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  1. ok, you might be better off using one of the IG apps such as the mini terminal or the Trade terminal. You can download them as a pack from the IG mt4 web page or use the close button in Terminal as described above.
  2. just in time then. Intraday Dax and Dow pivots and afternoon S/R levels. M15 charts;
  3. Phone is quickest but the reset might take a day before they send new details by email.
  4. Sorry, I was reading that wrong, if you can login (live or Demo) go to Tools > Options > Server to change password.
  5. Live account needs to be done through the IG helpdesk. Demo can be done on the platform but if you can't login you'll need to set up a new one via the platform.
  6. You'll need to get in touch with tech via the helpdesk as something is wrong with your price feed. Check File > Open an account;
  7. Looks like a glitch on the demo platform, not showing on live;
  8. The S&P 500 itself is a leveraged derivative product with all the long term costs that involves. It sounds like you are wanting to invest for the long term in which case a basket of stocks of companies that make up the S&P would be more likely what you would be looking for. So buying actual shares to hang on to rather than just CFDs of the S&P itself?
  9. not sure which trade terminal (panel) you are using, I don't recognise a 'yellow bar'. If you open the mt4 'Terminal' (icon top left) and select the Trades tab there is a close button there. There should be no 'invalid price' notice on closing a trade.
  10. you see a professional would stick to a plan AND keep a record of their trades thereby verifying the validity of the plan, a gambler just chucks his stubs in the bin and tries to forget about it till the next race 🤔
  11. Morning intraday levels Dax and Dow. M15 charts;
  12. A verified plan with a proven positive expectancy is not the problem, the problem is you, you are the gambler. A gambler won't stick to any plan, they let emotions take over and suddenly it's all BUY!, no Sell!, no I mean BUY!
  13. The 2 &10 treasury yield chart lol. Dave @moniology 1d This is one crazy chart. $ZN_F $ZT_F $STUDY #YieldCurve #Treasury
  14. All the Indices trying to bounce as Beijing gets back to normal. Designer face masks; Outbreak comparison Vid;
  15. Overnight Indices, OIL and Gold up. Today Ger and US PMIs.
  16. Years ago there was a dedicated web site that plotted individual currency relative strength on a chart but has since closed down. I'm looking at a couple of indicators that do a similar job like the one below but need the market to open to load them. Most correlation charts look to compare currency pairs but it's not the same thing. There is also pair strength which can also useful;
  17. The key as always is to avoid chop and get aboard directional moves. In any market when price is bouncing around in a tight range an auction is taking place, once the auction is finished (run out of either buyer or sellers) price must start a range expansion phase to find a new level for the auction to restart. It's those range expansion moves that you are looking to ride. Matching strong vs weak currencies means directional moves are more likely and more reliable but you would still need to apply some sort of TA to trigger your entries (breakouts and pullbacks).
  18. New cases update, a kink in the curve; Weekend Wall Street; Don't touch that; No face mask no problem;
  19. Trading FX these are the sort of indicators you need, matching what is currently strong vs what is weak, not stuff on patterns and macd, rsi or whatever. The first pic is from Nov and out of date but the second is of yesterday, maybe I should include something like this in the daily dashboard? Vote a like for yes or a sad for don't bother.
  20. yes he is sound and sensible, I've been following his stuff since about 2012 when dailyfx was tied to FXCM. yes the big hedge funds started late and were chasing so never got fully loaded, at some point they will be thinking 'crikey, this is cheap'.
  21. also noting the volume data for the week and especially Friday is amazing;
  22. Hi, yes they are both web based platforms so you can have both running at the same time.
  23. and don't forget to to download the add on apps pack for mt4 also from the IG mt4 web page.
  24. no I wasn't worried about your post at all I was just pointing out that though I post levels and suggest when price is having problems continuing at some point I myself don't actually trade the levels but use them as places of interest to keep an eye on. When there is a reversal it's likely to be confirmed at some point which is where I would begin to look for an entry. You can keep posting specific levels to your hearts content.