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  1. Tried all that. Uninstalling, writing new code, none of it helped. Just seems strange one moment it is working fine then the next it is dud. Thanks for the suggestions. Exhale Trading may have a point though.
  2. Hi, I have an issue with my auto trading system on pro real time. I have raised it with IG and PRT but thought someone may be able to help here. The system had been working fine until 2 days ago. The system places my stop orders and should delete the previous order if it hasn't been filled as it moves onto the next bar but this isn't happening as it should. It seems to be delayed as I end up with a heap of orders (sometimes up to 20) placed at the same price and then when I stop the system it continues placing and deleting orders as if it is trying to catch up.
  3. Is there anywhere I can change the default step size in my trailing stop. It seems to just default to the minimum.
  4. Thanks for the replies and I need to apologise. It was working I just wasn't understanding how the steps part of it worked. My next question though is: How can I set the step size in my coding with ProrealTime?. I can set the Trailing Distance fine but not the steps.
  5. When I attach a trailing stop to a position in ProRealTime , it initially calculates it based on the entry price but then it doesn't follow the price up. It just stays static. Any ideas?
  6. An error is appearing in my IG platform as a result of a trading program I am running in ProRealTime. It is NaN in the Size and Level columns of my working orders. Any ideas what it means? Thanks
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