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  1. Thanks a lot. It's a crazy system but I can understand it better now!
  2. Appreciate your help @AndaIG. Sorry for the bother then but this is a bit new to me can you confirm my understanding... At Close on Wednesday I held 1000 shares During Trading Thursday I sold 1000 shares During Trading Friday I bought 1030 shares (due to the price fall I picked up more shares) From your posts I believe that as I held shares on Wednesday I am entitled to participate in the rights share and the amount of 'rights' I am entitled to is 1030 because that is what I currently hold (and will not be selling) Thanks again for your help
  3. Hi @AndaIG Can I check then. The shares that I owned on Wednesday do not matter with regard to the rights issue. Only the shares that I hold going into trading on Monday will be entitled to the rights regardless on when they were purchased? Thanks
  4. Afternoon all, I was hoping someone here could clarify some conflicting information I am receiving about the EasyJet rights issue. It was my understanding that if you held a position in EasyJet as at 6pm Wednesday 8th September that you would be able to take part in the rights issue. However I have just received this response from IG support: This has me worried as I offloaded some of my shares in easyjet yesterday - under the assumption that the timeline provided on EasyJet's corporate site was correct. Record Date for entitlements under the Rights Issue 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday 8 September 2021 Thanks in advance
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