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  1. GTS15

    Oil Charges

    I see the armchair legal eagles chimed with about as much help as a chocolate fire guard, just as well there are good guys here to help cheers to Caseynotes as that makes sense , I thought the roll over was midnight but felt the charge excessive as the FX & gold trades are pennies to hold.
  2. GTS15

    Oil Charges

    Hope all is well and safe , Had a strange charge appear on my statement and must be wrong but IG usual arrogant self to small traders just ignored my messages. I opened a oil trade at £1 a point around 8.10pm and closed at 11.15pm same day for a small profit of £11.20 and the next day I get hit with a daily charge of £22.21 surely that cannot be right for a trade of 3 hours. However IG wont explain why the charge , hope some can shed some light on this as I am under the impression we pay the spread not a commission Kind Regards
  3. Strange one tonight had positions on gold all doing as they should not close to or anywhere near a margin call stop , yet had the positions closed off at a loss and then reopened without me doing anything and IG simply ignore the query. Time for a new broker fed up with this shower
  4. Yep , same here I managed to shut my day trades as had no levels to work to as kept disappearing , cost me a a lot of time and pips. Bad day to be doing a update should be on a weekend when the markets are quiet and not many trading
  5. Evening all, just a thought do you guys and girls open 1 position with say a 20 point target or break up into multiple ie 4 orders with TP at 10 , 15 , 20 , 25 just curious as to the best way to scale out and still catch the larger moves
  6. Just had the alert ping in for the DAX at 15.00hrs yet the cross happened at 14.00hrs leaving me an hour late to check
  7. Hi Yes checked the price , however miles away from the 50 crossprice , the difference was e
  8. Anyone else notice that the alerts don't match the chart , I have my RSI alert set to tell me when to check chart, however have noticed that the chart and the alert at the point of trigger are nowhere close. I have checked the price bias ie low mid high and it still does not add up. I contacted IG who simply said just reinstall the app , a bit insulting really as don't use the app an trade from my PC
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