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  1. On 27/03/2020 at 10:02, Woonlim said:

    Hi, I have short position on Japan 225 Index and was deducted $175.5 for each position for the dividend adjustment. The dividend adjustment supposed to take place at UK time 7am. However, I cannot see the index drop by 175 points at UK time 7am. Can any kind soul please enlighten me?


    41 minutes ago, glenn223 said:

    I had the same problem and I couldnt see the drop in price 


    Hi, I suspect the blank spread sheet that the divs are copied to is 1 hour out when stating the UK time and note that there is a gap down of around 175 points at 6am on the 1 minute Japan 225 chart.

    VIX Options

    18 hours ago, Guest YTP said:


    Just got off the phone with Scandinavian helpdesk, and for unknown reasons, we are only offered barrier options of the VIX instrument. I certainly hope that we will also be offered the vanila instrument as well in the future.

    the reason an offering is not universal tends to be down to local law rather than down to IG but I hope you get them.

    VIX Options

    8 minutes ago, Guest YTP said:

    Are there limitations to nationality/location with this instrument?

    Located in Scandinavia, and this instrument is not showing on my options list.

    Might be, should be halfway down the Indices list, see pic;


  2. Entry posted by KatherineIG

    April 18

    • The African swine fever disease has reached Southeast Asia and parts of Europe, including the world’s biggest producer of Pork, China. A prediction from the Japanese bank Nomura, is that this could cause prices to rise by 78% in China by 2020, to 33 yuan per kilogram from 18.5 yuan



  3. 36 minutes ago, stevethecaveman said:

    Can anyone please explain what the 1.14 for the FTSE mean in terms of how the dividend adjustment is calculated?

    Also why is is highlighted in red?


    Here is the breakdown for the ftse 100 ex-dividend adjustment which comes to 1.11.

    The 1.14 is due to the inclusion of the 2 Special dividends listed for UKX in the OP and as specials have been included it's been given a red box.


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  4. 13 hours ago, Theo said:

    I’m not clear at all, as I had a dividend payment debit to my account for £460 this evening, yet in your explanations, you refer to them being “cash neutral”.... Yes that was debited to my account! Could you explain that to me please?

    Hi, the video in the original post above explains the term 'cash neutral', is this not what occurred on your account?

  5. 1 hour ago, The_Alnchemist said:

    I don't seem to be able to access the menu by right clicking on a chart as you have shown in this blog. All I get is a small flash player related window as shown in the attached screen shot. I am using the desktop interface.

    Hi @The_Alnchemist,  the function is only available on the new platform on SB and cfd accounts currently and not available on the share dealing platform but will be when share dealing platform is upgraded.

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