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  1. Thanx Arvin, Heres what i got... no, I've not tried to reinstall MT4... Do i need to do a backup first? and how to do... THANX for ALL your help ! cb
  2. Sorry that would be MT4. There's so many background colors w/ NO Rhyme/Reason unless its put there by IG.... I dunno. A color background would make sense to me if all same color related to a specific base Currency. but it doesnt.
  3. Hi ArvinIG, TY for your efforts. This window on IG for me shows only Black background and no options for changing anything on the Market Watch. It can change within the F10 window tho.(i dont really need that window) THANX BH
  4. Does anyone know how to change the color background of the pairs in MarketWAtch? ty
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