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  1. James, Well, either my permissions are not set up correctly or the feature does not exist; and the second option is just a fudge that does not save me much screen space. To clarify: Tear off ticket works if I open a "New" ticket Tear off ticket does not work if I try and open ticket for an "Open" order With regards to Oil, I was just going to give up on this and not bother trading trading it, but then I realised that, you are the 4th person to give me a completely different answer: Have been told: Volume is correct Volume is incorrect Volume is incorrect, but it will be fixed What you said A number of years ago, there was the same issue with WallstreetDaily volume and after querying it, it was fixed by the following week and is pretty much inline with the futures contract (YM) volume whereas CrudeOil is nowhere near (as much as half the CL volume). Since nobody at IG seems to be able to give me a straight answer or agree on an answer and knowing that similar issues with volume on other instruments have been promptly resoived in the past, I am underwhelmed. I trade intraday and I use IG data on Ninjatrader and have spent considerably money and time on products that utilise volume data (VWAP, Volume Profile). This works fine with all other IG futures instruments except CrudeOil, so telling me it is proportionally accurate does not help and the data IG is providing for Crude is inaccurate in relation to the underlying product. With regards to your 3rd answer, I no longer have a copy of the log. Your answers to my previous posts have not provided me with any clarity or confidence and I do not think that this ticket is solved.
  2. Is the above ever going to be addressed? Are you ever going fix the wildly inaccurate volume data on the Oil Daily and futures derivatives? (which I no longer trade as your data is inaccurate) Are you going to get rid of the uninformed idiots who hang up calls and disconnect chats on a Friday afternoons(must be time for the pub or something) after spewing absolute lies and rubbish for an hour? Get your act together IG, you used to be good.
  3. Try reading what I said - I'll try using bigger words. I am talking about the ability to tear off a ticket for a position that is already open so that I can manage an existing "already opened" order. If this was not clear in my previous post, hopefully the above will clarify.
  4. Great work, however, there is still no option to tear off an "Open Tick/Order". Will this be available any time soon? Regards, tom
  5. That is a fudge, not a solution. I remember the slim ticket that I could have floating over my analysis software - ready to go. I don't want to see the chart (can this be hidden) attached to the order ticket - a small ticket that takes up minimal screen real estate. tomC