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  1. Rule of thumb is to expect continuation til the chart says otherwise though as ever the general wave pattern of the incoming tide means timing those entries.
  2. no problem, unfortunately only given for FX so far and remember it's an estimate based on the expected end of day interest rate.
  3. Hi, see here; https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated-
  4. @CharlotteIG ha, now you've gone and blocked me altogether ­čść
  5. As I've tried to point out often it looks like you were lured into thinking you could go into full time trading without a viable plan or tested strategy and learn on the fly. That may be because you were listening to people who are constantly giving out professional sounding advise but even after years of trying can't themselves make a living trading but instead rely on other income. On forums and on SM these ego driven guys are by far the majority, be careful who's advice you follow. Not necessarily a question of quitting but more a case of needing to rethink your whole approach.
  6. Daily Dashboard. Indices, USD and Oil up. Bonds and Gold down. Today Powell continues his testimony to congress 3pm.
  7. Hi @CharlotteIG, can you check the 'Daily Dashboard' thread, I can't add a new post. Also the create a new thread function has lots of greyed out headings such as 'general discussion'. thanks.
  8. Dax now into all time highs, S&P following up on yesterday's ATH and Dow edging up to it's recently created ATH. Ftse still lagging but goods buyer optimism improving (themarketear).
  9. It may turn out that way but until you see the bulls retake control you just don't know so wait for the candle reversal or a pullback on the way back up, there are hundreds of maybes there is no point in trying to jump on them but rather wait for momentum to destroy the opposition.
  10. Look at the structure, the only real clue your indicators were giving was the R1 level of interest saw a reversal of direction near the end but before that yesterday there was a run down that gave a couple of breakout shorts, box off sideways movement and wait for price to break which ever way then small breakouts on the way back up and then after the reverse at R1 look for a break going down. Again just short stop losses and a set target of stop loss x 2.
  11. The time frame doesn't really matter nor do your indicators, so long as you can identify long and short term trend then look to the price action to tell you which side has taken control, you won't know for how long that control will last so just try to ride it while you can. You get in on candle reversal patterns in pullbacks or obvious breakouts and set a simple, reasonable stop loss to profit target eg a straight 1:2, set and forget. You have no idea the time frame or the market of the chart is below and it doesn't really matter.
  12. Scalpers are sitting at the chart while trading and will seldom let price hit their stop, they should be looking for price to just take off on the triggering of their set up and if it doesn't something is wrong and usually best just to get out.
  13. Pivot points and support and resistance levels aren't chart structure, they are levels of interest. Chart structure is formed by prior price action and the candles it leaves behind, those are your breakout levels and from there you are looking at levels of interest as possible targets or simply trouble areas where you may have to bail if price can't break through.
  14. Hi, which platform do you mean, mt4, IG web based, prorealtime, direct market access?
  15. "Amazon - now that is a strong break out after consolidating for almost 2 years"
  16. Dow looking to position for break on the US open. M15 charts;
  17. That sounds like good commonsense basic trading, looking for stocks that are on the move, entering with a good stop and looking to run as far as possible but getting out early if things become indecisive. Most trading books will recommend the same. Hope it keeps going well for you.
  18. Hi, IG use a variable spread system so spread will rise briefly during periods of high volatility before returning to normal, the same applies to the min stop distance. You can still close the position at any time before the min stop manually.
  19. you've hit a great patch in the market cycle for longing big stocks, after the up and down of the last 2 years the market finally took off around Oct last year and has been pretty much one way since. I don't usually trade individual stocks myself preferring instead the indices so I don't use screeners but there are many on the forum who do and are interested in which ones are best and what parameters to set.
  20. for someone who doesn't like or get TA you're always going on about it and never seem to think anything else. you know I hardly use any, after all this time you're only now seeming to get that controlling risk is more important, you should have checked the posts on random entries and how risk control and in-trade risk management were the key to profitability not TA.
  21. Hi, do you use any screeners for your etf selections at all?
  22. Dax storms straight up to it's ATH on the London open to match Dow. Not sure there is enough push to break the highs so could check support from here.
  23. oh dear, see below. @TendexCapital "Sharing something hypothetical here that perfectly illustrates how "calling levels" or turning points in the market is NOT #trading . Even when framing everything quite well, it's only analysis, which is necessary, but far from sufficient. Execution is trading!"
  24. S&P straight back into new all time highs, Dow and Dax not far behind. Ftse has UK GDP to worry about. Daily charts;