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    Just a heads up. Charts on the new platform are not correct. If you compare them to reuters, yahoo finance, trading view you can see this. Example: csco (cisco systems). Cart of the Dow is not even correct.
  2. What happened to DMA for the new platform? I have to go back to the previous platform to trade. Especially required if you wan't to be part of closing auctions. Great platform for searching, portfolios, charts: useless for trading.
  3. I don't understand the point to the new platform if there is no DMA. This is what separated IG markets from other cfd providers. Why was DMA not carried over to the new platform? After all you cannot participate in opening and particularly closing auctions to get the days closing price? I like using the new platform however if I want to trade I have to switch back to the old platform; so the new platform for me and I believe so many others is good only for searching: stock charts etc. I can use the new platform for indicies trading (ASX 200, US 30 etc.) because that is OTC in both the old and new platforms.