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  1. S&P pushes up past near term resistance. Dax and Dow rest up just above the daily R1. FTSE and S&P daily charts. Dax and Dow H1.
  2. Indices and Oil up. Gold and Bonds down. USD down. Today US PMIs. AUD up, JPY down.
  3. Haha, NHS now reporting there have been ZERO flu deaths so far in 2020, everything has been re-branded Covid 19. A while back in this thread are the charts for year on year 'excess winter deaths' (flu and pneumonia) the 5 year rolling average being 35,000 a year though the year before covid was a bad one with around 50,000. Puts the covid figures into perspective doesn't it. And same as covid deaths, the very unwell over 80s make up most of the deaths every year. Also new studies continues to come in and reinforces the initial empirical data as has been reproduced in this thread, this time from Stanford University saying the covid 19 fatality rate for the under 45s is 'almost zero'. Rod Bishop @rodbishop15 "This is astonishing!!!!! PHE are saying there have been NO flu deaths this year. All registered as Covid. Absolute silence from the #ScumMedia Weve been had. Replying to @Alpha_57 @js100js100 @gatewaypundit From UK Govt Public Health today. NO FLU CASES OR DEATHS IN 2020!. Flu has been rebadged as Covid!" https://www.zerohedge.com/political/stanford-doc-covid-fatality-rate-people-under-45-almost-0
  4. because if they get good enough they'll be promoted to the A book 🎖️
  5. Hi, if I remember correctly you need to download the Autochartist plugin from the Autochartist web site where you also have all the tuition videos. Once downloaded I think if you have the MT4 open it will load onto the platform automatically when you open the download file (same as the apps pack does). https://trader.autochartist.com/sign-in/
  6. Hi, tricky one, looking at the charts below Tesla seems to have run into some resistance end of last week which might force it down some but will need to wait for after the market opens post holiday to get a better idea as to near term direction.
  7. you could try doing a search as the question has been answered on the forum probably about half a dozen times by IG. As pointed out before, brokers who take the other side of the bet are at risk of going bust and do so routinely. Brokers who don't take the other side tend stay in business and keep their license, so given the longevity of IG as a company the later business model is the more likely. IG gets prices from the big players in the market and pass them on to you with a widened spread, simple really. They have an A-book and a B-book, essentially profitable and non-profitable traders. B-book has far more traders but they use far less size, A-book has fewer traders but they use far greater size. The business model is to match in-house shorts and longs as much as possible which is often matching A book to B book and IG takes the spread off both parties. Any over flow is parallel hedged which means IG taking the same position in the larger market, if you win so do they so they collect and pay you, if you lose so do they so they collect off you and pay whoever provided the hedge, but don't worry IG still turn a profit as they get far tighter spreads than they pass on to you. Good brokers, bad brokers, take you pick. Bad brokers are cheaper but eventually get flushed when their clients suddenly 'get it right' during a market upheaval, clients might get their money who knows, clients of Iron FX certainly didn't. Good brokers are never the cheapest but the business model they use is sustainable and so they tend to last.
  8. trading US small cap gappers as per ross cameron, here's the thread, what a ******* disaster that was.
  9. sounds like you have been suckered in by that scammer ross cameron of warrior trading 🤕
  10. neither SB nor CFD are linked to the exchange unless you are dealing through the DMA platform and even then you are still dealing through IG. you are taking a bet on a move in the market, someone must cover that bet, who? it can only be either another buyer/seller or IG. you can't get filled if no one takes the other side of the bet, WHO? it can only be an other trader or IG and as I've already said it's obviously not IG or you would have got your fill automatically.
  11. this doesn't make sense, you are saying IG is just taking the other side of your bet (who else could you possibly mean?), i've explained twice that is not how it works, IG match buyers to sellers. yes, you are completely wrong, IG's spread bet and cfd track the underlying cfd market, if you place the SB chart next to the CFD chart they are exactly the same, same candles same prices, they move in the same way because they are the same. you are saying you should always get filled with SB but then can't understand why you didn't get filled with SB, the answer is likely to be a misunderstanding as to how SB works. it works the same as cfd, you need a buyer for every seller and if you don't get filled then obviously the broker is not just stepping in and automatically taking the other side of your bet. loads of new traders say brokers are corrupt, brokers know retail mostly lose and so they just take the other side of the bet, but if ever the trader doesn't get a fill they blame the broker and expect them to just take the other side of the bet.
  12. don't worry, the days have started shortening, winter will soon be here.
  13. you are confusing a broker with a bookie, a broker matches buyers to sellers, a bookie just takes the other side of your bet having given you 'odds'. If the broker can't find someone to swap contracts with you then they can't fill your order. If the broker can't find someone to lend you stocks or contracts then they can't even start to look for someone to take your short order when you have nothing to sell. IG have survived many major market upheavals precisely because they are not directly involve in taking bets. Brokers use the futures market to give out of hours prices. If you are looking for a broker that operates in a loosely regulated region and does take the other side of your bets I can recommend Plus 500 who nearly went bust just recently and had to issue urgent profits warning to their share holders due to clients 'getting it right' on recent bets during the covid and oil market upheavals. Good luck.
  14. Monte putting out 2 daily reports in a single week has caught me completely off guard and missed this earlier; https://www.ig.com/content/dam/publicsites/igcom/Dubai/files/education/IG's%20Daily%20Market%20Report%202-7-2020.pdf
  15. Evening Standard @standardnews Experts today said the 50 per cent fall in Londoners seeking medical help in A&E during the coronavirus pandemic was “very worrying” https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/huge-decline-ae-numbers-worrying-problem-a4486681.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1593687164
  16. Looking for support, will the blue intraday fibs hold?
  17. yes it's 0.9, you need to be a bit careful with lot sizes and stops etc, pips not points depending on the decimal place used for the market, for indices a stop of 100 = 10 points but I think FX 10 = 10.
  18. Hi, no the demo has a different login name and password, the live name is 5 digits and I think the demo is 6 digits. so long as you are getting the IG demo feed ( File > Open an account ) then you can open a new demo by clicking on demo to highlight and the click next and follow the instructions.
  19. and in case you were listening to the bbc, sky et al concerning Sweden's response to Covid (no lockdown) the truth lies in the data.
  20. oh, had the GBPUSD up next to EURAUD instead of GBPAUD. Point I was trying to make was that EUR currently was the weakest to match against the strong AUD.
  21. Open thread for strategy suggestions. The '... worth testing' caveat is because all strategies need tweaking to suit individual preferences such as time frames, trading hours etc. Also 2 people reading the exact same text or watching the same video will often walk away with completely different ideas as to how to implement the info. Starting with a short video explaining a simple session start breakout strategy, useful to know even if not employed this is seen in many guises with minor alterations eg the London Breakout Strategy, in this case the start of the Asian session is used for USDJPY. Simply put you create stop orders above and below the high and low of the first 1 hour bar of the session open, this keeps you out of the initial market open whipsaw and hopefully gets you entered for a range expansion move once one side has overpowered the other. Well worth a backtest on your preferred markets.
  22. yes, if your strategy only gives occasional signals then you need to compensate by increasing the number of charts to scan though if using the large time frames a 5 second peek once a day is usually enough.
  23. FTSEand S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1. Didn't notice that big slump in the Dow yesterday 15:00, was that connected to the Trump presser? Strange it didn't affect Dax.