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  1. That's correct, an index is a general gauge of the health of a country's economy if the basket contains the largest companies overall or sector performance if it's a specialist index.
  2. Dow just tucked under it's all time high, Dax also looking to go higher. Ftse and ASX still trapped. Callum Thomas "while the S&P500 made a new all time high, so too did the MSCI ACWI (global equities), and interestingly enough 1/3rd of countries are now in a "bull market"
  3. Overnight Indices up. Bonds, Gold and Oil down, USD down, Crypto up. Chart CAT up 5% on Friday and now at 2019 highs. Not much on the calendar, JPY bank holiday, EU PMI's at 10am and Lagarde speaks at 7:30pm for first time as ECB president.
  4. Interesting to see BTC responding so well to Daily Pivot Points. Heiken Ashi Smoothed over 5 point Renko Range bars;
  5. Hi, an index is designed to mimic or track a basket of companies but won't do that 100% in real time as an index is a market unto itself with it's own market participants who will drive price up or down irrespective of the basket companies. So neither actually drives the other and so you get index traders responding to index chart patterns and structure regardless of what the basket is doing. Imbalances between index and basket will occur from time to time but will eventually work itself out. It's the same for ETFs that are designed to mimic or track an index, they are their own market and price will swing according to the actions of that market's participants rather than the index the ETF is based on.
  6. @jokermads https://e-markets.nordea.com/#!/article/54413/fx-weekly-weve-got-99-problems-but-the-nok-aint-one
  7. @UN1234, afraid you are not going to find a platform that does it all for each person's personal preference. I know the currency conversion question has come up before but was reported back that there were no plans to change. By convention the quote currency is used because that is what you are paying with to buy the base currency. If PRT does it for you then use it otherwise use a calculator. Error code 1003 is a generic code for program load failure.
  8. that's right see the two charts below usd/nok and nok/usd, they are nearly a mirror of each other though not quite as it's a different market but if you are looking for nok to rise you would need to short the other currency on IG. As with all pairs check first which other currency is most likely to go the opposite direction, usd, euro, sek? if both currencies head in the same direction the chart will just go sideways.
  9. Hi, don't Deribit have a lot of hidden fees? $10 commission per trade plus maker and taker fees plus withdrawal fees.
  10. HI, you can delete them from your email server but IG is legally obliged to send a new statement every time there is activity on your account.
  11. Hi, you would need to calc that manually into points to enter into the trailing stop input box.
  12. Hi, I may be wrong but I don't think you can move shares or other assets between accounts (except cash). The IG helpdesk should be able to provide a quick answer.
  13. Hi, no the platform won't perform a currency conversion back to your account currency til after the trade has been closed but being a FX trader that'll probably be a doddle for you anyway. Most people want the margin displayed in actual amounts so they can see exactly how much they have to trade with. The platform won't display % of account size risked but there are plenty of web sites with a calculator to do that; see https://www.earnforex.com/spread-bet-calculator/
  14. I wouldn't worry too much about your tweezers or your MAs, stick to basic chart structure when looking for a break, so not yet. How low can it go?
  15. Hi, no not nok/eur, you can trade either eur/nok or usd/nok.
  16. Hi, IG use variable spreads and variable minimum stops so when market conditions are normal they are tight but if there is a period of increased volatility they will widen, that might be for a scheduled news event or suddenly for breaking news and the increase may last just a few minutes or maybe 1 hour eg for a news conference. The important point is that if you don't know why the spread and min stop has widened something is going on in the market you need to know about before entering any trade.
  17. Hi, you were probably caught in the IG downtime for weekly maintenance (Fri midnight - Sat 4am. UK time)
  18. HI, IG use the same conversion formula (current rate + commission 0.5%) so instant or manual being better or worse is dependent on the current rate. You might be better off having 2 accounts, one in $ and the other in £ so you can keep a certain amount in $ for placing trades and only converting profits to back £ occasionally.
  19. YEA retail traders will not be bowed and are clinging onto that 75% loser rate like it's a badge of honour. S+P makes a new all time high - retail go 78% short, S&P makes another new ATH - retail go 80% short, S&P makes yet another new ATH - retail goes 83% short. Saturday 2 Nov IG retail client sentiment; The problem of course is that when price is at the all time high it's knocking against the chart top border so can't go any higher right? Here's a Top Tip, use the slider on the right hand scale to move the chart down and hey presto - more space atop the chart suddenly appears as if by magic so price can now go further up. Here's a mystery though, it's not the dumb money that keeps pushing price higher, they're all short. I wonder who it could be then 🤔
  20. NFP at 12:30 not 1:30 today (old habits etc)
  21. Sebastian Sienkiewicz @Amdalleq 9h "Wow, 73% of the S&P 500 companies which reported earnings so far beat their estimates (actual Earnings Per Share higher than mean forecast). Highest percentage since 2006. It seems to me like the forecasts were lowered too much.. 40% of the S&P companies reported so far"
  22. Trajan @trajanmex Bitcoin pumps on news of emails getting leaked.
  23. Both pushed down on the European open though both remain above the Pivot so if can find support above will be looking for further upside gains. If the bulls lose the pivot then looking to the short side. H1 charts;
  24. Should the US be putting 'boots on the ground' in the event of a JC win? 😥