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  1. Hi, it might be that the price setting on your chart is set to Mid but for a buy entry you need to check the Ask price and for a sell entry you need to check the Bid price. Right click on the chart and select Price and toggle back and forth between Bid and Ask.
  2. Monte's Tuesday report; https://www.ig.com/content/dam/publicsites/igcom/Dubai/files/education/IG's%20Daily%20Market%20Report%2023-6-2020.pdf
  3. S&P poised to break up through 3167. S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
  4. Indices up, Gold looking to continue the breakout. Oil and Bonds down. Today Ger business climate data. GBP and NZD down, AUD up.
  5. Hi, there is no tool on the platform so really just an eyeball estimate. There are simulators on the market that use historical data if you were really keen.
  6. Hi, might be connected with this 👇
  7. Oh great, just what you need when trying to set up something new, hopefully will get sorted soon.
  8. The basic fast forward run is just a matter of making the selections described above to test if an indicator might actually be profitable or not.
  9. 🤔 yes, as I've mentioned before, if when demonstrating a pattern on chart structure you select random price action that doesn't actually show what you are talking about people tend to get even more confused. 🧐 this is not surprising, your entries seem based on spotting a particular pattern and assuming it will automatically play out and are then surprised when this usually doesn't happen. A mentioned previously on a few occasions you should be looking for a combination of aspects to converge on top of appropriate chart structure that has positive expectancy from your own testing.
  10. The MT4 Strategy Tester can be used to manually test indicator based strategies in fast forward, it can also test trading algos (EAs) that produce an end of test report. Click on the Strategy Tester icon in the Tool bar. Select Indicator or EA test. Choose the indicator you want to test from your Navigator list, choose the market and the time frame to test on and then press Start. A new chart is created with the chosen indicator installed.
  11. Quite a good little video (10 min) looking at trading supply and demand and is very similar to the way I like to trade. So initially looks at the key S/D areas or levels then highlights micro S/D levels to swing trade with trend as price travels from one key level to the next.
  12. Dax taking a closer look at R2 while Dow considers R1;
  13. not if the country continues it's slow awakening after the virus shutdown and Seattle protesters realising that if you shut out the police you shut out all services.
  14. if you are allowed the option should be listed in your My IG > Accounts or Settings, will depend on the info you gave on your original application.
  15. Hi, I pointed this out in another thread. On the left is VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) period 20 close price. On the right is Volume Weighted Moving Average (VWMA) period 20 close price (available on the IG platform). They can be made to behave differently but it seems to depend on the price calc (open, close, avg etc) https://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/11/trading-with-vwap-mvwap.asp
  16. to keep markets running 24/5 the broker needs liquidity providers for all markets not just FX, the broker is not necessarily market making at all and they can hedge any way they want.
  17. FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
  18. Overnight Indices trip down then up on China talk concerns. Oil, Bonds and Gold down. Today PMIs all day. EUR up, CAD down
  19. not really, we are called retail traders for a reason, we are involved in the retail market and not the wholesale market because we're too small to participate, we're reliant on brokers to trade through (not with). Brokers give us access to markets we would not normally be able to trade on but we can only trade the prices that the broker can offer. The broker is dependent on prices from their liquidity providers, the broker may aim to 'track' an underlying market but are limited to what is actually available, sometime a broker will stop a market (their market) simply because they are not able to quote reasonable prices.
  20. yes but the metaquotes mt4 is using metaquotes feed not a brokers feed, you can't use it to trade on, the problem is that your computer seems to be blocking IG's feed. IG's address is; mt4.ig.com:443
  21. It would be interesting to know how many bad first posts are stopped by the moderators compared to the number of posts that are not seen because by the time they are checked and ok'd they are re-inserted way back in the forum order. They only started doing the checks because 1 company kept on signing on and placing ads on the forum. Seems a shame that many first posts are not seen and so not replied to.
  22. 20 min video on 3 common price action mistakes from Rayner Teo. (see how it works 😉)
  23. this doesn't seem to have anything to do with technical analysis? it looks to be just an advertisement for someone selling a trading course.
  24. Hi, no IG doesn't hook up to Tradingview, you could take a look at the IG Prorealtime platform package.
  25. Caseynotes

    US OIL

    US Oil still stuck at 40.60. Daily chart;