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  1. Hi Rob, Thanks heaps for the reply. I'll keep a look out for the update announcements re the OCOs. Just on another note, I am used to trading CFDs and only yesterday decided to try my hand at 'real' shares. I placed an order using the share trading platform, just as I would with CFDs on the CFD platform, but then realised that I couldn't simply place a contingent stop loss order as I normally would with CFDs. So how does that work? I'm assuming one would just place an opposing trade at a pre-set price in that case, is that right? If so, can it be adjusted to last longer than only o
  2. Hi SimonC, Any clues as to when the new platform with OCOs will be released? It's such a handy feature... Also, would it be at all possible to provide some sort of update re the new platform on the home page so that others are aware of it too? Cheers, and thanks!
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