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  1. New study from Spain; 'Spanish antibody testing has failed to confirm COVID in 87% of their hospitalised patients and even 53% of their ICU COVID patients. Looks like Spain is in a false positive pseudo-epidemic.' Replying to @plaforscience During the '2nd wave' 87% of those fast covid admission/discharge (<7 days) showed NO IgG, never were covid infected. EIGHTY SEVEN per hundred of those in the hosp lists is fake. 56% of long hospitalisation weren't infected either. Even 53% of supposed covid ICUs is false. (in Spanish) informe_cuarta_ronda.pdf (isciii.es)
  2. from experience you'll just be labelled and dismissed as a conspiracy theorist ergo zero points raised need to be considered by the oh so virtuous but best of luck anyway.
  3. and my 2 mates said it was just like a normal flu 🤔 anyway, German data says you have a only 5 out of 10,000 chance of dying of Covid if you are under 70 years of age. 2 questions, how would you ever know if the vaccine was effective, 4 deaths every 10,000? the numbers are so small as to be statistically insignificant. And what about the very real possibility the vaccine will have a lower survival rate than the disease? 🤔
  4. 999 & 111 triage with covid symptoms data up to Jan 10th looks to be rolling over after normal winter increase.
  5. check for new notifications and that you don't need to re-agree the T&Cs and update fin situation report.
  6. Video (27 min) on PCR false positives and the current Covid-19 pseudoepidemic. As Youtube are banning anything that doesn't support the movable feast that is the WHO guidelines, and certainly no criticism or explanation as to why none of it is working is allowed, so this is likely to be deleted before long. Here's my explanation of a false positive pseudoepidemic from October: Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath 3h
  7. ''Germany are finding that the number of acute respiratory infection cases are static or falling while the proportion attributed to SARS-CoV-2 increases. This happened with swine flu and only ended when they stopped PCR testing.'' Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath 4h Corona-Lockdown: Droht tatsächlich eine akute nationale Gesundheitsnotlage? | Telepolis (heise.de)
  8. as usual there is no attempt to contradict the ton of govt data and published research material that shows that these measures simply do not work, best just to pretend it's not there and so keep your bbc bias intact.
  9. Old Holborn® @Holbornlolz 4m Greece did this. It made no difference. Daily Mirror @DailyMirror Tougher lockdown measures could include a ban on leaving home more than once a week mirror.co.uk/news/politics/ Tougher lockdown measures could include a ban on leaving home more than once a week - Mirror Online
  10. Hi, you trade then on their own chart, click on the small arrow next to the asset name on the normal chart for the dropdown box and click on the weekend choice.
  11. Why lockdowns increase spread not decrease. Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath 3h When the strong are allowed to mix and become immune they protect the vulnerable. When everyone is locked down the vulnerable and the strong reach are equally exposed so the vulnerable are no longer protected by the strong. Evidence in same research paper linked above.
  12. Yet another research paper finds evidence lockdowns don't work, still none that prove they do. Joel Smalley @RealJoelSmalley 21h Peer-reviewed study finds no significant benefits of mandatory lockdowns or business closures. In fact, in 75% of the comparisons, the interventions actually increased contagion, 1 in 5 significantly. Iran was the only country with consistent benefit. onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.11… Assessing Mandatory Stay‐at‐Home and Business Closure Effects on the Spread of COVID‐19 (wiley.com)
  13. no, I'm pretty sure the police were happy enough to arrest her of their own volition, if anyone's stage managing anything it's the UK govt.
  14. Going into weapons grade insanity now ... 'NERVTAG Chair: Rules Will have to get Stricter if Current Measures Don’t Show Signs of Working in Next Two Weeks' Woman 'arrested' for 'sitting on a bench' as police get tough on lockdown rules
  15. Digging deeper into NHS data is fascinating stuff, did you know that in the 24 hour period of Jan 3rd 85,000 nhs staff were on sick leave 32,000 of which were covid related. I posted this chart (fig1) a short while ago joking that someone had stolen Welch ICU beds, what happened was testing staff all at once with the faulty PCR and half had to immediately go into self isolation, hopefully management won't make that mistake again. Here is another chart, by the PCR test currently over 20% of the pop of Liverpool has covid. Common sense should tell you that's nonsense but if not then as
  16. Bet you were wondering if this was ever going to end? The answer is of course NO. China announced yesterday that a second city was going into lockdown. The first was about a week ago, I checked the BBC world site but could see no mention, I would have thought it was quite important news but the bbc clearly thinks best not to trouble you with it. Meanwhile Hancock this morning says he supports the police fining 2 women for going for a walk despite the fact they weren't actually breaking any law. And also that he hoped lockdowns weren't every winter but that annual vaccinations probabl
  17. WOW, the BBC actually comes up with the truth for a change ... ''This occupancy rate is actually noticeably lower than a usual year. In a normal winter, occupancy tends to average between 93% and 95%.'' Covid: How busy are hospitals in England? - BBC News
  18. Meanwhile more countries who, unlike the UK, didn't restrict access to heath care, are added to the list of those who have had no real increase in deaths this year. So far these include Sweden, Ireland, US, Israel and Germany. ''Germany deaths; WK50 2020: 921989 vs WK50 2019: 915351 Deaths increased by 0.72% whilst pop increased by 0.79% '' Sterbefälle - Fallzahlen 2016 bis 2020 - Statistisches Bundesamt (destatis.de)
  19. Reading Khan's desperate plea yesterday for more money to pay for his BLM fireworks display ❌ I mean for the sudden rush of covid patients, proved by a 42% rise in ventilator use ✔️ made me think of 2 things. Firstly that NHS managers and their budgets have never been in such good condition simply because they just haven't been doing the same number of procedures as in a normal year thanks to the 'save the NHS' campaign. Secondly I was reminded of all the fake news scare stories from the start of this debacle. Do you remember in Jan they were screaming out for ventilators, must
  20. Strong bullish charge into the week end a sign of expected higher prices come Monday open; Dow H4;
  21. hahaha, seriously? you are using Wikipedia as a data source? hahahaha
  22. half of which are non-covid and actually caused by the lockdowns and subsequent denial of health care, and that's with widespread deliberate mislabelling of deaths as covid. So a coin toss really, what caused the most deaths this year, was it a very bad flu or the UK govt? Meanwhile, eminent German research scientist calls for the PCR test to be scrapped immediately.
  23. as before your chart is not all-cause deaths but excess v the 5 year average so not the same thing. The link you posted only goes to the end of Dec. Week 51 13,011 Week 52 11,520. you see, 11,520 is less than 13,011. Compare that to April which saw the highest week at over 22,000. The explosion in cases (bigger than in April) is not matched by an explosion of ICU beds or deaths. Covid numbers are are meaningless if derived from the faulty PCR test. I posted the chart of national 111 and 999 calls just a day or 2 ago, was nothing remarkable and certainly no
  24. I saw this go through a couple of hours ago, Khan is actually asking govt for more money. The data is as the sitrep have reported.
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