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  1. Spot on! Great post by Covel. https://www.trendfollowing.com/2017/12/10/43-kick-****-trading-rules-bitcoin-crypto-trading/
  2. Ermmm. Not quite. Certainly not all the time. They turn it off quite regularly when demand and volatility are high. Sadly that is precisely the scenario people want to take advantage of!
  3. Optimising their offerings means making the markets 'unlongable' and therefore untradable?
  4. I keep getting my BTC trades rejected with no explanation other than'rejected sorry'. Are people coming across the same issue? I raised a ticket with the support desk and apparently the reason for the rejections is that the market was in an 'un-longable' state at the time I attempted my trades. I don't understand why, if the market is open, we are not allowed to place a long position. It almost feels like trades are not allowed when they have a high probability of being winners? Keen to hear if anyone is experiencing this problem.
  5. I asked the very same question on the web chat recently and it appears that no stops are triggered whilst the market is offline. That means the price is evaluated at 8:00am on a Sunday and, if the price is over (or under in long positions) the stop level, the stop is triggered at the current price! If it gapped on Saturday and the price is well beyond the stop, you could face a major loss. Hopefully someone from IG can confirm and comment. The underlying BTCUSD market for instance is open 24/7 but we are not able to trade it through the platform which means we are forced to close trades i
  6. I'm having exactly the same problem. I trade through the API and my system had all its trade attempts rejected yesterday. Let's see then what happens tomorrow then, as per the above explanation...
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