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  1. Dax not really sure what to do here lol.
  2. NYC and Cali are both controlled by Trump hating Democrats who are trying to stir trouble, 76 people with flu = 'state of emergency' 👀
  3. The 5% circuit breakers have come off a couple of times briefly only to be reapplied shortly after, not sure what the state is at the mo.
  4. managed to put the ftse weekly instead daily;
  5. Trading Floor Audio @TradeFloorAudio Germany announces economic measures to stall 'corona-crisis' ... AFP Germany announced measures to boost its sputtering economy in the face of the fast-spreading coronavirus on Monday http://www.rfi.fr/en/wires/20200309-germany-announces-economic-measures-stall-corona-crisis
  6. IG Client Help @IGClientHelp 42s Login issues have been resolved now, we're extremely sorry for anyone unable to log in earlier. Please contact us if you're still experiencing issues.
  7. Dow is hanging on to the old monthly support level 24600 while Dax heads back towards S3 10900.
  8. As noted in the post above limits hit early morning on US indices and IG taking telephone orders only.
  9. GDP feeds indices, capitalism generates wealth, simple facts are why socialism must destroy capitalism.
  10. Biden's clangers are a daily occurrence. MSM won't report them.
  11. How come the Democrat party controls the media? Simple really, gain control of the institution and prevent anyone with a different view from joining.
  12. you've got a rank laggard bias news feed, it will give you no clue, wake up.
  13. Hi, I can't remember the why but once the trade is activated you can immediately go to the 'positions' tab and open a trailing stop on the trade from there.
  14. I'll help you out. Fact; only 7% of US journalists report being of the republican political persuasion. For some reason MSM won't report this, so the real question is how did MSM as an institution become so bias and corrupt? While contemplating that here's Biden unable to complete a sentence in another recent campaign speech, forgets the word God but Thing will do.
  15. How come the Democrat party controls the media?
  16. Very interesting volume and cumulative volume data on the S&P weekly chart. Very strong buying coming in this last week compared to the almost uniform selling from the week before. It all depends on the perception of the degree of impact the virus will cause. There are still plenty who believe the markets must comply to the technical analysis they draw on their charts and will tell you week after week that the market is rolling over only to be confounded when the market continues to make new highs. Or when the market plunges it's a 'this is it' moment only to find the plunge was caused by trade war news that was soon discounted and price traveled straight back up again. Now we have a new player called WuFlu and no one knows what will actually happen next except to say that currently US economic data is still strong with positive GDP feeding the market but if a shutdown of factories and services is needed to combat the virus the economy will suffer and the market will price that in before it happens. But if shutdown can be avoided the market will recover quickly and continue on it's merry way. Have your support and resistance levels on standby and do what you should always be doing, not wasting your time trying to predict the course of a viral spread but rather going with the flow which ever way that is til it stops.
  17. Sanders is about to be hamstrung by his party while crooked Hillary becomes Biden's running mate. If Biden gets elected president he will be quickly retired on health grounds and Hillary will finally 'get her turn'. Yesterday Biden accidentally endorsed the reelection of Trump 🤓
  18. WuFlu world chart update, new cases outside China chart may be starting to flatten out; Meanwhile New York City declares a 'State of Emergency' as 76 people have caught the flu!!!!!
  19. hahaha, look @dmedin, mercury is calling you a 'flat earther' 🤣🤣🤣
  20. Hi, for a live mt4 account IG should have sent 2 emails, one with the login name (5 numbers) and one with the password. The login name is also written in your My IG dashboard page.
  21. Crypto market has not restarted this Saturday morning on the mt4 platform.
  22. yes because there is no overnight interest payment for a forward which is what the carry trade is attempting to capitalise on. the carry trade is more about the best place to park while waiting for a speculative opportunity.
  23. Big beat on the US NFP jobs data 273 vs 175 but will it be enough to beat down WuFlu? M15 charts;