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  1. Hi Arvin thanks, not sure if I am missing something here but even when the markets are open, I still only have the 'Quote' options. I do not have a option to 'Stop' Regards.
  2. Hi AndalG, your reply is much appreciated. However when I look at the shares I hold within the ISA account under the 'DEAL' area as you've indicated above, the only options available under 'ORDER TYPE' are: QUOTE, with sub options of 'fixed price quote' or 'On Exchange - limit order' ORDER Type: 'STOP' is not available for selection ! Should it be? Is it something that could be made available or not? Kind Regards.
  3. I am new to IG and have just had some shares transferred into a ISA non leveraged account. I want to apply a guaranteed stop loss. How can I do this? 'Stop Market Day' has been advised to me via CHAT but I don't fully understand it or how I can apply that or any stop loss to particular share holdings. Kind Regards.
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