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  1. Tried multiple times. Nothing. Not even a message to say it failed or anything. So, I tried to take a forex short. No problem. First time. Went back to Ethereum... nothing!! Anyone know a better exchange than IG. I’ve more or less lost confidence in them now.
  2. Cool thread! Could have done with reading this three years ago..... The idea of joining a trading group is such a good idea. I find it's quite lonely and don't know anyone.... :-( ...... I use trend lines, fibs and MA quite a bit. Increasingly watching the news as I got caught with my pants done with no guaranteed stop.... Moving the stop and chasing the trade - still trying to train myself into good habits. Also over trading as I don't have a 'formal' strategy.... Anyway, thanks everyone for sharing. Much appreciated.
  3. Is anyone investing? My returns seem good so far - better than good actually.... Longer term views? Anyone any ideas on best place to invest with buy and hold strategy? Likewise anyone spread betting Bitcoin... the stop seems really big - obviously because of the volitility.... Any views appreciated.
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