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  1. oh look, price respecting support and resistance levels, who could have guessed it?
  2. that's right, I just sit here all day every day for the last 6 years solely to post on the forum.
  3. The lines are only signalling potential breakout or reversal levels and also warn to avoid buying directly into resistance or sell directly into support, just saying
  4. not sure what it's based on, it doesn't matter. That market is spread bet or cfd so you are taking a posistion on amount of points movement higher or lower than 144460.
  5. Hi, yes, go to the positions tab and on the trade click (right click?) on the actual stop loss box containg the stop loss amount, there should be a arrow for a drop down box and the option to change the amount as well as the type eg trailing stop but does depend on account type.
  6. Hi, the margin will be high if the price of the asset is high, the margin percentage is determined by the regulator and gives the amount you must hold free in your account to cover potential losses if the position goes against you.
  7. That's the spread, the cost of the trade, the broker's profit.
  8. what? 'Mark Carney banned from Pontins' Mark Carney banned from Pontins | Financial Times (ft.com)
  9. that's why I asked about which type of account. They are all based on the underlying market where Tesla are around $705.50 cents. IG has them listed as points so on the SB platform they are 70550.0 While on the cfd platform they are 705.5000 not sure what the share dealing platform has.
  10. US stocks are in $, UK stocks are in pence. If it's on demo it must be either a spread bet or cfd account as there is no share dealing demo, SB or CFD it could either be dollars or pence or IG points. See video on this page. How do I use the share dealing platform? | IG UK
  11. what type of account do you have (spread bet, cfd or share dealing) and what is the stock?
  12. There will be no escape; Mirror Politics @MirrorPolitics 6m EU to unveil plans for digital Covid vaccine passport this month EU to unveil plans for digital Covid vaccine passport this month - Mirror Online Merkel also said last week that because of varients the expectation was for a new vax every year.
  13. Hi, see this thread Trades £25,000 - Shares and ETFs - IG Community
  14. Hi, if you are looking at the buy/sell box then the difference between the 2 prices is the spread, the cost of the trade.
  15. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Great Barrington Declaration (gbdeclaration.org)
  16. Interesting chart of Scandinavian all-cause deaths in 24 month periods shows no covid effect at all. The winter of 2019/20 was mild with fewer seasonal deaths than ususal but then the novel coronavirus was released and the deaths that would have occured during winter occured in April instead. This is why so many countries are showing no real increase in all-cause deaths per year. It also shows that the covid death numbers are fake and are rebranded deaths from other causes. The vast majority of people who catch covid have mild or no symptoms at all, for those with symptoms the
  17. IG MENA @IGMENA 1h MT4 webinar - Tomorrow March 2 Join our expert as he goes through #MT4’s Market Watch, charting, the Navigator, and Terminal. You will also learn basic coding with MQL4, including back testing, forward testing, and parameter optimization. Register here Registration (gotowebinar.com)
  18. Renewables aren't working out, can't survive without govt subsidies, me and my Davos pals have decided the only alternative is to ban travelling for the plebs, no private cars, no air travel. We have to SAVE THE WORLD !!!!! Live in a pod, work from home and eat your 3d printed processed meat (bugs). Look, you're already halfway there thanks to covid 👍 And anyway, as the WEF says, 'cities are so much nicer since lockdown'.
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