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  1. oh, err ok ... If you have covid symptoms don't go to a covid testing station or to your GP, as with any type of flu just resting up for a week to 10 days is all 99.9% of people need. Mass testing is of course for people who are not ill and so don't need a test, they will provide enough false positives to keep this farce on the road and scare the max number of people into taking the jab. (your GP surgery will tell you to phone 111 if you contact them with concerns over covid symptoms) False positives drive the fake covid 'cases' numbers, the fake covid 'hospital admissions'
  2. Interesting commodities index chart, sign of new times ahead?
  3. Daily chart levels, note mini chart changed to monthly;
  4. Soooo, the NHS are testing hundreds of thousands of people who are not ill while ignoring the millions on their waiting lists who are 👍 Meanwhile they tell us that even with the jab the same resrictions will apply, how can that even be? Simple. If you've had a corona type virus in the past you will have T-cell immunity (up to17 years and counting for SARS-CoV-2). If you've had Covid-19 you will have antibody immunity. If you've had the jab you will have vaccine immunity. The virus can still enter your body but your immune system will blast it into fragments. These
  5. Hi, mt4 has it's own live and demo account. Download IG's mt4 from here MetaTrader 4 | Start Trading with Spread Bets and CFDs | IG UK once mt4 is downloaded you can start a demo account with File > Open an account > and select IG demo data feed.
  6. It's probably too late for people to start waking up now, you've already handed over all your liberties and freedoms because of the threat of a virus that has an Infection Fatality Rate of just 0.23%. It was never 'about the science', as I pointed out in the early days of this thread and before on other threads, the numbers never added up and the empirical data coming out of Asian countries was completely ignored in favour of the fantastical models produced by Ferguson and co. Even the US Dems are suddenly waking up to the danger the blatant 'fascism' of our govts t
  7. Hi, generally when you open a chart it will be the cash chart, next to the asset name in the top left corner should be a small arrow for a dropdown box with the list of Futures charts.
  8. Hi, what platform were you using before, for spread bets the regulator sets the margin required not the broker, on the SB platform check the min position size and note the margin amount needed to place the trade.
  9. Hi, you will need to think which currency you will be mostly using though you can have multiple accounts of differing currencies. If most trades will be in GBP and you want to make withdrawls in GBP then stick with that.
  10. Instead of being a DH why don't you just use the complaints service? it's not hard. If after that you are still not satisfied you can then take it up with the FCA. Find the links at the bottom of IG's web page.
  11. you may have missed the date of that post, would be interested to know how tech plan to run the old platform (if they intend to) without Flash, not sure it's possible.
  12. That Flash was going to be turned off has been known about for years and was one of the main reasons for commissioning the New platform. That the Old platform (that relied on Flash) would become unservicable and need to be decommissioned and turned off has also been known about for years.
  13. The reality from the WHO ... But still it goes on ... By now you either accept that all politicians and SAGE and Hancock, Whitty and Vallance have no idea what's going on, or that there is a bigger plan afoot ... Updated version of a video posted previously (30 min) ... Best Geopolitical Documentary Ever to Explain the Why? of Coronavirus (odysee.com)
  14. Hi, can't see any email as yet, which assets? Could you post a sreenshot (excluding personal details).
  15. Worth noting too that after ESMA ramped up margin on crypto they have been making a lot of noise about the need to protect retail and recently have taken a big interest in Robinhood and social media and how it all affects trading in companies such as seen in GameStop.
  16. You have to put your stop in a position where it has a chance of being protected by large traders if attacked. Everyone's stop is below the last swing low, so yes that is a target for large traders taking the other side. Your entry rules are determined by testing (what works), early or late, if late such as a breakout up past the last swing high then your stop will be large. The profit target is also determined by testing and will normally be based on chart structure such as an obvious support and resistance level rather than an arbitrary ratio based on the stop size. Taken all together (
  17. your stop has to go where it has to go, the obvious position on the chart where everyone else's stop is. That's the only likely place that might get protection by other traders big enough to actually move the market. You then use the size of the stop to calculate your position size as per your max risk amount for your account size. If the stop is big then the position size will have to be small. You are always totally reliant on/at the mercy of - big traders pushing their own trade on or protecting their own stop.
  18. ... ''According to a post by one of the administrators on the IG Community Forum, clients have been asked to close all their open spread bet and/or CFD positions on cryptocurrencies by no later than 3 pm on Wednesday 24 March 2021. After the mentioned date, the company will close open positions based on prevailing bid/ask prices.'' IG Group to Exclude Cryptocurrencies from Offering to UK Retail Clients | Finance Magnates .
  19. Normal number of deaths in England this winter. This chart from Canada is typical, mild winter 2019/20, surge in deaths due to novel coronavirus in April 2020 then normal number of deaths in winter 2020/21.
  20. What fun when a broker goes bust, remember IronFX and the Chinese traders who charted a plane to take them to protest outside the regulators office for weeks on end? Didn't do them any good though. What about that slow mo car crash that was FXCM, wiped out in the SNP peg move, had to borrow massive to try to keep going til SEC finally shut them down as the were just running on fumes. Took years to sort out clients money, some got some back some got nothing, tough. One of the big changes introduced by ESMA in 2018 was the introduction of negative account protection, that shifted
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