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  1. I have logged numerious calls regarding notifications not working and IG has not been able to resolve this... Instead they ask me to delete and recreate my alerts.. Or they tell me that they were not able to reproduce the problem. This issue began in July 2017 and it is now so persistant i am beggining to think it is delibarate. I am using EMAs(15,30,60) for my alerts, all i want is to recieve an alert at the end of the candle when markets crossess EMA 15. There are other conditions as well. I confirmed that i have setup my conditions correctly.. In fact that's out of question because i sometimes do get alerts but not always and as of late, my alerts are just getting fewer and fewer, when i browse forex pairs i pick up a lot of missed opportunities because of this. Please resolve this issue because as it stands now IG is slowly becoming redundant to me really.
  2. Hi, Help please. The default values for EMA on IG are 20,50,100. I would like to update these to default to 15,30,60 on desktop/laptop. Does anyone know how I can update these values so i don't have to keep updating these values each time i open Charts. Note on the App(Android), these have been automatically updated. I just opened the chart, updated the values and the app seem to have saved these values. So each time i open the chart on the App, the EMA values are always (15,30,60), that's exactly how