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  1. Evening all, just a thought do you guys and girls open 1 position with say a 20 point target or break up into multiple ie 4 orders with TP at 10 , 15 , 20 , 25 just curious as to the best way to scale out and still catch the larger moves
  2. Just had the alert ping in for the DAX at 15.00hrs yet the cross happened at 14.00hrs leaving me an hour late to check
  3. Hi Yes checked the price , however miles away from the 50 crossprice , the difference was e
  4. Anyone else notice that the alerts don't match the chart , I have my RSI alert set to tell me when to check chart, however have noticed that the chart and the alert at the point of trigger are nowhere close. I have checked the price bias ie low mid high and it still does not add up. I contacted IG who simply said just reinstall the app , a bit insulting really as don't use the app an trade from my PC