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  1. yes, the platform closed the other trade because it's set to 'net off', if you change the setting to 'force open' on the deal/order ticket (hedging mode) it will allow both trades to run simultaneously.
  2. same as (yikes!)
  3. yes you spent a year complaining about specific problems that IG reported only you were experiencing and were not backed up by anyone else on the forum, whenever multiple reports did arrive on the forum for different problems you always jumped in with 'me too' as if they backed up your original concerns which they didn't. have no idea why you are even still using it tbh.
  4. they are, who says they don't and shouldn't but the automatic suggestion that the the bank must be involved in some kind of market manipulation is not the same thing.
  5. online banking platforms are not infallible, what's your point?
  6. what system? IG's business model has been vetted by esma, the platform is a tool, sometimes tools break, no one is complaining about PRT or mt4 so implying the platform's problems are a due to IG manipulating the market is just dishonest.
  7. the platforms been an issue for a few days whereas the whinging has been an issue forever but mustn't look too deep because the aim of course is to scapegoat failure.
  8. I would not for 1 second let IG hold a penny of my money if I had any doubts about them whatsoever, listening to people constantly whinging that they have nothing but doubts and constantly saying they are going elsewhere but never do is a total bore. Belize has plenty of brokers why don't they try there.
  9. great, show us all the evidence amassed by the regulator against IG and list the number of times they've lost their licence to broker. at last someone is actually going to do some proper research and give us some facts instead of endless conspiracy opinion.The large brokers had their business model turned inside out by ESMA just a couple of years ago so should be real easy to find. I'll wait. or are you perhaps just lumping in all brokers from all over the world regulated or not into one pot and pretending they all operate in exactly the same manner?
  10. markets still pricing worsening global economic conditions than anticipated just a few days earlier as shutdowns look like being larger and for longer. This will be a key chart to keep an eye on in the coming days. This chart, new cases in other locations (outside China), needs to rollover. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  11. you're put forward every single one of those 'IG do this/that' at some point and I've given an answer to every one, as I say, I keep repeating the factual answers for the benefit of others.
  12. short memory, try going back over the 'is spread betting for fools' thread.
  13. the same old grips over and over, IG are ripping me off, IG prevent me from making money, IG must be manipulating the market, IG are working against me, IG take the other side, IG rig the platform, IG ... ad infinitum
  14. the thing is you ask questions and I give reasonable sound answers that you completely ignore and so ask the same question over and over again. if you think the answer is wrong refute it with facts, you don't/can't, you just pretend no one can answer. so I keep repeating the correct answer not for you obviously but for other noobs who may be listening and not realise the game you keep playing.
  15. WHO declares a pandemic and the global shutdown begins with Trump banning all flights to the US from Europe. ECB rate decision today.
  16. try and pay attention, it didn't matter to IG that they followed their risk management plan and shut down the market when limits were hit, exactly as everyone including exchanges do. They don't need to contrive platform problems.
  17. actually I didn't listen because it's rambling garbage, if you're going to quote me at least try to be coherent in your response. If you're saying you predicted a viral pandemic would cause a bear market I don't think you did.