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  1. 13 hours ago, Theo said:

    I’m not clear at all, as I had a dividend payment debit to my account for £460 this evening, yet in your explanations, you refer to them being “cash neutral”.... Yes that was debited to my account! Could you explain that to me please?

    Hi, the video in the original post above explains the term 'cash neutral', is this not what occurred on your account?

  2. 1 hour ago, The_Alnchemist said:

    I don't seem to be able to access the menu by right clicking on a chart as you have shown in this blog. All I get is a small flash player related window as shown in the attached screen shot. I am using the desktop interface.

    Hi @The_Alnchemist,  the function is only available on the new platform on SB and cfd accounts currently and not available on the share dealing platform but will be when share dealing platform is upgraded.

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  3. Excellent post @MaxIG, written by Kyle Rodda.

    The inverted yield curve (coming, nearly, here?) for US Treasuries  2s and 10s, or 1s and 10s, or 1s and 5s, has been hot news for months now, and is a never ending story that with hindsight can always be made to fit years down the line. Will the coming recession be here in 1 year or 2, or latter, will it be forestalled by a booming economy? (yes).

    On the news front for funds some are saying everything is fine, some that their clients have already moved from 'end of cycle' into 'recession' mode.

    If you are not a fund manager you should not be too worried because as a retail trader you can profit from up moves as well as down.

  4. #IGCommodityChat: Oil

    Saudi said they were not willing to 'cut production' alone, knowing they would get another slap across the wrists from Trump if they do. The other big OPEC producers and Russia can cope with price as is (see graph above), Russia also seems unwilling to cut production. So it seems unlikely there will be an outcome from next weeks meeting that would cause a rise in bullish sentiment.

    The OPEC cartel exists because no one seems willing to start a war with Islam and they have all the oil, the UN is far too busy right now trying to get the UK to hand the Falklands over to Argentina and forcing countries into their Migration (open boarders) Pact.