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  1. the page has links to a number of articles and a video so study them first, you need to set up an account etc. https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/618?utm_source=mt4terminal&utm_medium=special&utm_campaign=en.mail.signals
  2. The important point all along was perpetual intellectual property theft, everything else was just dressing. Interestingly China a few days ago signed an agreement with the EU regarding IP rights but I have not had a change to go into it yet.
  3. just seen you are looking for the metatraders 'signal service', you do that from the mt4 platform, it will have sent you mail, click on the 'Terminal' tab and see pic below
  4. no you don't need to connect to metatrader at all, just IG. So you don't need metatrader's mt4 or their feed, just the ones provided by IG. so go back to my first post above and check you have IG's live and demo feed, as per my picture. to set up IG just click on each feed (live or demo) in turn and click 'next' and follow the instructions. For the live account you will need the info sent in 2 emails from IG, one with your login and one with your password. For demo account mt4 assigns a random one automatically.
  5. The Trump impeachment hearing is turning into a joke, when the 2 'star witnesses' were asked just what they thought Trump should be impeached for neither could answer, their 'evidence' turns out to be second and third hand which they said was often more reliable than first hand evidence ...jeez. Open interest in the indices is still low, the big fund mangers are still waiting, Trump could end the trade dispute tomorrow if he wanted, in which case retail sales, indy production and GDP would take off. So there is just as good a case for a restart of the bull market after 18 months plus of consolidation as there is for any correction down and the market looks to be playing a waiting game sitting on the highs currently rather than the lows so optimistic rather than pessimistic. I do agree with your last para @786Trader
  6. Caseynotes

    Joe Elle

    eg have you ever tried google translate? often turns out not quite what you were expecting 🙂
  7. you don't need to connect to metatrader as you should be connected to IG instead, you seem to have the feed as the chart has opened. Right click on any where in 'Market Watch' and click 'Show all' (see pic). Also see https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platforms/metatrader-4/what-is-mt4-how-to-use-it and also download the IG app add ons.
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    Joe Elle

    Hi, you are most welcome, start anywhere you like.
  9. just meaning that TA is based on historic values that may or may not have any bearing on today's market. For example new news is much more important than yesterday's chart values.
  10. no problem, you need to open mt4 so if downloaded from IG there should be IG mt4 icon on your desktop, double click to open mt4 and look in File tab (top left corner) of mt4. https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platforms/metatrader-4
  11. recently someone on the forum asked where are all the old posters? The answer is of course told in the line on the web pages '74% clients lose money' so why is that? 1/ Most people come into this thinking it's a game, like a casino, you learn the rules, play the game and maybe you're a natural and it all just takes off, ha ha. Would you start a new career with that mind set, no. 2/ Then you think 'Technical Analysis' must be the formula to success, you study hard and swamp your chart with TA but to no avail. TA is a science, trading is an art, they are not the same thing, to be good at one does not equal being good at the other. By now you've invested so much money and time (money) that you can't turn round and without any outside income you run your account out, with additional funds you can go on down the same road indefinitely, surely if you can just keep going you'll get there eventually? no. The video below looks at the reality of trading using math, it reiterates that most successful traders who stay in the game usually have a very simple methodology, many just use a simple ma crossover or price crossing an ma strategy - really. In the last few seconds of the video is a phrase that sums up what you need to do to make this work. Find it. Validate it. Do it. Find it; a simple system that suits your style of trading (see the OP of this thread), copy or adapt one (there are hundreds out there), or develop your own from scratch. Validate it; test it to make sure it works for you, collect data, backtest it, demo test it, live test it on min bet size (see the OP on testing). Do it; Stick to the system's rules and the rules need to be hard and fixed, not just platitudes. If you change anything you must go back to the validation stage, otherwise stick to the rules and let it play out over time and many trades. The 'find it' and 'validate it' stages cost time but not your savings account. If you get that right before going for real you are half way there which is further than the average punter gets. The 'do it' should be the easy bit but it's not, sticking to the rules is really hard, which is why many traders just use a simple strategy, because it's much easier to stick to. Once you have done all of the above you are ready to start trading for real, most only discover this after their account has already hit zero.
  12. Hi, do you have the IG feeds to your mt4. 'File' > 'Open an Account' . (see pic below)
  13. Permabears tryna call the market top like
  14. for some reason the market just won't bend to my will and those dam ned central bankers keep interfering to prevent any kind of a melt down, blo ody ridiculous and irresponsible I know but there it is. Retail sales and indy production are down because of 18 months of trade war, indices are buying into an increasing likelihood of a progressive resolution of that trade war.
  15. ha ha yes. who really knows the future, I know I don't. What I do know is that the market is always looking for value, when price runs out of buyers it goes down looking for support, when it runs out of sellers it goes up looking for resistance. TA won't tell you where these places are on the chart because price is too fluid (buyers and sellers are whimsical just like you) no matter what time frame you are working on. This morning Dax started off looking for support and looks to have found it at S1 (13163) for now at least, fine, great, it doesn't really matter where it found it, only that you are able to recognise that it did.
  16. Dow starting above the pivot while Dax starts below, usually see Dax fall into line and follow Dow when this happens. On the longer term time frames both are at or near their highs so expecting continuation until PA proves otherwise. H1 charts;
  17. Dax just pulling back on the London open as is Dow which pushed through it's all time high overnight. Ftse and ASX still trapped by resistance. China announced more poor manu data as the trade dispute drags on.
  18. Overnight Indices mixed, Bonds, Oil and Gold up. Chart BTC down 1%. US oil and USD still trapped by resistance, Gold trying to push up off recent lows. Ger prelim GDP beat expectations this morning +0.1%, -0.1% forecast. UK retail sales at 9:30am, EU GDP at 10am and US PPIs at 1:30pm. Fed's Powell testifies to congress at 3pm.
  19. Also today is the start of the Trump impeachment hearings which might also affect the markets. Starting at 10am (I think EST which is 3pm gmt). How to watch Wednesday's impeachment hearing By Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN Updated 1103 GMT (1903 HKT) November 13, 2019 https://edition.cnn.com/2019/11/13/politics/watch-impeachment-hearing-wednesday/index.html?utm_content=2019-11-13T12%3A11%3A07&utm_source=twCNNp&utm_medium=social&utm_term=image
  20. Dax and Dow looking to bounce up off S2 meanwhile more good news as EU industrial production m/m stays positive in spite of forecast to decrease 0.2%.
  21. Different grades different markets.
  22. A tag on the highs just before London cash close yesterday and then a pullback to mid range. Both below the daily pivot this morning so would expect to see an attempt on the pivot on the London open, success or failure will determine either R1 or S1 as the next target.
  23. Dax and Dow consolidating around the highs, Ftse contemplating the up coming UK election and S&P made it's 8th new all time high in the last 14 trading days yesterday.
  24. Overnight Indices, Bonds and Oil down. Gold up, Crypto mixed. Chart Gold. UK CPI at 9:30am. US CPI at 1:30pm. Japan GDP at 11:50pm.
  25. New educational video from CryptoCred on Multi Time Frame analysis. (120 min)