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  1. Could you add the following please? Name Of Stock - Abaxx Technologies Inc. Name of Stock Exchange - NEO Leverage or share dealing - Share dealing Ticker - ABXX Market cap - 162mn
  2. Hi @MongiIG I'm not able to see ARKK Innovation Tracker (ARKA) available in the Share dealing account. Could you check if this has been added to the share dealing account?
  3. Thanks Could you confirm if the fund is available to trade in *ISA*? I'm planning to open an ISA account and would like to have this fund available inside ISA
  4. Name of stock - 1x ARKK Innovation Tracker ISIN: XS2399369037 Name of Stock Exchange - LSE Leverage or Share dealing - ISA Ticker - ARKA Country of the stock - UK https://leverageshares.com/en/etps/leverage-shares-arkk-innovation-tracker-etp/
  5. Thanks The following fund is trading on the LSE. Could you confirm if this available on your ISA platform? https://leverageshares.com/en/etps/leverage-shares-arkk-innovation-tracker-etp/
  6. I'm considering to open an ISA account with IG. Does anyone know if ARKK fund is available for trading in ISA?
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