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  1. Hi, 24 hours with exception on this page. Weekend Trading | Sunday Trading on Wall Street, DAX, FTSE, HS50 (ig.com)
  2. IMPORTANT: The Human Rights Committee is calling for evidence on the impact of Covid lockdowns. The deadline is MONDAY 11 Jan. Please email them with evidence of the devastating impact on mental & physical health, education & our freedoms. Please retweet! committees.parliament.uk/call-for-evide…
  3. to see all available markets click Marketwatch and right click on the panel and select 'show all'.
  4. not sure your meaning but the data is there and the only plausible explanation is that this Lockdown 3 is solely due to a faulty PCR testing. .
  5. So the April spike was real and in line with previous very bad flu seasons such as 1999 and 2000. But this latest cases spike is odd in that it's not making people sick. 111 and 999 calls are minimal and normal for this time of year as are ICU occupancy and all-cause deaths. The 'second wave' doesn't exist, something to ponder on while you sit and watch real destruction of lives caused by lockdown.
  6. sure you can improve the ratios with improved treatments but the basic progression will remain. People get sick, some will go to hospital, some will go on to ICU, some will die. For the 4th time, this happens at this time every year. The data for this year is in line with previous years and certainly does not reflect the explosion of new cases since the start of Dec. This second wave is fake and we are all sitting in lockdown because of it.
  7. First 2 paragraphs - yeah so what? As regards Sweden I already wrote some time ago about the protests against the govt new laws and added the data that showed that nothing untoward had actually changed and the move looked political rather than health based. Note this is just covid deaths as labelled by the faulty PCR test but serves the comparative purpose.
  8. Garbage, Cases > ICU > Deaths. A rise in one automatically triggers a rise in the next and so on, always, never any different. Cases started rising at the start of Dec and those numbers should, without doubt, have filtered through to ICU and on to Deaths, they haven't so there is a covid cases data problem. It is not unusual for individual hospitals to be at 100% and they regularly ferry patients over to other hospitals so the trust data overall is the important one. As for deaths vs 5 year average, not relevant, this has been an exceptional year and in spite of a massi
  9. Hospital Trust data ICU beds Dec and Jan input by each trust, latest upload today for data up to Jan 3. If you scroll through you will see London is the only one that currently stands out at around 87% Microsoft Power BI
  10. Cases, ICU and deaths should be within a clear, established relationship, if that relationship has broken down then it's a data problem. This is the latest deaths data, deaths are going down. If ICU occupancy was really going up then so would deaths. Non-covid excess deaths have been running at nearly 50% of all excess deaths since the end of March and are a result of the govt shutting down the health service. And that's with blatant covid mislabelling. And in case you've forgotten ...
  11. mate, I was posting his charts back in January (on the Something Interesting thread I think) and I realised he was a moron then, and who hasn't got a science degree? The current ICU bed occupancy data from the ONS shows quite clearly that this winter is in line with previous years. And so does the current deaths data. Not sure why you are so keen to be lead by the nose into believing this blatant misinformation in spite the govt's own data. Incidentally the ONS said on Monday they were going to stop publishing regular ICU occupancy data which is curious, at this time, and
  12. Those look like the stats from that moron at the FT. These numbers are saying that there are currently 4x more ICU beds in use than in previous years and that is just not true. If you go round and test 100 patents in ICU beds and they all come back +ve then you don't have an extra 100 patients, they are the same ones. He is double counting as patients test positive, and in my previous post, most cases are a asymptomatic and a misdiagnosis.
  13. Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath We have a mass misdiagnosis problem. Deaths are labelled COVID but for every increase in COVID labelled deaths there is an equivalent decrease in non-COVID labelled deaths. We are in a testing crisis not a COVID crisis. And this is why there has been no increase in ICU occupancy during this current cases spike despite what the media are telling you. There was during the April spike, but this current cases spike, and the reason you are in lockdown, is fake.
  14. The data is there, prove it wrong, no one gives a s**t about you 'think might' be the case. 1/ Yes I know the PCR produces false +ves, I've been providing the data to prove it for months. 2/ Yes I know, I've been providing the data to back that up. 3/ wrong, the ICU data is there, prove it wrong (population increase adjusted). Population adjusted the flu death spikes of 1999 and 2000 were higher than for covid-19 so covid is really just a bad flu. People are dying daily because that's what happens every day (1,500). The numbers for this winter excess deaths is normal.
  15. Latest All-cause deaths data up to Dec 29 with the Cases overlayed in red. Deaths declining while cases rising. As said before one of these is wrong and as Drs don't usually misdiagnose death it's likely to be the Cases data (the cases data is the reason you are sitting in Lockdown). Meanwhile BBC Employees to be Given Social Distance-Enforcing Electronic Tags. But that's just a conspiracy theory. BBC Employees to be Given Social Distance-Enforcing Electronic Tags - **** Fawkes (order-order.com)
  16. It's not science if it can't be proved wrong if it is wrong. That's how it works. YOU linked the weekly death stats from ONS for 2020, the first chart uses the weekly stats from ONS for 2020. Here's a tip, find the correct data set from the different sets list in the spreadsheet you already have in front of you and check that the data points match/or not on the chart. (weekly death report). FFS how hard can that be??? Do the same for the ONS 2019 data. That's it. But no, pushing to get cancelled what you don't like the sound of is much easier. ABSOLUTELY ****
  17. I don't give a **** what you want, this may come as a shock but it's not my job to do your searching for you, if you are disputing the data look it up for yourself and prove it, not really that difficult, but it looks fine to me judged on what I know so am happy to stand by it until/if it is actually is disproven. it's easy enough for someone to sit on their @rse and just keep pointing the finger over and over but that's not really how things work.
  18. more from the latest ONS data release. Respiratory disease deaths weekly 2019 vs 2020. Makes you wonder just where the additional (excess) deaths this year came from.
  19. yes, that's the problem with estimations, you'd think the ONS would be able to make a better job of it really, so misleading. So the latest 'estimate' total for 2020 weekly deaths occurrences is 603,077 No doubt though the same ratio are those excess deaths caused by non-covid denial of health care which was around 41%.
  20. well timed tweets from Dr Craig; Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath 32m 'This is Scottish data. There's a fairly tight relationship between cases, hospitalised patients, ICU patients and deaths up to end Oct. However....' 'Since then these measures are not trending together. You can no longer predict one from another. ICU patients rose before the rise in cases in the community. Deaths are falling when other measures would have predicted a rise'. 'This happens in a false positive pseudo-epidemic because the measures are no longer all a function of a
  21. The only reason I started this thread in March was because the govt/nhs/bbc narrative did not add up, I've continued because it still doesn't. The govt/nhs/bbc use stats to tell a one sided story, I use stats from the same sources to highlight the holes in that story. Peeps like to tell me I'm biased then they happily go back to watching the bbc. The current cases data is false because the PCR test is not fit for the purpose it's being applied to. There are 2 major problems; The test can only pick up infectious cases if it's cycle threshold is limited to 25 cy
  22. oh right, should have seen that coming. Lets all celebrate Lockdown 3. CLAP FOR HEROES THIS THURSDAY AT 8PM Clap For Our Carers is back for ‘Lockdown 3’, Please join us on doorsteps and balconies (wearing masks and at a safe social distance) across the UK this Thursday at 8pm and let’s show our appreciation to all our heroes! Clap For Heroes every Thursday at 8pm #clapforheroes (clapforourcarers.co.uk) .
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