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  1. gold has nothing to do with interest rates nor inflation.gold rises and falls with confidence in government period.i watch cnbc a lot for one reason to see the lies they are an excellent source for finding bottoms and tops.you don't here about gold until its up 20% then its all hey look at gold folks its breaking out.when oil was down in the 20's you get the extreme $10 calls etc they are bullish the dow when its falling and then suddenly turn bearish as it turns.right now its all about how the banks are a buy espically goldman sachs just watch goldman you'll see what i mean.and look at the chart of gold that is one beautiful head and shoulders pattern.governments are broke and selling their gold canada now has none.gold will bottom first quater next year until then its gonna test $900 the crowd is wrong and the goldbugs are about to get a hard punch in the nose.their metal will be tested pun intended
  2. for those confused or lost or for those looking at the market all wrong here is whats going on.the eur/usd move back in march said it all draghi came out and said that there would be no more interest rate cuts after expanding qe and this created a whipsaw for eur/usd to the upside.then the japanese go neg rates and the yen rallied!why?because this was a big poke in the eye of the fed.the fed could not then raise rates and yellen was forced to go super dovish.with todays non event by draghi it now allows yellen to raise.with the dollar having fallen so much the damage will be limited.the central banks are just taking it in turns to try to supress the usd from going to high because the whole world has large usd denomated debt and if the usd goes to high whole countries will be in trouble.the dow is rising because of international money flows moving into blue chip stocks hiding from the bond market which is about to blow up as the market makes yellen raise rates she does not want to but the market will make her.strong data is now her enemy and the data will only get stronger compared to an exploding europe.the usd is ready to roar and when it does watch out.you wanna bet agaibst a five year uptrend and a country which is raising rates while the rest try to ease then dive in with the current crowd. buy gold sell dollar and lose your shirt.the crowd is always wrong look left in your charts people fight the trend at your own risk
  3. it has topped without the shadow of a doubt.the interesting play is thru gold check out correlation.aussie was the last thing holding it up now gold is going to go into freefall. a close below 7415 on a daily level will send aud to below 72 handle.
  4. see my video on gold.dont go long mate and dont listen to people on tv.
  5. forget charts on this one the trade is on fundamentals eur/gbp is in an uptrend as is telling you all you need to know about brexit the smart money bought ages ago because the uk will not leave europe this would allow a raft of other countries to vote its just not going to happen.those that vote decide nothing those that count the vote decide everything (joesph stalin).find an entry on pullback and go long
  6. gold has topped and its heading below 1000 get on while you can
  7. the gbp/usd is in terminal decline and should be sold on bounces like this.i have been short since 1.50 area and have added on the way down the fact that usd has had weakness of late yet has still maintained some strength against the gbp is telling.when usd strength returns the gbp will get pummeled.look at the gbp against all other currencies its not doing well at all.please look for shorts not longs.