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  1. NHS bed occupancy is currently less than at this time last year, the current crisis has been caused by the NHS turning the PCR test on it's own staff, the high rate of PCR false positives has meant a staff shortage as asymptomatic medical staff sit at home.
  2. but but but the news says Covid is out of control !!! the ONS announced today that they are going to stop publishing monthly Covid deaths with details around the death because the big decrease in the number of Covid related deaths means that there is a risk that individuals could be identified from the published data. Apparently "the numbers of Covid-19 deaths from July onwards are very small". NHS in crisis again, same headline every winter but with a covid twist this time. NHS shouting number of positive covid cases but not how many are actually being treated for covid.
  3. Interesting look at Margin debt and the S&P.
  4. Hi, there are a range of alert options in your My IG page settings.
  5. Interesting stuff, conflict of interest - nothing changes, from Hancock and his pub landlord mate going into the PPE business right up to the Gates Foundation donating over $80 million to Ferguson's Imperial College. China also donates to Imperial, those investments certainly paid off handsomely.
  6. But that would be a real feather in Johnson's cap wouldn't it, if he could actually beat the flu virus, well worth destroying the county to try I'd say ...
  7. Historic Flu data from Sweden (similar to other western countries). I really don't remember being ordered into house arrest and forced to sit and watch the economy being destroyed back in 1976, or in 88 or in 93 or in 2000 which also had a similar deaths spike as Covid's April spike? What on earth is going on?
  8. oh, so Ferguson is up to his old tricks again. Don't forget his impressive models predicted half a million deaths in the first wave, only out by x10. Also of note is that the totally discredited PCR test is still being used to conjure up these amazing cases numbers. Why does the NHS still use a test that even the WHO says is unreliable, there are others out there. As per usual the numbers just don't add up. The only important number that tells the true story is Deaths and that is showing the usual flu seasonal slight rise. Remember too that the NHS counts those who caught Covid
  9. oh dear, Susan Michie deleted her tweet reproduced above, turns out her accuser had more supporters than she had defenders 🤷‍♀️ Meanwhile the surrealist BBC News covers the current Welch ICU bed shortage crisis. 'Welsh Government data shows it ran out of intensive care beds on 20 December.' But the BBC missed the real story, if you look at the BBC's own infographic highlighting the plight you might notice that someone must have crept in on the night of December 2nd and stole half of the Welsh ICU bed capacity 😳 Covid: Cardiff health board plea for critical care
  10. Well worth watching 2 part review of the vaccine roll out and big tech censorship from Fox News USA. (2 x 7 min)
  11. What? - being hated on simply for posting facts from govt sources that the BBC neglected to mention, I don't believe it!!! Meanwhile, more on vax, (posted with this below) Meanwhile, this is the latest in some 25 research papers I've seen on Lockdowns don't work; Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus: The Evidence – AIER
  12. assuming this is still about a virus and a vaccine and not really about just taking complete control given that the WHO and Fauci recently changed their line on vaccination. The Goalposts Keep Moving. For decades herd immunity was understood and quantified at 60 - 70% needed to stop a virus spreading. As posted above from the WHO on herd immunity, "collective immunity whether through vaccination or previous infection" was recently changed to this "herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not exposing them to it" And Fauci from ... '
  13. hahaha, someone from public office sent this to Susan Mitchie (Communist party member, behavioural scientist and member of SAGE advising the govt on covid response), Whatever could they mean ? 🤷‍♀️
  14. Meanwhile, a reminder that the Aril 2020 Covid spike was very similar in numbers to the January 2000 Flu spike. Wonder why we didn't put everyone under house arrest and destroy the economy back then? And a reminder of the Govt report from July indicating 200,000 premature deaths expected to result from a 2 month lockdown. Direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on excess deaths and morbidity - 15 July 2020 (publishing.service.gov.uk)
  15. Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath 18h "In spring excess deaths exceeded COVID deaths because interventions kill. Now COVID deaths exceed excess deaths because we are not diagnosing the disease correctly anymore." Meanwhile PHE jigs the data ... "Thousands of deaths that were not caused by COVID in spring but were in excess of normal have been reclassified in the PHE fingertips data as COVID deaths. Here's the data for women from their first report in July:" "And now they've all become COVID deaths." "I am not suspecting malice
  16. Hi, you can't alter orders while the market is closed. Refer to IG's email for different market opening times.
  17. Meanwhile, new charts and the only charts that actually matter DEATHS given that the Govt insist on using a test that even the WHO acknowledges gives an unacceptable level of false positives (PCR) Latest weekly excess deaths for London dropping below expected. And this one is interesting, for a long time now the Govt keen to produce charts starting with the covid April spike. Being a novel virus they usually hit hard at first then wane as weaker variants (20,000) and mutations (3500) spread through the population. But covid is not the first new flu like virus, what happen
  18. Has Fauci, the main man directing the western covid response, masks, lockdowns, PCR testing, vaccinations etc been lying? If you've been reading the thread and watching the videos of Fauci's U turns you'll know he has, masks don't work - masks do work, PCR over 35 cycles doesn't work - lets use PCR at 45 cycles, similar stuff for natural herd immunity vs vaccine, lockdowns etc. Now he's decided to confess, apparently it's all for your own good haha. ''Dr. Anthony Fauci has been slowly but deliberately moving the goal posts on when herd immunity is possible. He is doing so, he said,
  19. haha oh dear, not much of the data reproduced here over the last 9 months hasn't been govt data, be it ONS, NHS, PHE, or the US CDC and Fauci's NIAID. Peeps like to pretend it's not as it disturbs their own idea of research which is to spend half an hour with their feet up on the coffee table watching the BBC 🤣 .
  20. ICU's typically run at around 80% capacity increasing with seasonal 'winter pressures'. Actual data for London shows 15% unoccupied and just 14% occupied by covid patents (but of course 84% of those 14% are actually covid false positives). From Dec 21st. Nationally; General ward occupancy is “light for time of year”. ICU beds fuller than usual but the reason is doing electives, lost earlier in year. Even with that, at 94% base capacity. Measured vs total incl surge capacity, 72%. It’s not true that “hospitals are about to be overwhelmed”. Yardley Yeadon @M
  21. Interesting 25 min vid on virology looking at mutations. super spreaders and the UK variant. Published 21/12/20.
  22. As usual, and the reason I started this thread back in March, nothing we are being told adds up. Weekly respiratory deaths mid Oct to the end of November, 2019 vs 2020. More than suspicious. It’s downright impossible for there to be, as claimed, a pandemic of a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus ‘ripping through the country’, yet to have far fewer deaths with the clinical picture you’d expect from a SARS virus: respiratory symptoms. Yardley Yeadon @MichaelYeadon3 55m
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