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  1. Also can't see the 5 year average, can see ONS 2018 total was 541,586 and 2017 was 533,253 total deaths for England and Wales.
  2. interesting and up to date, here's another interesting graph showing a large increase in non-covid deaths at the same time as the initial covid spike and half the size of the covid spike and is attributed to the NHS shutdown.
  3. amendment to above, should read 'doubling the UK all-cause deaths'
  4. More ludicrous data from the govt mass PCR testing which shows that 20% of a large sample in Bolton recently tested positive to Covid despite being asymptomatic. The inference is that they are all infectious and must automatically self isolate immediately - utter nonsense. Going back to the original Imperial College models that predicted a Covid death toll of 500,000 (double the normal UK all-cause deaths), in reality Covid killed mostly the same type and number of people who would normally succumb yearly to flu type infections (average age 82 with co-morbid conditions) . The result being
  5. 3 Weeks to Flatten the Curve -- Day 252 and counting: A Dr writes, Yardley Yeadon @MichaelYeadon3 (PhD respiratory pharmacol) 1h "... The hallmark of a pandemic is excess deaths, such as the extreme event in spring. In the autumn, in excess of 10k deaths have been attributed to covid19. Yet the autumn all-causes mortality is barely above the 95% confidence interval for the 5y average. That’s not even an epidemic. For comparison, the degree of elevation of the last weeks all-cause mortality is the same as that arising from the first real heatwave we’ve had in U.
  6. but there has been a mass of data already published that the lockdowns or masks have not had any affect in fighting Covid at all.
  7. "BREAKING: Alcohol Banned in All Welsh Pubs, 6pm Hospitality Curfew Brought In " there is no rationale or scientific justification for any of this nonsense, it is purely an exercise public control, 'we did it just to prove we can'.
  8. difficult one today, Dow looking to stay in touch with the highs but nothing news wise currently strong enough to push it up and over, also suffered early on because of a lack of any vaccine updates which didn't come til later with Moderna's press release late morning.
  9. Could be very useful for those trading these markets, the Hull Moving Average is a great indicator having much reduced lag compared to other types of moving average indicators.
  10. New data from Canada shows that lockdowns aren't so bad after all, well for some of us anyway. So long as they can keep finding replacement drivers to deliver my stuff everything is fine.
  11. I don't actually know too much about the great reset plan and have never looked into it closely but those that have (Prince Charles, Justin Trudeau etc) all remark on what an opportunity Covid-19 is to get the plan moving so I remain suspicious. The covid numbers are unreliable and problematic, if you go into hospital having had a heart attack you will be tested for covid with the PCR test which is know to give a very high number of false positives. If you test positive you go on the covid cases list and the covid admissions list and if you die from the heart attack you will go on th
  12. 👀 Is this a joke?? The NHS is looking for volunteers to give vaccinations, apparently they will be 'ready to act' if you have an adverse reaction - oh right, good luck with that. -- if fact is this even legal?
  13. First Liverpool now the Welsh Covid hot spot Merthyr Tydfil sees Covid cases disappear using the Lateral Flow Test.
  14. The Covid Hoax continues. Everything centers on the PCR test and it's deliberate misuse. A PCR of 25 cycles identifies the infectious with a minimal amount of false positives, the more cycles you do the more false positives are included. Fauci himself has said 35 cycles and above most results are false positives for infectious material. Western countries are running the PCR test at 45 cycles which is mathematically known to give 90%+ false positives. Govt and health officials know this. Groups in Portugal have joined groups in Italy and the UK in starting legal action
  15. Briefing Paper to MPs 26/11/20. Link to PDF doc. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18_3EMBTnlqRIhsv62EbDT--4CG84utNd/view
  16. Hi, day traders open and close during the day no problem, you keep paying the spread is all, however if IG considers your repeated 'style' of trading is taking an unfair advantage people have reported you will likely get a polite email telling you to stop it or ------ off.
  17. Hi, can it be linked to mt4 or IG? seems to be a stand alone platform and linked to a single CFD broker.
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