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  1. The spread may change depending on market conditions but needs to be paid again to roll the contract over for the next 3 month period. see pic below - click on the Mar or June contract to bring up the chart. ps futures not available on the mt4 platform.
  2. Hi, if you intend to hold the position open for more than a week or two then the most cost affective means is by using the Forwards (Futures) chart (see dropdown arrow next to asset name top left corner. On a Forwards contract there are no overnight interest fees so you only pay the spread (a bit higher than the DFB spread) which is repaid every rollover (normally 3 months).
  3. oh, talkRADIO @talkRADIO Dr Layla McCay, NHS Confederation director, confirms to Julia that the hospital figures for "Covid patients" include patients who are not being treated for Covid but have simply tested positive while being treated for something else.
  4. Remember why you're in Lockdown? No neither can I. PHE data; "week 52 no statistically significant increase in excess all-cause mortality by week of death above the 2 z-score threshold was seen overall." All-cause deaths declining in normal winter seasonal pattern.
  5. FOLLOW THE MONEY List of SAGE members with their fingers in the pie. Spoiler Alert: it's practically all of them. Pathologists recently pointed out that during the first wave in April Deaths closely mirrored Cases but that relationship completely broke down after the introduction of mass testing asymptomatics. It's unlikely Drs are suddenly misdiagnosing Deaths so the problem must lie with the Cases data. The medical 'experts' in SAGE must be aware of the history of the PCR test and the ease with which it has triggered pseudo epidemics in the past (see NYT article li
  6. oh, Robert Peston @Peston The statistics that make school closures “inevitable” and a full national lockdown very likely (in a week or so) itv.com/news/2021-01-0… 'The statistics' er ... yeah, right, the ones produced by the (not fit for purpose) PCR test? Reminder that hospital admissions and deaths from flu type illnesses is at normal levels for the time of year. But wait, the PCR test has a history of creating pseudo epidemics, who knew? 🤷‍♀️ (well the medical establishment actually). NYT article from 2007. Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic Th
  7. Hahaha, NEW TOUGHER RESTICTIONS COMING BECAUSE ... er ... oh, the new SOUTH AFRICAN strain. Do you really still not see how this works yet?? Sun Politics @SunPolitics 6m Lockdown 3 can't be ruled out to tackle Covid spread & Hancock 'incredibly worried' about South African strain
  8. Many countries now posting end of year deaths data and it's obvious that 2020 was a bad year for flu type deaths but not something we haven't seen many times before. The reaction this time though has been excessive in the extreme and much more destructive than the virus. Worse still is that there will clearly be no end to this self inflicted catastrophe. The UK stands out has having made monumental mistakes greatest of which was allowing people to die in order to save the NHS which was never actually 'threatened' at all (eg Nightingale hospitals never used). The NHS coped with equal sized
  9. US govt CDC data. US total deaths up only fractionally in 2020, death rate remains at 0.9% as per the previous 3 years.
  10. MSM and the Unions are pushing the fake news that children are too dangerous to be allowed back in school and besides too many are now in hospital anyway. Hospital consultants queuing up to say it's just not true. Also a new push on MSM claiming asymptomatic spread of covid despite many research papers finding no evidence. One of the most recent ... Household Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis | Global Health | JAMA Network Open | JAMA Network meanwhile in amongst a sea of palpable lies the occasio
  11. Brilliant ONS web page, you enter your post code and see just how few are the actual covid deaths in your area for this fake 'second wave' and the reason you are currently sitting in lockdown. Bear in mind too that over half will be false positives so half of them probably died of something else anyway. Shame they don't also include the 100 deaths a day caused by denial of health service *, that would make a sweet counterpoint and highlight the complete and total incompetence of our politicians. * one of the irrefutable stats that came thick and fast in Dr Clare Craig's excellen
  12. " The problem with PCR testing and why it must end now. "
  13. Journalist and broadcaster; Neil Clark @NeilClark66 ' My inside source says that there will be no significant easing of restrictions until July at the earliest. Govt mentioning Easter as they need to take backbenchers with them & want public compliance.' Meanwhile member of German equivalent of SAGE resigns as the whole process has become less medical and more political. 'Aigner finds it scandalous that on the basis of a more than subjective, in his opinion unscientific and only superficial assessment, the tightening of the lockdown from the "wavebreaker" to
  14. This is a good graphic showing of the unreliability of the mass PCR testing, a sudden explosion of positives that is completely unnatural and not in keeping with any other data. Also it's being reported many staff within the new labs rushed into service to fulfil the sudden rise in test numbers are falling ill with covid due to inadequate sample isolation and safety procedures.
