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  1. Does anyone know a resource where you can get all financial information for every stock in a index such as FTSE350. Basically a spreadsheet that list all the companies and their PE ratio, valuation etc. along side each other. Basically saving the work of researching each stock one by one.
  2. Using demo account to learn spread betting on forex. Today on EUR/AUD between 13.00 and 14.00 hours my trade (a short) went from a position of small profit to spiking my stop loss before making major gains on the short trade, in minimal time. This movement is not evident on the other trading platforms I've been mirroring my IG account against, such as for e.g. MT4 platforms. Although this is only a demo account this worries me. The bounce was between 156276 to 154842 and the long gain above my entry point triggering my stop loss was evident only on the IG platform can you explain why this has happened.
  3. Hi can anyone tell me how to add a trailing stop loss when I set up a spread bet FX trade.
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