bull month http://www.seasonalcharts.com/classics_dax.html
  12. its an ugly looking head and shoulder bottom on the daily chart 
  13. Great news:smileyhappy: i hope the IG version also coming soon
  14. Number 2 is important, and maybe some kind of warning should be in place when starting the backtest? about number 1 i am not sure if this helps but you can choose date and time when optimize a backtest, you can optimize 2015-01-01 - 2016-01-01 and then run the backtest from 2016-01-01 to 2016-03-17 about number 3 you can duplicate the system with variables and then only change the system you run in proorder
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