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  1. Yes that's what is happening. The thing is it happens even when the market isn't moving particularly fast and sometimes it affects my ability to close positions quickly; when it is moving fast that can have quite an impact on the final amount of profit or loss. Setting stop and limit orders is an obvious answer but is not always practical and is definetely not a quick process. I presume, as far as you know there is no way to deactivate these requote notifications?
  2. Sometimes when opening or closing an order on MT4 mobile Iget a message saying that the price gas changed with the option to accept or reject the change. If I reject all is fine but If I want to accept the change and place the order sometimes the same message just pops up again and this can keep going on and on. Is there a way to disable the message so that the orders just executes no matter what the price change is?
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