  15. From Latest News – Lockdown Sceptics " To mark the last day of 2020, this post is dedicated to all those whose lives and livelihoods have been lost, diminished or tainted by our nascent, deeply illiberal and socially, economically and psychologically destructive lockdown societies; for all those whose jobs and businesses have been destroyed; those whose medical conditions have been left undiagnosed; those whose cancers have been left untreated whilst the Government ‘saves the NHS;’ ... " meanwhile, 'ICU Occupancy Still Below Average' latest data 27th Dec. (see link above)
  16. yes most definitely the virus is real, I can't remember anyone saying that there was not a novel coronavirus going around, the problem is the testing. The current mass test used for covid is actually an old test designed for SARsCov-2 which will pick up Covid-19, but it also picks up many old flu strain fragments and most old common cold strain fragments, and now looks like it's also picking up old pneumonia fragments as well, finding any of these will give a positive result . There is no way of telling any of these apart by the PCR test so in reality if you test positive you really
  17. I always enjoy when peeps who supposedly support scientific data based research, when seeing something that doesn't fit their bias, happily ignore it all and just shout Witch! There is an old saying in science that goes along the lines of 'a hypothesis must fit all the known facts, not just the ones you want to cherry pick.' Anyway, more beds data out today ; 'The data very clearly shows that the current crisis in hospitals is not driven by increased numbers of patients over the norm - they are lower this year than usual - but a capacity problem.' Covid Data Dashboard @Covi
  18. All cause mortality London up to Dec 20. The small spike mid Aug was from the mini heatwave. But no second wave spike starting at all, just a slight steady increase from normal seasonal flu. So why the on-going mass deception? They seem determined to make people believe by any means that only a vaccine can save us, as the WHO is now trying to imply, there is now no such thing as naturally gained herd immunity, from now on there is only vaccine gained immunity. Also, increasing reports of hospital staff being given take home Lateral Flow test kits to tes
  19. So this week we learnt that there are 4 great lies that are being peddled to keep you in house arrest. 1/ the deliberate misuse of the PCR test to produce a mass of false positives. 2/ the deliberate, continued false claim that asymptomatic transmission of covid exists. 3/ the deliberate miscategorization of non-covid cause deaths as covid cause, made possible by PCR false positive tests. During a time of NHS restricting services non-covid cause deaths must be increasing but according to NHS data they are decreasing. 4/ there is no second wave only a wave of mass misdiagno
  20. This chart shows in detail the problem with the govt data, all cause deaths increasing with increasing covid labelled deaths but non-covid deaths decreasing at the same time and by the same amount, don't think cancer, stroke and heart attacks take holidays.
  21. Woman arrested in connection with video filmed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital - Gloucestershire Live (ampproject.org) .
  22. More deception; Richard @RP131 "Important to note how all of today's huge 981 deaths number is shown in orange below. Can you see a spike? No - it's just filling in the gaps due to xmas reporting backlogs. In fact it even looks to be going down a little." Meanwhile Gloucester Royal Hospital, it's being said the woman who made the vid was later arrested? .
  23. haha, deaths from 'other causes' is way down this year 🤔, wonder how that happened?
  24. Boris presser at 5pm ... what to expect ... meanwhile, this new variant is strangely choosy ... Lockdown Sceptics – Stay Sceptical. Control the Hysteria. Save Lives. .
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