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  1. Hi, I was wondering please if the demo spread betting accounts are using leverage? The reason i ask is that I'm currently working out my risk strategy which involves me using a certain percentage of my capital per spread bet, and would like that same percentage to give me the same potential returns/losses on a live account. So for example, on a demo account if i place a £1 per point trade on BP to go up i know that if the price goes down by 5 points I'm going to lose £5 (without a stop loss being placed etc) With a live account though where leverage of 5:1 is applied to stock bets, does that mean that in effect I am going be losing £25 in that same scenario? Thanks HL
  2. Hi, apologies for another question but i'm looking to join up higher highs and higher lows etc on my chart, and the only way i can find to do this is by connecting them with individual trend lines. I then need to go into the settings of each trend line and turn off the 'extend right' function every time. I've searched everywhere but cant seem to find a tool that will allow me to just click on the HHs and LLs etc to give me a graphic indication of a trend (such as the below) Does one exist? Again, hope this isn't an ignorant question HL
  3. Hi @mark27 sorry yes, I'm trying a couple of demo accounts and copied the wrong screenshot in 🤪
  4. Hi Anda, thanks for the info. much appreciated. Hopefully it's ok to ask another question please? I'm watching your excellent training videos - the one I'm watching now is the Stop Loss Strategies Explained video. It is 10 years old however and the CMC charts aren't in the same layout as today. The issue I'm having is identifying the volatility of shares from the chart For example below I'm looking at 888 holdings but I cant see a volatility option on the screen? Hope you can advise please? And again, apologies if it's obvious Thanks HL
  5. Hi Anda, Thanks for the info and such a quick reply 🙂 Could I ask another question please, this time regarding leverage? On the demo account there doesn't seem to be the option to buy or sell at a leveraged amount. Is this the same with the live account, or do you offer incremental leverage of 2, 5 10 times bid/offer etc? Thanks HL
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie to Financial spread betting and have opened a demo account with yourselves to practice spread betting shares However, I've searched around the menus but am unable to locate the rolling and future prices for stocks. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction as to how to find these please? Apologies if it's obvious Many thanks HL
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