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    If it's going to find support it has to be around about here; Daily.
  2. after the shutdowns come the business failures which are being priced in now. The bearded all round great guy R. Branson is ordering his staff to take an 8 week unpaid holiday. very generous.
  3. Looks like Dow hit the 7% limit down circuit breaker on open. M15 chart;
  4. the demo and live are different platforms with different feeds. The demo is primarily to allow technicians to test developments before sending them to the live platform, it's the same for any platform developer. The broker allows clients to use the demo but it should really only be used to get an understanding of the layout and controls and also to test strategies but you can't get exactly the same results on demo as live, the demo platform can't actually be linked to the market for obvious reasons. So for the reasons above no demo platform is as reliable as the live, it's there to enable the live to be as reliable as possible because that's the one that causes broker payouts if it breaks down.
  5. Dax trying to hold at 8289 support; M15 chart.
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    ? 1556 or 1456 or 1356 😉
  7. I've not used the demo platform for years but no demo platform is supposed to be parallel to the live, demo is a test bed for the platform builder's technicians and is more akin to a simulator as well as having a completely different data feed. The other problem in markets like this is you can't catch spikes (on any platform) unless you are lucky enough to get in on a brief pause, it's like trading news events, the only reliable way to get in is by using resting orders.
  8. I've been using the mt4 live platform all day and not had any problems except sometimes requotes if hitting 'at market' when price is suddenly spiking.
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    Another big drive down today;
  10. Calmed down a bit now and spread on Dax dropped from 7 to 5 points but still higher than the 2 or 3 from last week and way more than the usual 1. Dax M15;
  11. Dax spread was just bumped up to 7 points which is a long way from the normal 1 though can't deny there is fearsome volatility especially notable on a Renko chart where price is flying around all over the place and too quick to catch in most cases. Similar situation to a big news release where the only way to catch it is by having pending orders waiting at levels as price goes though as even the requote function just can't keep up.
  12. what market? remembering the US indices are locked by the exchange Limit down circuit breaker.
  13. Actually North Korea has the coronavirus sorted 👇
  14. Meanwhile in Venezuelan and North Korea everything's going well and the queues for food are really thinning out, marvelous 👍
  15. my mt4 was working fine all day yesterday and today, if still having problems check your server and re-post.
  16. Dow halted, Dax looking for support at 8740. Also see the spreads have been raised again this morning. M15 charts;
  17. hi, see this thread on Limit down.
  18. Risk off again as the market swings wildly after between each new round of econ stimulus and increased level of shutdowns. Boarders closing now along with shops, schools and all non-essential activity.
  19. hi, yes they have been added to the platform for FX. to find the bid/offer swaps rate see https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated-
  20. Weekend Wall street chart update;
  21. sure, it will depend on which country you have an account in. So if you go the the IG web welcome page for your country at the bottom is a 'contact us' link and you should be able to type in a query there. You can inform general inquiries about the problem and ask to be put in touch with your account manager who will be able to looking into your account details and see what has happened.
  22. Hi, if you go through the proper complaints procedure IG have a pretty good history of reimbursing loses if caused by technical failure as many have reported on the forum over the years, it might take a little while if there has been a major platform outage.