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  1. Overnight and Indices up. Gold, Oil up, Bonds, USD flat and Crypto down. Chart Barclays. PMIs - Ger 8:30, EU 9:00, US 2:45pm.
  2. Hi, the inactivity fee (custody fee) only applies to share dealing accounts. see this page 'other fees' with additional note 2 below. https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees
  3. Hi, see this page, look under NYSE https://www.ig.com/uk/shares/out-of-hours-shares
  4. Hi IG use their own data for charts whereas Tradingview use Oanda's charting data.
  5. Dow spikes up to Friday's high on news US trade delegation travelling to Shanghai next week. H1 chart;
  6. buying the dip is playing reversals of sorts, just not on the primary trend but the secondary trend (the pullback), less risk and higher probability.
  7. yes, dax had already hit R3 by 12pm.
  8. not sure why you say that, has climbed over 50 points since 11:30 and is still over 30 points higher now. This is Ger30 M5 I posted on the Dax and Dow thread a just a short while ago. edit: from 11am went up over 85 points
  9. yes, that's one of the reasons I've been posting side by side charts every morning for the last year and a half 🙂
  10. Not surprised it was a tough day, all the indices putting in a strong bull candle but just a quick tote sees you've shorted the indices 17 times and only longed 7 (as you say, a short game). It this like resistance training or something, you know where you train to sprint by dragging a big weight behind you? just asking.
  11. Nice demonstration of price recognition of multi-time frame support and resistance levels and daily pivot points on today's M5 Dax chart. Note that all these levels were pre-existing on this morning's chart and have been adhered to with remarkable precision throughout the day as Dax climbed through the ranks. (For the MTF S/R levels see legend top of chart in Blue).
  12. US market open 10 min, Dax just dropping back to test R3 while Dow just under R2. H1 charts;
  13. Interest rate change expectations; ECB on Thursday, FOMC next week Wednesday, BoE next week Thursday. ForexFlow @forexflowlive 36m Interest rate expectation update: -Jul #FOMC 25bp cut 84.5%, 50bp 15.5%. -Jul #ECB 61.1% unch, 38.9% 10bp cut. -Aug #BOE unch 97.4%, 2.6% 25bp cut -Sep #BOC 90.2% unch, 9.8% 25bp cut
  14. Looks like the bulls are trying get a bounce up off the recent low after the gap down around 2416 which is a 50% retracement from that last impulse move, though by the last white volume candle they are having to fight for it.
  15. yes, it's worth checking these 2 IG sites at the weekends for content; https://community.ig.com/igtv/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwvras8SRKKhx_cboj2p1nw
  16. You've had a good run down with this one and it's at an interesting junction, on the H4 price has broken below the May low and looks to be testing the underside as possible resistance so may go lower but also may be about to retrace back up, worth watching closely.
  17. Missed this IG video from 15 July on Dow theory, some history and more recent updates. 20 min.
  18. Hi, yes you need to be on the DMA platform to see the L2 data. https://www.ig.com/uk/l2-trading-platform
  19. BTC tested support at 10044 but still looks inclined to try lower rather than head back up, short term resistance at 10660. H4 chart;
  20. Still hanging around 56 looking due to test 57 again. H4 chart;
  21. Gold searching for support, may find it here at prior low 1415 otherwise it could be all the way back down to 1400. H4 chart;
  22. Dax and Dow already checked R1 and just easing off before the European open so Dow must be thinking of a test of Friday's high around 27333 today, Dax should follow.
  23. Directional continuation yesterday and this morning with continued expectation of Fed and ECB taking the lower rates line, Asian market most relieved. Daily charts;
  24. Is this a problem for UK users this morning. still warnings in place see pic; https://status.ig.com/
  25. Overnight, Indices and USD up, Bonds and Gold down, Crypto down. Chart Gold. Today, EU bank lending, UK Tory leadership contest, US housing.