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  1. this allows you to open an 'un-docked' deal/order ticket or an un-docked chart so you can move them around and place them anywhere.
  2. Stochastic as a trend and a trigger indicator. Stoch 96 (green and purple) rising or moving sideways in overbought shows an up trend so looking for long entries only. Stoch 96 descending or moving sideways in oversold shows a down trend so looking for short entries only. Stoch 14 K (blue) cross up over D (red) is the trigger signal for long. Stoch 14 K crossing down under D is the trigger for a short.
  3. That is just an on-chart stochastic (smoothed) instead of it being in a sub window.
  4. FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1;
  5. Indices and Oil up. Gold and Bonds down. Today Lagarde speaks at 8am. NZD up.
  6. Hi, no without the demo feed you can't do anything, seems the problem has not been fully resolved by IG tech.
  7. Why levels are so important for trading.
  8. 'price per point' would imply a cfd platform but in order to sell contracts you don't hold the broker needs to find someone to lend them to you, if no one is willing to do so then no deal.
  9. Hi, if you login to IG first then open the Academy you bypass the reg page.
  10. Seasonal flu: death rate around 0.1 percent. The flu strikes every year, but no two seasons are exactly the same. Global deaths annually: between 291,000 to 646,000 Trusted Source; https://www.healthline.com/health-news/how-deadly-is-the-coronavirus-compared-to-past-outbreaks#Seasonal-flu Covid 19: death rate around 0.1 percent. As of June 23, 2020, Belgium had the highest rate of coronavirus deaths among its population in the European Economic Area at 84.9 deaths per 100,000 population. The United Kingdom has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus deaths in Europe, which is also an incidence of 64.1 deaths per 100,000 people in the country. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1111779/coronavirus-death-rate-europe-by-country/
  11. "Locking down an entire country ... cost you up to 3% of GDP per month, so even the richest nations on the planet cannot afford another two, three months complete lockdown". - UBS
  12. Monte's rather erratic daily report. Thursday; https://www.ig.com/content/dam/publicsites/igcom/Dubai/files/education/IG's%20Daily%20Market%20Report%2025-6-2020.pdf
  13. Hi, did you see this page shares section with worked examples, some points. minis at 3%, 3 days worth on Fridays, US Libor rates. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated-
  14. so two concerns, price freeze on the web based and possible covert throttling on the PRT. I remember 2 cases where IG said they didn't like the way someone was trading and implemented a size cap on their trades but that was completely open and very much of the 'and we don't give a **** if you don't like it' nature.
  15. i was meaning the speed of the move meant whole handles were being skipped over so wouldn't matter what the bet size.
  16. S&P Daily sitting on support at 3038. Dax and Dow H1 stuck at the low from yesterday afternoon.
  17. Indices, Oil and Gold down. Bonds up Today ECB mon pol accounts. US jobless data, Durable goods data and GDP. JPY down, NZD up.
  18. there are no signals on this chart, that is your problem, you see false signals everywhere. devise a system where 2 or 3 SIGNS are in alignment that your testing has lead you to understand is a SIGNAL
  19. can you really not tell if PA is sloping or not 🤔
  20. Interesting, thanks for the post. On the mt4 platform sometimes you will see price stick but only for a second or 2 and I've just presumed there were no ticks going through, is that duration the same as the web based platform of are the halts longer?
  21. what system, you don't have a system, you're just picking out random signs and think they must mean something, they don't, you are wasting your time. in the picture I posted, 4 hour chart and macd crossing (your spec), crossing up with rsi crossing up over the 50 for long or macd crossing down with rsi crossing down below the 50 for short. 4 executable trades and I just made that up on the spot. write down some rules, stick to the rules and test the rules on lots of charts. It's all in this thread but If you won't read the thread then start your own thread and post on that.
  22. great, do it, but try doing it properly for a change, don't rely on 1 sign, use a combo of 2 or 3 signs to give a signal and then test it on lots of charts, let us know when you have the results stats.
  23. ok that's odd, I see the gap on the time scale of the S&P but there was no connection drop out sound warning and the gaps on the previous days where actual gaps on the chart itself.
  24. can't see any gaps on my feed. There has been 2 occasions lately of the live feed being interrupted, Monday at 16:30 for 10 minutes and Tuesday at 16:30 for 5 minutes but haven't seen anything today. The service is usually very good, can't remember the last time there was a problem