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  1. oh, so you finally do have a proper tested strategy with stats to prove positive expectancy and are working it with a consistency that shows profitability over a decent sample size of live trades? only whenever I look at your charts I see a confusing array of multiple and constantly changing indicators and a reliance on basic patterns straight out of 'trading for dummies', and i think - well that can't be it. you are competing against other traders not educators, your obsession with educators is a diversion and oh, there was not a single chart with an indicator on it in that video, you would have noticed that but as usual you prefer to dismiss at a glance anything that doesn't fit your bias, as I said before, you are not a good listener.
  2. every time you enter a trade someone is taking the other side, every time you loss they win, if your account is running down to zero their account is running up to their first million. but carry on as per 🤓, i'm sure you'll be fine 🙄
  3. oh dear, and these are just the students of the people you are competing against, don't need patience, need to get the work done.
  4. US indices bounce up yesterday. FTSE and S&P daily charts. Dax and Dow stall at a retest of yesterdays high this morning. H1 charts.
  5. Indices up and Oil up. Gold down. Today EU and UK PMIs. USD up, HKD down.
  6. Dow pushes up through the pivot. H1 charts;
  7. on/off buttons for the daily pivots, intraday fibs, on-chart wpr and heikin ashi moving average, do you not have that on the other platforms?
  8. you're not a very good listener but let's try again anyway. everything works sometimes. every indicator developed will always have the footnote 'not to be used in isolation'. when a new indicator is created it goes through algos to determine the best settings to make as the default settings, this usually involves thousands of tests, to keep the numbers manageable they nearly all use the daily chart to run the tests on, this is fine if you are trading on the daily chart but if not it is advisable to review the default settings on your chosen time frame. so there are no hard rules for indicators, they can only indicate anyway. none can be relied upon to give definitive answers, this is why people will look for 2 or 3 indicators to converge to give a signal that you have found, by testing on the particular market and time frame you have chosen, to have a positive expectancy. you've spent months not to mention £££ trying to avoid proper testing, good luck with that 😓
  9. Hi, you can only remove items from watch lists you have created yourself not IG's watchlists.
  10. FTSE and S&P daily still unsure of direction. Dax and Dow checked higher to the daily pivot earlier this morning before backing down towards S1.
  11. Not much movement over the weekend. Indices and Bonds mixed. Oil down and Gold up. Today Ger consumer prices at 1pm. Watch out US NFP this week on Thursday and US July Bank Holiday Friday. EUR up, USD down.
  12. ‘The lockdown is causing so many deaths’ Dr Malcolm Kendrick on the disastrous response to Covid-19. Few would disagree that the UK’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been a shambles. We are now in the 14th week of a three-week lockdown and excess deaths are among the highest in Europe. But while the received wisdom is that lives could only have been saved by locking down harder, earlier and for longer, the benefits of lockdown remain unproven, while the costs of lockdown are starting to mount. Dr Malcolm Kendrick is a GP and author of Doctoring Data: How to Sort Out Medical Advice from Medical Nonsense. spiked caught up with him to get his take from the frontline. https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/06/26/the-lockdown-is-causing-so-many-deaths/#.Xvb4uRFDEOI.twitter
  13. HAHAHA, on the mandatory wearing of face masks ... "Not compulsory. Exempt if you have a health condition. And that can be anxiety, claustrophobia, severe distress about wearing one, asthma etc. Most of the disability awareness groups have cards on their websites that are acceptable." Thrive & Seek Co. @ThriveSeek
  14. Hi, is there a reason you must have a tab?, you can do all this on the platform, add text and drawings, then right click on the chart and select Export chart and a copy is sent to your Downloads folder from where you can move it to anywhere on your computer.
  15. Interesting insight into Nasdaq's repeating 5% corrections near the end of the vid 'understanding auction imbalances' just posted in Technical Analysis thread.
  16. Interesting 25 min video on understanding auction imbalances using market and volume profiling. Uses these tools to mark out areas for retest.
  17. Hi, see market data by hitting the 3 bar icon top left corner (see pic below)
  18. so continuing this real life farce we step from the absolute need for the 2 mt social distancing law (protests are exempt except protests against the social distancing law) to the face mask requirement law, see below the Govt info on the usefulness of face masks published previously, expect that to change soon.
  19. IG is not sending the demo feed to new accounts (old accounts not affected) must be related to the info notice you received, all you can do is send a email to make sure they are aware that the problem has not been completely fixed.
  20. this allows you to open an 'un-docked' deal/order ticket or an un-docked chart so you can move them around and place them anywhere.
  21. Stochastic as a trend and a trigger indicator. Stoch 96 (green and purple) rising or moving sideways in overbought shows an up trend so looking for long entries only. Stoch 96 descending or moving sideways in oversold shows a down trend so looking for short entries only. Stoch 14 K (blue) cross up over D (red) is the trigger signal for long. Stoch 14 K crossing down under D is the trigger for a short.
  22. That is just an on-chart stochastic (smoothed) instead of it being in a sub window.
  23. FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1;