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  1. S&P remains poised below it's ATH which it has probed all week waiting for some new news to push it up and over but looking increasingly likely a test of support next. Daily charts;
  2. Indices up. Gold holds around yesterdays high. Oil remains at resistance. Today EU GDP. US retail sales and indy prod. FX.
  3. Oh dear, the NHS has had to re-do it's figures due to miss-reporting of Covid deaths, not over 40,000, now under 30,000 and those under the age of 40 with no pre-existing conditions total just 37. As per every year it's the over 60s with pre-existing medical conditions at the end of life who make up by far the most deaths from the current seasons dominant flu strain . Enjoy your self made recession.
  4. Dax not willing to make a move without Dow while Dow looks content to wait for the US open. M15;
  5. Use the 'Compare' function (free Tradingview version). I note FXCM offer Tradingview for free but only for the first year after opening an account, then presumably you have to pay the full monthly Tradingview subscription.
  6. From the US, what did these deaths all have in common. - Florida man in 20s who died in a motorcycle wreck. - A 60-year-old man who died from a gun shot wound to the head. - A 90-year-old man who fell and died from complications of a hip fracture. - A 77-year-old woman who died of Parkinson's disease. Not difficult to guess really. Yes, they were all listed as Covid 19 deaths 🧐 🤔 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/florida-man-20s-who-died-motorcycle-wreck-labeled-covid-19-death-state https://cbs12.com/news/local/i-team-deaths-incorrectly-attributed-to-covid-19-in-palm-beach-county
  7. When it's time to go did they take the 4 hours needed to clear the park one by one or did they all just walk out together? 🤔 we are living in a pantomime.
  8. For known events such as data releases the platform automatically increases the min distances a certain number of minutes before and then gauges volatility after to decide when to lower it back to normal. Obviously if you are sitting at the screen you can bail out anytime but generally tight stops will get whipsawed out until the market calms and a consensus on direction is reached.
  9. Dow testing the daily pivot will decide long or short for the near term. M15
  10. Indices pullback a touch, Oil sits on yesterday's close. Gold up after yesterday's large correction. Today jobs data from the US. FX Correlations: GBP and EUR up. USD down.
  11. Hi, it's to lessen the change of the order being rejected and getting requotes (try again) when there is high volatility. Normally you can adjust the stop order once it's in. Profit targets are usually given more space to run anyway.
  12. Dull morning session; Dax and Dow M15;
  13. Hi, go to settings (lt side of screen). see pic below;
  14. Hi, was that on the demo platform? it looks like either size was out by a factor of 10 or the points gain was.
  15. The regulator (ESMA) sets the margin (leverage) limit so to only way to avoid it is to open an account outside of ESMA's reach, that would have been Australia as choice but their regulator is set to follow ESMA's example and lower leverage too.
  16. yes, smaller companies. also you are right to avoid the open when there is always turmoil with big volumes going through in both directions, rather wait for things to settle and one way direction to the next level is established.
  17. the market is not the economy, the companies that make up the ftse are big internationals and have their biggest market in the US so ftse and dax will follow the US indices which are an expression of future confidence in the US economy and so the US consumer. The UK market is not that important to them.