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  1. not sure, I see my cfd demo doesn't list them but I don't have a cfd live account to check, also not sure if country you are in makes a difference. https://www.ig.com/uk/glossary-trading-terms/forward-contract-definition
  2. HI, you can bring up the forward chart for gbpusd by clicking on the small arrow next to the chart title (see pic) and selecting 'Forward' (aka Futures). They are designed for holding open for the longer term, the spread is larger than for the daily funded bet (DFB, aka Spot or Cash) but there are no overnight funding charges, note the spread is repaid at each 'roll over' at the end of the term (check settings in your my IG page for auto roll over).
  3. Dax tags R2 after a brief pause at R1 while Dow heads on to R1 after pushing through yesterday's high. M30 charts;.
  4. Hi, see; https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading/how-to-trade-options
  5. Hi, if you are using the web based platform you will need to have 2 side by side charts with a bb on each.
  6. Brian Watt short vid on the difference between bid/ask volume and Delta volume showing recent ES buying (S&P 500 E-mini Futures).
  7. Dax takes off early this morning after a strong day for Dax, Dow and ASX yesterday. Ftse sullen as GBP takes off on Boris deal rumours. Dax and Dow looking to work higher today. I see the APAC brief is back, always worth a look see as to the world scene overnight. Daily charts;
  8. Back to risk on as the trade talks circus rumbles on, yesterday saw Indices and Oil up, USD Gold and Bonds down. Talk that Boris is on the verge of some kind of partial free trade deal with the EU. Draghi speaks at 10:30, Cad unemployment data at 1:30 and US consumer sentiment at 3pm.
  9. https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platforms/prorealtime
  10. Hi, only on IG's version of the ProRealTime platform.
  11. Also see, https://www.ig.com/uk/cfd-trading and (if in UK) https://www.ig.com/uk/spread-betting/spread-betting-vs-cfds
  12. Hi, is it because you have a 'Limited risk' account?
  13. Dax and Dow continue the climb back up, Dow resting at R1 with chart resistance ahead at 26364 and 26423. Dow has chart resistance and R1 overhead at 12131.
  14. Indices grind back up after the shock lol news no progress was made in the trade talks. Chinese politicians still demanding the right to thieve intellectual property at will because ... 'REASONS' and seem surprised a little bribery yesterday didn't work. So indices still positioned mid range and have begun the grind back towards the highs this morning, while general confidence may be low the US econ data remains strong so no reason not to. US CPI data latter today should hold no surprises.
  15. After a strong rally yesterday Indices fell at 11pm on news no headway was made in the Trade war talks so Gold up Oil down but have all since reversed back up this morning. If any proof was needed the trade war rules these markets. Japan machinery orders (a leading global indicator) still negative but improving. UK indy data at 9:30. ECB accounts at 12:30. US CPI at 1:30pm.
  16. Jonathan Davis FPFS FCII @j0nathandavis "I didn't realise they allowed bulls on RV." Real Vision@realvision. Bulls seem pretty thin on the ground these days… But @FrankCappelleri, chief market technician at Nomura Instinet, is here with a cheery outlook for the S&P 500:
  17. I'd ditch the volume because it's too slow and late for what you're trying to do and instead look to ride the PA rhythm by using something leading like Stoch instead. So still using pivots to look for possible turns but keeping in tune with the overall PA. see pic.
  18. more from China, now offering to buy extra 10 Bln worth of US goods to ease trade war.
  19. yes, instead of retaliating against yesterday's news China just signaled they were open to making at least a partial trade deal with the US.
  20. Both starting out below the pivot and looking for support though as ever on the London open may see an initial test in the opposite direction. A lot of indecision and very long tailed doji's seen in Dow yesterday at the peak volume node (dark pink) which anchors today's pivot point around 26300.
  21. Anil @anilvohra69 8h I’m told that gold is going up because: - CBs are buying gold - Banks are losing control of paper gold used to hold down physical gold - Loss of confidence in CB - Fiat currency collapse And I thought gold price change was just inverse of real rates (chart). What do I know?
  22. Indices shaken by trade talk news yesterday and today Fed chair Powell speaks at 4pm plus answers questions and the FOMC mtg minutes from the last meeting at 7pm should give clues on future interest rates plus more news on QE 4 (or is it 5) bond buying announced by Powell yesterday though not calling it QE any longer apparently. Plus a look at historic tightening periods as expectancy for a 25bp cut in October rise to 75%. AndreasStenoLarsen @AndreasSteno 20h Did the Fed overtighten? Incl. QT, this is the most severe tightening cycle in a LONG while..
  23. Yesterday turned risk off as a series of news releases looked to kill off the upcoming trade talks before they start. Gold and Bonds up, Indices and Oil down. Crypto up. Crude oil inventories at 3:30pm and the Fed minutes of the last meeting released at 7pm.
  24. Hi, see this page for investment transfer forms (If you are dematerialising stock then please also include your physical share certificate with the stock transfer form). https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/important-documents https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/transferring-investments/how-do-i-transfer-my-investments-to-ig