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  1. Hi, I'm trying to view my entire CFD account trading history on My IG -> Statements -> Transaction Statements. I select a Custom Period but it only lets me view statements for the last 2 years starting from 10 Jan 2020. And for some reason I can only view Daily statements for that period. If I select Monthly I get "You have no statements applicable for this period". I would like to view my monthly statements starting from Jan 2016 (the date I opened my account and started trading on your platform). Also I found My IG -> History -> Profit/loss breakdown for closed trades very useful as it allows me to export everything in CSV format. I can then very easily calculate my Profit/Loss for any specific tax year. However, it is also limited in that I can only go back as far as June 2018. What is the easiest way form me calculate view my Profit/Loss for each specific tax year starting from Jan 2016? I would prefer a CSV file showing Proft/Loss for each closed trade as in Profit/loss breakdown menu, or at least Monthly statements in a pdf format. I need this data for Capital Gains tax reports to HMRC. Kind regards, mantoshi
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