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  1. Thank you kindly Caseynoes. 😉 As helpful as always. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi Forum, I was just wanting to know how the margin requirements work with "events"** (**eg NFP, Central bank Rate announcements, FOMC, etc...) Not sure if it reflects in the demo trading platform, but my understanding is that the margin requirement increases around these events(certainly in ones live account). How long before the "events"** do these increased margin requirements kick in and how long after the event**? What would happen in the instance where one has an open position(with a guaranteed stop loss in place), and one does not have sufficient margin in the a
  3. Hi Caseynotes, Thanks for the prompt and very clear answer. Much appreciated!
  4. Hi, With regard to the shedding of limited risk accounts.... 1. Will one still be charged the CRM Premium (=Controlled Risk Management premium) if a manually placed stop loss level is triggered (as was previously the case)? 2. Have/will the margin requirements be changing in light of)wrt the discontinued CRM accounts?
  5. Just wondering if IG has considered the possibility of "Fractional" crypto betting. By this I mean betting in smaller increments(1/10th or 1/100th(?) the current increments eg in 1gbp or 2usd increments, with corresponding margins for a potential "smaller exposure" market. Just a thought... It might be a large untapped market for IG....
  6. His Dan I am relatively new and I have been live trading for about 6 months. I have only been live Trading on my Soth African "domestic account" and allows on the "international demo account". I would like to commence Trading on the "international live account". I mostly trade in Mini denominations on indicies, forex, and commodities. I days trade and would love as much guidance and info as possible on scalping strategies...
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