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  1. It's not a great time to short Eth/Btc pair, but there will be very soon. Eth has not delivered since inception. Investors surely have enough believe in it. That's because it is PoS and not PoW. There is no fundamental knowledge from investors tho. In reality, Eth can easily be considered a synthetic CDO of crypto. There are so many bets on a bet. Eth has a marketing team. This says it all. Eth is run by humans. And as humans, we have to take into account imperfections. The gas fees inconsistency is the proof. https://ethereumprice.org/gas/ eth.jfif
  2. This is a great article. If Gold can't hedge against inflation when it's at 6.7% (and that's only the official data, it's actually more), how can this be considered a hedge ? Gold is down 7% since April 1st 2011. Gold is not a hedge for inflation. It's a fact.
  3. Support and resistance levels do not take into account what are the supply/demand dynamics. Officially last night, GMT, 90% of Bitcoin supply has now been mined. Exchanges are at a 3 years all time lows. And hash rate is at now at ATH, which makes Bitcoin harder than ever to mine. Short term price action is not particularly relevant. Market is completely irrational atm and most of the coins are sold at loss which highlights the panic the market is facing atm.
  4. Gold is getting demonetized. What should have been the hedge for inflation has not ultimately been such in the greatest inflationary period we've had since 1920. Gold is manly held by Governments. Also, is an asset that you hold on "paper", without actually owning it. Gold is slow, it takes great force to defend, and you cannot hold physically, even if you wanted, more than a certain quantity. Which makes it obsolete. No big company with future market is buying gold. Not even those who mine gold want to hold on to it. Gold forecast? Gold will be depriced until meets its real value. A great metal. Better than silver, but not more than that. Hence why I am short since 2020. And further shorted every time it moved up. Ended up being right every single time. Time will tell us if I am correct or just a fraud.
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