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  1. On the H1 chart both Dax and Dow making an encouraging move for the pivot (Friday's data) pre-European market open. Both have fairly solid support below but strong resistance above as well, current chart structure suggesting resistance likely to be tested but the pivot needs to be captured first.
  2. Weekly charts and Dow puts in a inside pause candle while Dax has a bear continuation. Ftse stuck in range flag and Nikkei coiling in a triangle. S&P daily trying for support off 2966 but may take a look at the stronger level just below at 2958.
  3. Starting out fairly flat, Asian markets down as bets come off for an aggressive rate cut next week. USD up Crypto up and Bonds down overnight. Chart USDJPY. Not much on the calendar today or tomorrow, ECB rate decision Thursday and US GDP Friday.
  4. Hi, this has come up before and has something to do with restrictions placed on the app by Apple. See this thread below. Though just noticed the thread is quite old, maybe someone can provide an update.
  5. BTC made a break up to test 11083 then down to check support at 10446, the latest bounce up looks strong on the lower time frames so expecting another try for 11083. H4 chart;
  6. Yes, PRT has a time zone shift function, don't know if it has a 'ignore Sunday' function though as it uses IG's feed. see this vid.
  7. that's fine, the saying is borrowed from differentiating between smart and wise.
  8. yes, the intelligent man knows that a tomato is a fruit but the knowledgeable man knows not to put one in a fruit salad. Intelligent people think that trading is all about technical analysis but it's not.
  9. pregnant with thought is not thought, it just means you've been ******* you need to drop the personality and be a machine, a number, because the market just does not care about you.
  10. I am happy to try to help anyone, most though just want confirmation of naive and inexperienced concepts of what they think trading should be rather than what it actually is.
  11. you fail to acknowledge the time i have spent on you, going over problems on the platform, working out what is and what isn't, for you, I don't even trade on the blimmin thing. I am helping by being honest and truthful, if you see that as being insulting then that's just your perspective (from a position of arrogance obviously) . I'm here because I've seen this rotation a hundred times, 80% of new traders don't last 9 months, it's like being in the bloo dy matrix. Again you have added 2 replies before I can send a reply to your post. Try less rapid fire and more thought.
  12. bedside manor is bs, your account is dying. keep your idiotic psycho babble to yourself. I'm not trying to offend you but you always refuse to address the points I raise, you ignore them for your own peace of mind The problem is yours, I've been with IG since 2012, you are not going to last 6 months unless you wise up oh, just read the bit about a new career, well 6 years to be a professional, makes sense. I am not insulting people, I am just telling them not to be so bloo dy stupid, this is a tough game and the ne're do wells won't make it.
  13. oh, so within a few hours I gone from needing to be more humble to suddenly being 'incredibly defensive and seeking acknowledgement', oh and arrogant. it's not arrogance to refuse that Limit orders be renamed nit's entries. it's not arrogance to point out that if the chart price is the same as the buy price then the chart price MUST be set to Ask. it's not arrogance to point out that the shaded area refers to the min stop level if the chart price is set to ask for a buy order. Nearly every reply to you has been after time spent on the platform checking this and that, what a waste of time. You don't even bother to read let alone digest the info in my reply posts, or to even check, you just dismiss because ...? of your own arrogance. And that's my last word, until you respond with yet another bs reply.
  14. Look at the time stamp, hardly enough time to read let alone think, as usual just rapid fire meaningless, pointless reply.
  15. All the working out is within this thread which you contributed to but never actually read at all.
  16. you asked about the shaded area then said it was the spread, i told you you were wrong and you were, i then worked it out for you (it was to do with the ask, bid and mid prices). read the answers before replying. you were wrong about the shaded area, you were wrong about the spread, you were wrong about what the limit is, you keep saying you need more education but you admit you never get round to it which is a shame because you don't know any of the basics at all, as a consequence your posts are misleading to others just starting out which is why I feel compelled to keep correcting them. Using max margin on every trade to put on £170/point with a £2000 account. Good Lord. I can understand why you want someone to copy trades from as your own technique of mashing the buy or sell button on a whim and a prayer is not working out for you. Still, that wont be a problem for long with a 60% drawdown on your account in just 4 months, and most of that time was spent on demo. Yes, it's a common theme people will repeatedly ask for help but then never take on board any of the answers or advice. Can you imagine the hundreds I've seen go through this forum over the last 3 and a half years, some things never change.
  17. What are you talking about I've just worked the whole thing out for you, it's all there in the thread. As I said, you should try reading it, instead of just firing out rapid replies and additions one after the other that miss the point or deliberately try to misdirect, it's obvious where the humility should be coming from.
  18. Of course I see what the problem is, I've been explaining it to you for ages, go back over the thread and see for yourself .
  19. yes, in THIS example pictured above the price is set to Mid as is half way between the Sell and Buy as opposed to the previous picture which showed the price set to Ask as it matched the Buy price. Each chart can be set individually so might be worth going back to the previous chart and check. The Sell price is your Entry price level for a short which is covered over by the Limit line if no limit is set and the stop is set from the Entry level regardless of price being set to ask, bid or mid.
  20. The shaded area has nothing to do with spread. Move the Limit line out of the way so you can see the entry line. The price level is the white box, the stop level is the red box, the limit level is the purple box and the entry level is the blue line. On your picture the price (white box) was the same as the Buy price because it was set to Ask. The shaded area covers the min stop position if the price is set to Ask but the actual stop level is always taken from the entry level.
  21. yeah, it's to do with what the exchange the asset is on offers, see to top reply in this thread.
  22. Hi, this has come up before and I think you need to set up 2 different accounts, one for each of the base currencies so then only need conversion if wanting to transfer monies between accounts. The helpdesk should be able to advise more.
  23. Hi, still waiting for the upgraded shares platform, until then see this thread;
  24. Ok I see; So in this example you've posted above you have got your chart price line set to Ask instead of Mid, see it's the same as the buy price (top left). Slide the Limit order (take profit) level down out of the way so you can see your entry level. Your stop for the sell is 20 points above your entry level. Now toggle your price setting from Ask to Bid, see the price line drops down to your sell entry level which is the same as the Sell price (top left) but the Stop and Limit levels don't change. Now toggle the price to Mid and the price line moves to mid way between the Sell and Buy but again the Stop and Limit levels don't change. So the shaded area covers the 20 point stop from the Ask price level while the actual Stop level will always be taken from the Entry level.